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On Monday evening 02/13/17 my vehicle wouldn’t start when my daughter and I were at her horse riding lesson. I arranged towing through my Roadside Assistance program and had to leave my vehicle unattended with the keys inside. On 02/14 Perez contacted me when he was on his way to my vehicle and I gave him directions where to find it. He was very polite. He contacted me again as soon as he arrived arrived at the dealership with my vehicle. He let me know the location of my vehicle and the name of the service agent he had left the vehicle with. Thanks Perez!


On Thursday, Feb 16th, Sal Martinez, came to our rescue. My 2012 Dodge Avenger was overheating so I pulled into a gas station in Schertz, TX. My insurance company contacted Auto Towing and we met Sal. Since I wasn’t sure which shop to have it towed to Sal was kind enough to get my son and I safely home on that very cold morning.
I want to thank Sal for his kindness, friendliness, and the recommendations you gave me for what could be wrong and where to call for repairs.

Sal, you were great and did a super job. Thank you so much.
Rebecca M.


Michael (DAI 505f rom your service came to unlock my ca ron Feb.25, after I lthought I had lost my keys,
He was very timely,pleasant and professional. Since my rental car was a push start I was told I would have to make a separate AAA call to have it towed to DFW. Michael arranged it with his boss so he could also tow it and save me time. Much to my surprise he found my keys on the side of my drivers car seat so the tow wasn’t necessary. He made my day!! My husband and I were impressed with Micheal for his professionalism and pleasant personality..
Should we need these services in the future we will definite call your company.
Sharon T


This place is amazing. So professional, on time, call to let you know they were coming. I left my car outside with the key on the tire since I couldn’t be there and they handled everything perfectly. Ronald handled everything with such professionalism and made it a very easy process.

~ Bryan S.

Shayne Pike DRIVER 422 was the greatest tow truck driver I’ve ever had. He cared about lifting my vehicle quickly and safely, and even talked to the dealership for me since I had to get to work and didn’t have the time to do so.

I will definitely use you guys from now on.

~ Justin E.

On Febuary 22, 2017 I just had my 2001 Dodge Durango towed from my house to a mechanics shop the driver named Scott had exeptional customer service and also was very efficent in loading up of my vehicle. He was very polite and patient as I had just got home from work and was patient enough to wait till my wife returned home from picking up our kids from school so I could have a ride back to my house. He was also very helpful and answred all questions I had. We even had a normal conversastion while waiting the 20 min I think for my wife to return. I would recomend this guy to anyone who needs a tow

~ Michael R.

On Friday, Nov. 25, your driver, Eddie (# 105) drove your Auto Towing tow truck from Denver to Georgetown, CO, to tow my stalled 2013 Toyota Camry Hybrid to Stevinson’s Toyota, Denver West, GOLDEN, CO.
I want to thank Eddie for his kindness, friendliness, and quick expertise in getting my car to Stevinson’s.

Eddie, you were great and did a super job. THANKS, Ray Cunningham


Abraham #513 came out last night and helped me transport a vehicle that was completely dead. He was very patient polite and he had a trainee and was showing him the ropes as well. There were a few obstacles on my side during the tow and Abraham and his partner worked with me and getting what I need to get done, done. I appreciated their hard work and understanding of my situation. I will definitely request them specifically if I need a tow again.

Eli W


I had my trucked towed tonight by Robert Johnson and his trainee a young man from Houston (and I’m embarrassed to say that I forgot his name, I’m so sorry!) who was on his second day of training. I was very impressed by their quick arrival and their professionalism and knowledge. They were both very kind and well mannered and the conversation flowed freely on the way home. Their customer service was outstanding!!! Thank you guys so much for getting me home safely ! I will highly recommend your towing service to everyone.

Mirian R


Received a tow today from one of you operators, on Voyager Pkwy in Colorado Springs. Driver was very professional and courteous. Thanks.

Rich J


I just want to say that Robert Johnson and his side kick
was AWSOME! It was good to meet a couple real helpful
young men. I just want to put in a good word for them!!

Linda S


Just want to give a shout out and praise to Michael the driver of truck #514. Last evening he helped get my daughter’s damaged PT cruiser to the mechanic shop. He was most professional, courteous and really took exceptional care getting her car safely on the truck. I appreciate his friendly manner and I had the utmost confidence in his abilities! Thanks again, Michael for a job well done..10 gold stars !!

Jo Anne J


Had my car towed yesterday in Keller Texas to my local mechanic. Driver (Michael #514) took the time to be sure I did not have a simple battery problem. (no such luck) Watching him load my car onto the truck was incredible to watch. He really know what he was doing. When the car was delivered to my mechanic he placed into a narrow spot without a pause. Next time I call AAA will ask for “Auto Towing”.

David M


I woke up to a flat tire on a Sunday morning and needed it towed. My driver Vince was very professional and helpful. I will highly recommend this company.

Nate S


I called AAA to have my jeep towed for service this morning (25 OCT). Your technician arrived on time and took great care in loading my vehicle, and even offered to attempt to troubleshoot (jump) the vehicle, to avoid towing.

Great service! Thanks!

John E


I was blindsided by a guy making a left hand turn. Since I was only running to Home Depo for something quick, I didn’t bring my phone which made things really difficult after the accident. My insurance company called Bobby Maes and he showed up in less than 30 mins. Without a phone, I had to trust that Auto Towing and Bobby would come through; and they did. Bobby was professional and efficient. He got my car on the truck and got me to the rental car location in under an hour total. Needless to say getting slammed into was not a great experience, but the service Bobby provided made the whole mess easier to deal with. Thanks Bobby, Great Job!

Sean F


Today, Scott S came to tow my car- during a high stress time. His friendly demeanor helped tremendously. He gave outstanding service before,m during and after he dropped our car off at the auto service dealer. Thank You Scott for being outstanding at your job!

Susie M


This morning Matthew and Isaiah carefully loaded my Chevrolet Corvette onto the tow truck. I was concerned about damage to my car. Matthew made me feel very comfortable not to worry. It was obvious that he had loaded specialty cars before, and did a superb job prepping and loading the car. I was very impressed much care they put into my car. I’d have Matthew take care of my towing needs any time. Thanks for a great job.

Gregory S


I just wanted to say how impressed I was with your team lead Dan Hunt out of Colorado Springs today. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more efficient and competent level of service. He had my car up and on the road to the shop in about ten minutes and was helpful and friendly.

Matthew T


Scott Spurling helped me out kept in contact with me through whole day and called me when my car was dropped off at the repair shop. Very satisfied.

Josh L


I want to thank Team Member Billy Mills, he went beyond what is expected of a towing truck driver. If I had a business I would hire him on the spot. Valuable member of any team due to his outstanding customer service. He took care of my vehicle in Oak Point, TX and safely transported it to Denton, TX and waited for me just in case I needed any further assistance. If I need this type of service I know where to go and who to call.

Fredo J


Great service – I like the courtesy call and tracker location feature. Bobby M. helped to ease my mind and took care of our car. This type of service was especially needed after being distraught and exhausted from a MVA. I don’t have a need to get towed often, but this was one of the best service encountered – thank you and to AAA for contacting you.

Gina D


Especial thanks to Sal Martinez for his professionalism and help , Today he was definitely God sent in many ways.

David G


Scott just took my car to the dealer…and called to let me know it had been placed safely with a note and the key for the technicians to look at it tomorrow morning! He was amazing!
USAA found a genuine gem and a gentleman in this driver.
Thank you so much for the wonderful and professional help!

Carolyn M


Scott COS-208 was very pleasant, courteous, professional, and cleanly dressed. He properly secured our vehicle and drove safely in heavy traffic. I told him I was proud of his military service. And I would recommend him for advancement to a management position.

AAA should be very pleased with Auto Towing and their drivers.

Tom H


I had to use Autotowing twice, once last night when our brand new hybrid Camry wouldn’t start again after bringing it to a local store. The next time was the following morning, to tow the vehicle to my local Toyota dealership. I had called AAA for the first tow and Toyota Roadside Assistance for the second. Both drivers were professional and courteous and new there business to help secure
my brand new car for the tow; they both allowed me to
add a blanket under the cars front valence to help protect from scratches that I was worried the cable and hook might cause when it ‘angled upwards’ onto the trucks aluminum platform. Darron Jefferson, my first driver was great, coming out at 1:00 am–he nice and accommodating. Abraham, this mornings driver was professional and protective of my car’s wheels, using straps versus chains to secure it the the truck’s platform. I really appreciate the service and the quality of their new (nearly new) trucks and equipment. I wasn’t worried about a worn, outdated truck handling my vehicle. Thanks to Autotowinginc., for your good, quick work and excellent employees! If I ever have a chance to recommend your towing service (I hopefully won’t be needing your service anytime soon though!), I’ll do so.

Steven C


After a small errand, I got back in my SUV to go home…& what happens? Who knows!? All I knew was that 1) my car wouldn’t turn on –not even clicking sounds or any turnover, lights wouldn’t turn on, doors wouldn’t lock or unlock etc. 2) a red light (that I soon found out was the anti theft security feature) was blinking & from what I Googled, I needed to get it to a dealership so they could re-code my key, & 3) my husband was out of town on business..wahh! After calling the Ford dealership to see if they had any advice, which was just a waste of time, I called my car insurance co. to see if getting a tow was covered, which it was, thank God…& they told me someone from your company would be contacting me & would be there soon. I then called my father in law to come meet me, so that I, a young female, wouldn’t be there by myself, when some stranger came to help me with something I know nothing about. After only 15min. I received a call from your employee (which was amazing in itself since I’d been told it would be almost an hour) and gave him some brief info on the problem & he let me know he’d be there in the next 10min or so, which he was!. When he arrived, he used this battery charger/jumper thing which he called the Magic Box! And it definitely was, car started up right away and I figured that was it & that he’d leave…but he said he’d follow behind us and go to the AutoZone down the street so that we could have them check the battery. While waiting for the AutoZone person, I asked a question that turned out to be unrelated to the problem at hand…but after telling him I didn’t really understand how all this car stuff works, he gave me my answer in a different way, that I totally understood & could relate to. He also stuck around to make sure my car would restart again (after having battery tested), which was great bc it did need another jump. I remember him saying that it was no problem & that the main goal is to make sure you are safe & good-to-go. So, after all this, I would like to personally thank Sal (in San Antonio) for being soooo awesome and helpful and respectful. If I ever need something like this again, I would want to request him to help me. If he’s able to, then I wouldn’t even feel the need to have a family member come & be there with me as well. He just seemed like a genuine, nice, helpful guy and I really appreciate all he did. You’ve got a very good employee (I wouldn’t have taken the time to write all this out if I felt the otherwise) & I’d recommend your company to others because of him. Thank you!

Kristina S


Top notch service. Scott S. was more than great… friendly, professional and punctual.
This is the only tow service I will be using from here on out, thanks again Scott.

James H


I needed a tow and found the entire process very simple, starting with a kind and professional employee who took my frazzled call, to the Quick response (15 minutes!) from driver Billy Mills. Billy knew exactly how to take care of my car, handled it quickly and efficiently, and even gave me a ride – in his very clean truck – back to the dealership. I want to shout out a thanks for making my bad situation an easy one to deal with! (also, Billy was correct in guessing what my car’s trouble was! 🙂

Mary D


I would like to say great service! I had to use them twice and had had the same employee pick me up both times. Fred Wood was very professional and would recommend this company if you need a tow.

John M


ABSOLUTELY CALL Auto Towing! My Kia needed to be towed, so I called my Farmers Insurance Roadside Assistance & they got me hooked up with Auto Towing & Cary (cos 202), it couldn’t have been easier! Cary made it there in the estimated time, was Very Quick & Professional, & had a good customer service attitude! Thank You Cary!

Engla P


I wanted to thank Juan Castillo for helping me with my tow here in San Antonio. He was quick to arrive at my location, and polite! Thanks Juan for your help!!!!

Katrina J


Yesterday afternoon and early this morning, first yesterday while stop at a red light awaiting green, my 2009 Ram 1500 broke down on me, lost my rear driveshaft, Fred wood responded to the call, have to say “sharp have his stuff together, polite, well manner”. “Needed a tow this morning from home to dealership, Scott Burdick responded, once again you have nothing but pro’s willing to service and help the customer”. I highly recommend your company to any of my friend and relatives you guy’s are second to none.

Jesus G


Driver Robert Johnson 518 was great today getting my truck out of a ditch. He was very helpful and new exactly what to do. I can’t thank him enough for his help and great attitude while getting my truck out. Very good Job!!

Kelvin A


My 2006 Subaru Tribeca broke down today, called my Insurance Co. and they referred me to your Company. Scott Spurling in your Colorado Springs facility was there really fast and had my car on his truck in no time and on their way to the Dealership for repairs.. Thanks so much to Scott for being so courteous and fast!!

Kathy P


I found myself stranded with a failing transmission outside of Dallas and needed my car towed for 160 miles back to my home. It was a nerve wracking situation at best. AAA sent Michael Armstrong (502) with Auto Towing to come and rescue me. Michael went above and beyond to make sure the situation was taken care of. He was an excellent and careful driver with a professional approach. He made a difficult situation pleasant and got my vehicle and me safely back for service. Thank you for such great service! I rarely write testimonials on websites, but I had to commend Michael for a job well done.

Vicki H


Today was my first time ever using a tow truck company on my own. Being a single woman I have always went through another man to call. But the experience I had today was very pleasing. Scott Burdick was excellent and he was such a gentleman. Very trustworthy!!!

Tynika W


Scott Burdick 208 did a terrific job towing my car for AAA. He towed the car from a motel to Colo Springs to my sisters home. Very kind and reassuring. Thanks

sharon s


I highly recommend Auto Towing company. We made arrangements, through our insurance, with Auto Towing to pick up our wrecked vehicle from the city pound at 8pm one evening. Unfortunately, Auto Towing was given incorrect information that our vehicle had already been picked up; therefore, they had cancelled arrangements to pick up our vehicle, When I called Auto Towing that evening and learned our arrangements had been cancelled, I was very upset. Auto Towing owner, Mr Bobby Engel personally called me a few minutes later, apologized, even though it wasn’t his fault, and personally met my husband at the city pound to insure our vehicle was delivered to our house that same evening!

I understand mistakes can happen, but Mr. Engel personally took it upon himself to remedy the problem as soon as possible. And the following day, Mr Engel called us to make sure we were satisfied with the job they did!

Mr. Engel and his company are extremely courteous and professional and go out of there way to make sure they do a good job and that their customers are happy! Their service is exceptional and we highly recommend them!

Carol H


My motor blew while on the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. Auto Towing had no trouble coming on base. The driver kept me informed of his progress and arrived quickly. Kevin McGuigan 205 gets not only 100 stars, but endless kudos from me He was professional and friendly, and loaded my Subaru in only a few minutes. His warmth and kindness and great big smile overall made a stressful event seem painless. I do believe God places angels in our paths. I HIGHLY recommend Auto Towing, and if the staff is all like Kevin, you are TOTALLY in good hands!! Thank you!!!

Carol H


Had one of the roughest days and Auto Towin San Atonio has been the most amazing and helpful drivers with compassion. I dont want to use another company. Micheal, Jerry and and Dustin have compassion like no other tow truck drivers.



Scott was very interactive and let me know every update he could. Got my car to me in perfect timing and was very professional!

Shelby H


Great service! Needed a tow on a Sunday afternoon. Shayne Pike with Auto Towing (San Antonio) called as soon as he received the information from Roadside Assistance. He gave me an ETA and even arrived sooner. It was quite warm as Shayne loaded up my car and he was kind enough to suggest I wait inside the air conditioned cab. I told Shayne I thought it might be the battery. Just to make sure, Shayne checked out the battery – which turned out to okay. Shayne sent me a text and picture when he delivered my car to the dealership. That’s the extra step in customer service that separates just okay to the best. Shayne was friendly, professional and got the car loaded quickly. Thanks Shayne and Auto Towing for the super customer service!

Diane N.


Thank you Brett (COS 216) for helping us out on a Saturday evening! Your creative instincts on how to best move a car off a retaining wall were spot on! Thank you again!

Bob M


I would like to express my extreme satisfaction with the service that I received. I was involved in a collision on HWY 281, during rush hour. The police wanted to tow and impound my truck. My insurance sent driver Kayla from Auto Towing Inc. She called to inform me of her eta and even spoke to the Police Officer ensuring him that she was on the way. Shortly after speaking with her, she showed up in her PINK truck! It was super hot outside and the first thing she did was escort me to her truck and gave me a bottle of water (must add, the cleanest tow truck I’ve ever seen)! She quickly picked up my truck and we were on our way. Major KODOS to Kayla, her professionalism, knowledge and customer service was outstanding. If I ever am in need of towing services in the future I will definitely request Auto Towing and Kayla again!!!

Peter W


I was really upset about my car not starting. Abraham arrived quickly and was so friendly from the moment he drove up. He really helped to ease my nerves. He took excellent care of me and my car. Thanks for everything, Abraham! I highly recommend him and this company to anyone looking for friendly, fast, and professional service.

-Reagan M.


Scott was speedy and efficient! He arrived earlier than planned to tow our car.

Diane O


One of your employees (Dan) came by home and picked up my truck to be towed in for repairs. He was very professional, very quick in securing my vehicle and he was also training a new employee at the same time. I could tell he was doing a professional job as a trainer.

He made sure he had all the information he needed and he made sure I did not have any questions.

It was a pleasure doing business with your company.

Wayne G


Today louis towed my vehicle. It is a Saturday 10 am and he arrived in great spirits. He was very professional, was very nice. He called to let me know he was on his way. Weather was humid and misty,

Jessica O


My mom and I were extremely happy with Abraham (Denton, TX) and his help with our broken down car. He is personable, calming, and definitely went the extra mile! He communicated with us efficiently and looked out for us too–made sure we were happy with the garage where we left the car etc.
We recommend you ask for Abraham whenever you need help in DFW!

Anita D.


Just added a testimonial for our great Auto Towing tech, Jeremy Sheehan, and I forgot to leave his number COS 222. He was so great!!!

Joseph C


I got in a bad fender bender, and was having a bad day. From the time I first received the call from Jeremy Sheehan, to the auto repair facility, I was totally at ease. Considering my car is all munched up in a ball now, I actually felt very reassured. First, he called nearly immediately after I called for a dispatch. He let me know exactly how many miles away he was, and an exact ETA. He was there before anyone else got there. It honestly seemed like he teleported there. When he arrived, he politely introduced himself and began to assess the damage done. He took pictures of my car, the other involved car, and even the surrounding area. Very thorough. In going over the damage, he pointed out that most of the damage was in the radiator, which I completely agree. The rest of the damage was all cosmetic stuff, and that is negligible to me. I felt very calm, comforted, and relaxed because of how interpersonal and reassuring Jeremy was. He was happy to give my girlfriend and I a ride to the auto repair facility, and even offered, unprompted, to give us a ride all the way home. He was just amazing and made the whole potentially traumatic experience a shining one. I honestly couldn’t have been happier! Thank you for your patience and understanding Mr. Sheehan!

Joseph C


I was stuck in Frisco TX a coworker of mine had lock my keys inside my vehicle and it was getting really late and I had a long drive back home to San Antonio Darron Jefferson responded to my call quickly and went above and beyond to accommodate me he even inflated the tire of the vehicle which was very low,great customer service definitely will be contacting your company when in need again. Thanks again Darron

Al C


I have AAA and called them and they set me up with Auto Towing for my truck that has extra lift and bigger tires. I got assigned to Bobby Maes for the tow. He was on a different call at the time, but called me twice to make sure he had the right truck to pick me up. When he got there, he was training a new driver. He was in training 100 percent. I work for the airlines where safety is FIRST, and I was impressed with his training and safety issues that were implemented. It took a little longer to get on the flatbed, but he did the procedure correct. When he got to the house, he also took care not to scrape the driveway. In a nutshell I must say, Bobby took care of my truck and property like it was his own. I Will use AUTO TOWING in the future for all my towing needs.

Barry C.


WOW!!! We are super impressed, not only with the speed in which the tow truck arrived but with the obvious expertise of the driver, Scott Spurling. He knew exactly what he was doing and wasted no time getting our car on the bed of the rig. This was no amateur job but was carried out with careful professional precision. Thank you so much for coming to our rescue Scott.

Tonja and Shane S


Scott Spurling saved my day. Came out to Falcon and towed my daughter’s car lighting fast. He even looked for the lost key in my car and around it. Was not expecting that. Superior Customer Service but could use some lotion on those hands of his. Lol. Thank you Scott:).

Chasity V


Had to have my F-350 towed and Chris Williams did an outstanding job!! The truck was facing the wrong direction in the driveway and he got turned around even though it wouldn’t start!! I would recommend them in a heartbeat!!

Melenie B


Last month my transmission went out while I was driving. I was able to crawl to my daughter’s house and we called for a tow truck. Scott with auto towing came before promised and was very courteous and efficient. I experienced my first tow truck ride and he kept me at ease and entertained during the trip. I definately would use your company again! Thanks for the rescue.

Kerri B


Best towing service, period. I had a tire blow out on a new Mercedes. High end car, very low profile front end. Driver Kevin McGuian and his assistant, trainee Mike Mohr did a FANTASTIC job with careful getting the car on the flat bed without damaging it. On top of that, they dropped me off at my hotel and helped me get my luggage out of the car, before dropping the car off at the dealer.

They were kind, professional, courteous and had a great attitude. has my highest recommendation.

Greg F


The starter in my car went out after a long day at work so I called AAA they dispatched auto towing. Brett not only got my car and I both home safely he fixed my car so I could take my son to school. Auto towing is the only towing company I will use from now on. Thank you so much for your help Brett I really owe you!

Willow M


Great service….Shane Pike
did a terrific job… Took care of everything….Very professional…

ray e


Driver 408, Shayne Pike, was friendly, efficient, and courteous. I have had bad experiences with towing and emergency roadside services in the past, but this time was as passant as it could be. I would recommend Auto Towing Inc and give a 5 star rating to Shayne.

Michele D


Jose was timely, courteous and friendly. It was a tough morning that was compounded with a broken down car. Frustrating, since I had just been to a mechanic the day before. Jose got me to where I needed to go, with great service and attitude. It made a terrible morning, a little less terrible. Thanks!

Lisa C.


Shayne Pike towed my vehicle this morning and did a great job. I would definitely use this service again.

Peighton B


Wow John Smith to the rescue. The first guy we got was a weanie and afraid he was going to get stuck and when my husband told him what good is a tow guy in Colorado if he’s afraid of some snow and muck! So the second guy was sent, John, and he had his big girl panties on! Yay, John, thank you so much for being such a great guy and going above and beyond your towing job to also talk to me about septic systems. Your customer service is tops!

Angela + Hugh M


Today, Scott Spurling came to my rescue. The car wouldn’t even turn over. He couldn’t have been here more than ten minutes, took command of the situation and not only remedied it, but informed me too. Great service!!

Sandy P


The most awesome towing experience ever! Eddie B. (TK501) was extremely pleasant and had a positive attitude from start to finish. I had no idea how I was going to move my truck that wasn’t running out of the second floor of a parking garage and he figured everything out with no hassle and a smile on his face the whole time! Not to mention the commute to the location that the truck was being transported to was over an hour drive. He arrived with a smile on his face and was an extremely cool guy! Very professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. This is the first time I’ve ever been extremely pleased with the customer service of a towing service! He took care of my vehicle like it was his own that he was towing and that means a lot! Great Job!

Chassidy T


Nick Den156 was very polite and thorough with his work. He was training another driver and was very patient with him and I could tell he took a lot of pride in his work and cared about the precision and safety of both the driver and the car. I am surprised to say I had never given a preference to my insurance company as to which towing company I would like to use. I will always request Auto Towing from now on. I had my car towed to my home and Nick Den156 even straightened out my car with the curb even though it was only the very slightest bit off from the curb! I am also so impressed on Auto towing’s decision to go “green” with their trucks!

Jessika L


I love the easy to spot pink trucks! Nick was quick to arrive, very friendly, thorough with the details. I had my car towed back to my home, and he even straighten my car to the curb even though it was only the slightest bit off. I would highly recommend using this towing company. I hadn’t given a thought to there being such a difference from company to company in an industry such as auto towing. I am highly impressed.

Jessika L


I had to pleasure of meeting Josh COS212. He was very professional and got me to my destination no problem. I was very impressed with his work ethic!

Noel N


Rachael #162 came to help my son and I get his car out of a parking garage to a service station. Rachael’s truck was too tall for the garage. She was not going to let that stop her. She was very determined to get the car out of the garage. She pushed the Jeep while my son steered. She was very professional and confident and knowledgeable. She was truly amazing!! Thank you Rachael!

Angela B


Huge thank you to Nick & Marcus in Denver. Arrived well before estimated time & were extremely helpful as well as knowledgeable & professional. Hope I don’t need another tow, but will call Auto Towing first if I do. Also loved the pink truck! Thanks again guys!

Mary J


My car just died on the side of the road one afternoon. Had Scott S (COS) tow my vehicle to a shop in Woodland Park. He was quick to arrive, called ahead to let me know he was on his way. He was very personable and made me feel completely at-ease about the whole ordeal. You can tell he is good at what he does as he was quick and made the whole thing look easy. If you want fast, knowledgeable service, Scott is the one to call. Thanks!

Amber H


We needed a tow for our wrecked vehicle to the collision center. Katie R showed up (right at the estimated time) to tow it and did a fantastic job! She was so nice and efficient, we were very pleased with her work. It’s a low car and she did not scrap the bottom at all and was able to get it loaded easily even with a wheel that wouldn’t roll. She was great!

Anne C


My pickup got stuck in this last nasty storm 416. I had someone try to pull me out, instead he pulled me right into a 2 ft hole. I called AAA, they sent Scott spurling to the rescue. He not only came with an amazing attitude and comforted my worst fears right away but got my pickup out carefully, quickly, and no damage. I’m back on the road and so greatful for autotowing. Best towing in the area, no doubt. Thank you, Scott!

Jane S


William G (COS-221) towed my car out of a snow drift. He was professional and worked hard under a very difficult situation. He had a good attitude and never got discouraged even though it was snowing and blowing, getting stuck himself on the way to me, getting stuck 4 times again after picking me up, and dealing with an overheating engine, All this taking 4 hours for a 7.5 mile trip ending the day at 11:30 pm. A dedicated employee and unsung hero to me.

kurt h


When my car broke down in Aurora on March 20th, I called for Roadside Assistance. Auto towing sent the best driver to help me out! Brian was very friendly and professional too! He made If I ever need a tow again I would hope to get the same company & driver. Thank you for your help!!!!

Anita P


Manuel was my driver, he was on time, professional, and very courteous. I am visiting SA and had a rental car break down, your tow service was a real life safer. Manuel picked up the car from from my location and took both of us to Enterprise at the airport, the trip was quick and easy. Manuel was a very safe driver and I enjoyed our visit. Manuel turned what could have been a very stressful situation into a pleasant experience.

Lisa V


Thank you to Abraham who helped me off the Highway placing himself in danger to make sure I was safe. His service was very much appreciated and not only did he go above and beyond, he was always a professional while doing it. If this young man is representative of your company in Denver then you have much to be proud of. Thank you

John T


I needed my car towed after the windshield was destroyed by hail. These guys were assigned the job and, although they were under heavy strain, kept me up to date on when they would arrived. The driver (Bobby) was professional and helpful, and helped me get home quickly once he arrived. I’m happy with the level of service provided!

Matt L


On 04/11/2016 I had to call Triple AAA to have my truck towed to the mechanic Mr. James Houston was the driver that showed up. He was by far one of the most professional and courtesy drive I have ever encountered. He took pride in how he handle the car and was over top with his professionalism. So much so that anytime me or my clients need a tow and we have to go outside or inside Triple A I will always request your company


Ralph H


Your service was the bright spot at the end of a horrible day. I won’t bore you with the details, but rather, give credit where it is due. Your very personable, amiable, & professional Kayla, showed up looking smart, apologized for being late due to a hitch (no pun intended) at her last tow, and set to taking care of business. She explained that she could not tow my wife’s Town & Country in reverse, so we would have to push it out of the driveway in order for her to load it onto her truck. I unlocked the door, sat behind the wheel to insert the key and put it in neutral. I was about to get back out to push when I saw her at the front of the van and start pushing it out herself. After that, she had that van on her truck like she was trying out for a NASCAR pit crew spot. I had to be at the dealership to drop it off, so that I could warn them of a possible safety issue before they laid hands on it. I see a lot of people in my burn ward from faulty batteries & radiators and such. As I followed her, I could not help, but notice that, unlike the typical San Antonio driver, she used her turn signals, made proper & timely lane changes, maintained safe speeds, and to top it all off, she made what at first appeared to me to be an impossible drop into a space that seemed only just big enough to fit her truck alone. She had it parked and with enough space to unload the minivan perfectly situated in the parking stall. It was obvious that this young woman takes pride in her work. As a professional, I sometimes worry that having a work ethic in today’s society is becoming a rarity. I am happy to say, after expecting the worst, your Miss Kayla proved me wrong, and I was happy to be so

Kennneth V


Yesterday, my ’89 Ranger broke down Southbound I-25. I was able to contact AAA on the phone. As I was recovering from a hip replacement, I was still using the walker. Mom was along, and this was a good way to demonstrate to her what to do when you are in trouble. She has had dual hip replacement and one knee, too. Jon was able to help us both into the cab of the truck using a stack of boards to step on. My truck also has been modified with handicap driving equipment for the gas pedal, and this makes me reluctant to sell it. But, I was great full for his help as I exited the truck on the traffic/drivers side of the highway. (I was able to move the truck all the way off to the Right, but it was still somewhat close to traffic while using a walker.) Jon was helpful helping me dodge traffic to make it to the Right side, away from traffic.

Matt N


Just had my Ford Ranger rescued off of I25 North of Fillmore tonight. I had the pleasure of working with Jonathan Gibson who was the Driver. He was extremely knowledgeable, courteous and offered first class customer service. Nobody likes being in a situation like this, having people like Jonathan to work with sure makes it a lot easier. Kudos to Jonathan! 🙂

Mark M


Good service and hospitality from the tower ( Joe ) he did things other towers didn’t do just to make sure my truck wasn’t damaged. , Texas Pedal Pushers Custom Bicycle Club

T, Moe


I want to put a good word in for Karl…Our rental car had a flat tire and he came out on a Sunday late afternoon, towed it away and came right back delivering another car, even though it was 9 pm. He was gracious and very polite. We appreciated his work! Thank you, Karl @ HOU602

Daniel R


I received the best service ever from Tammie. My rental car from IAH had a flat tire and Tammie brought me another car to the Houston office where I was working. She was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. She really made my trip hassle free!

Miriam L.


Carry is awesome. He’s on time, communicates well, and really went out of his way to help me with information beyond just towing. Next time I In a jam, Cary is my guy for sure.

Austin M


I just want to share what a wonderful experience we had with AutoTowing today. Our new truck stranded us in Schertz and we made contact with MyFordCare team. They put a call out to AutoTowing. Within minutes, we got a text from Ford that the tow was assigned and shortly received a call from Manuel stating that he would be with us within 20-25 mins. Manuel went out of his way to ensure we were safe and at ease, was knowledgeable at his trade, and was caring enough to ensure that we would have a way home. Manuel was defintely key in decreasing our anxiety levels at leaving our property in another’s possession. Manuel definitely delivered Gold Star service and we thank you for having him on your team. He made a trying situation just a little better. Orlando & Melisia

Orlando P


Brett Cloninger was a great help! It takes a certain kind of person to lift and encourage people and do their job efficiently. He did both with a very upbeat attitude and professional behavior. Thank you, Brett!

Cecilia H


Thank you, Scott Spurling of Colorado Springs. You were one hour earlier than expected, drove me to my vehicle and back home in the snow. I appreciate your professionalism.

Scott P


I had a flat tire on Easter Sunday at South Boulder Rd., Boulder Co. A young
man by the name of Martin arrived very fast and took exceptional care to
tow the car. He was very professional, very efficient and knew exactly was he was doing. Moreover, his cheerful and very polite personality was a pleasure to deal with and he made a miserable Easter Sunday experience less annoying.
– Your service was outstanding and I can highly recommend your employee

ursula d


Richard Halliburton, COS207 provided outstanding service and insight today 30 Mar 2015. Since the car was an AWD stuck in park, his ingenuity getting the car safely towed to the Dealer was greatly appreciated.

James K


Volvo warranties my tows and we went through two completely awful and ridiculously bad tow companies before Auto Towing was called to the scene. Phil was the point man (lets just say he was like “the wolf” from the movie pulp fiction) and he was professional and trustworthy. I can’t imagine how hard it is to hire phenomenal men like Phil to work in this field where mistakes can wreck your car and any sort of professionalism is usually missing. Keep it up ownership – find more men like Phil. He is a great representation of your company.

Jimmy W


I have had my car towed countless times but thanks to your driver Scott Spurling this tow was completely hassle free. He was friendly and very efficient at his job and it made my day a lot easier, hands down the best service one could ask for.

Logan E


Richard Halliburton driver 207 was absolutely amazing! He took amazing care of my car! This is the best experience I’ve ever had with a tow company! Thank you so much Richard!

Michelle A


Driver 504, Darren Jefferson, was very professional, courteous, and personable when towing my vehicle this morning. Thanks to him for great service!

Mr. Rayermann


Patrick den 160 was very very nice friendly kind and caring he let me sit in the tow truck the whole time he was freezing in the blizzard putting my van on the tow truck he told me so I could stay warm . He is what more young men his age need to be like a person like him is very rare in this day and age . He answered every question that I asked very courteous.and the truck was so very very clean inside looked new to me .i don’t know how to express how wonderful he was he is a great asset to your company .THANK YOU PATRICK

Betty M


I had a need for a towing service yesterday evening for my beloved Toyota Tundra. I called my auto insurance company and was told that someone would be here within the hour. I received a phone call from a young man, (Manuel) who said he would be here within 30 to 45 minutes. Manuel arrived just as he said within the time frame. I was and am very pleased with the service. Manuel was very professional, courteous, friendly and respectful and treated my truck with the utmost care. If ever I or any member of my family have a need to call someone for towing I will certainly call Auto Towing and hope I get Manuel.
Very, very good service. Thank you Manuel and thank you Auto Towing.

Martha (Modesta) R


Driver SAN432, Chris Braswell, was very professional and careful with both my wife and her car. The front air dam was low to the ground, so, he took the extra time to ramp the vehicle so as to avoid any damage to the bottom of the air dam. I have been around drivers in various fields my entire life, and have never met anyone as professional as Chris. Hats off to that man for his hard work!

Walter R


Driver HOU607, Randy Menzer, came out to jump start my wife’s car and he was truly amazing! He showed up bright and cheerful, with an infectous smile on his face. Randy was very polite and knowledgeable and made the whole morning not so bad in the end. The highest compliment I can give is to say that Randy is truly the kind of guy you would want as your friend. Thank you for having such great people like Randy on your team!

John E


I had a very positive and pleasant experience to day with Manuel. He showed up shortly after a call informing me he was on the way.
He service was quick polite and professional. He gave me a short history of the company and its expansion into San Antonio while we waited for my battery to charge.
Highly recommend the company and if Manual is your contact you re in good hands.
Bill B.



Would like to thank William G (COS221) for helping us with our flat tire. He came over and was very pleasant and helpful… we didn’t discover the flat until we got home that evening. He came over and replaced it with the spare so we could drive it to the nearest tire center the next day. It was an overall 5-star experience.

Michael P


Chris from Denver #101 came out to tow my baby. The car is my pride and joy of all my toys. Not only is it a brand New car it’s a VERY low to the ground Z28 that is cherry. Chris was by far the most professional tow truck driver I have ever seen. Not only professional, he actually cared about the car and getting it to the location unharmed. I will never call a different tow company again. Thank u again Chris!!!!!

William L


My experience with auto towing was better than ever expected. James Houston was completely helpful and made sure my vehicle would not even get a scratch. I’ve always had a misconception how towing services are, he definitely made me feel that my car was in the right hands. I need to use a towing service again soon and will make sure to go to auto towing – James specifically.

Pia E.


I was really impressed by the willing and helpful attitude of Brandon Lyden, cos203, who fixed a flat tire for me last night. Brandon showed up with a smile on his face and gave me some great advice and facts about changing tires. He shared personal experiences which made me feel comfortable and confident that he knew exactly what he was doing. He was very humble about his work and operated very quickly. I would suggest him to anyone I knew who needed automotive help. Even with a problem as minor as mine, Brandon made me feel important and like a valued customer. I’d give him 5 stars!!!

Lauren S


Although the estimated time of arrival was changed a number of times, when Katie (COS210) arrived she was apologetic about the mix ups, polite and courteous. She had the car up on the tow truck in no time and I was quickly on my way.

Jody M


Robert San 401 (San Antonio) did a great job for us having to tow our car to dealership after our vehicle stopped completely. Came faster than anticipated and kept in contact until he reached our location. Robert was very friendly and very professional. Thank you very much for great service and help when most needed.

Teresa S


Had a fantastic experience with the driver DAL 505 from Auto Towing. The driver was very nice and personable. He did the job smoothly and efficiently. He arrived earlier then expected and he called to let me know he would be early.
I will be saving this company in my phone contacts and will request them whenever I go through AAA for towing services

Marcie Z


Darron Jefferson DAL 504, towed me due to the transmission went out on the car.
He was very nice and professional and expert at his work. You could always use more employees like him in every area of your business.




Scott showed up quickly and had my ride loaded up in a matter of minutes. Professional and courteous service!

Bob W


Jason Campbell, driver #503, towed my car this past Thursday. I was called prior to it being picked up and when the job was completed. I really appreciated that since the car had to be towed from another Tow Company in Denton to an Auto Collision Repair in Arlington and I would not be able to accompany it. As far as I know, all went well and I have no complaints.

David S


Joshuah Gonzalez in San Antonio came to my house to pick up my car. He was very courteous, and professional. He went over every part of the process with me. I would recommend to anybody.

Phillip L





Darrell came and was very professional and friendly. He did an awesome job. You can tell his experience because of how quick, easy and precise he dropped off my car to where it was going. Very great job and highly recommended!

Scott B


Matthew #509 towed us from Dallas to 18 miles south of Tyler. Could not have been more pleased. Next time I neded a tow I will be calling you guys. our pt Chruiser wasnt fixed in Dallas so we needed it taken home,very happy with your service,Thank you so much for great job.

Alan & Madge M


I was visiting Dallas from Illinois and got ran off the road, causing a flat tire to the rental car. Darron Jefferson was there 15-20 minutes later, replacing the blown tire with the spare. We exchanged in friendly conversation as he worked. Very efficient and pleasant experience despite the situation. If I’m ever in Dallas again and need any roadside assistance, I’ll be giving auto towing a ring.

Tazondré W


I had a blow out on a cold, dark winter night. Josh 180-TANGO came to tow my car and he was great. He went above and beyond routine customer service. His kindness helped make a stressful situation a little easier to handle.
Thanks Josh!

Elizabeth S


I want to thank Darren Jefferson for being timely and professional in helping us tow our car during rush hour from one side of Fort Worth to the other side of Dallas. He arrived in one of the cleanest and best maintained trucks I have ever seen. Thank you for all of your help.

John S


Over last couple of weeks I have had to call AAA to have my 99 Durango towed due to unknown electrical problem. Last night 2/20/2016 my durango stalled at the intersection of airport and academy in Colorado Springs in the turn lane. I called AAA and let them know we just needed out of the intersection as it was very unsafe. AAA told me the service provider should be calling me very soon I just have to say that after what seemed like forever STACY COS 229 called and said he was just 5-6 min down the road.he arrived got the four of us out of intersection and my durango loaded very quickly… after he got it to the 7/11 . He stayed and talked with us and made sure we did not need to be towed all the way home. He stayed until our durango started. And verified we would be ok. Stacy is a good example of great customer service and how to treat his customers. He stated he only does it on weekend but I feel he is a great asset to your growing company.

Janette R


Darron Jefferson spotted me on the side of the road while I was on the phone with AAA. He was courteous & patient while AAA was getting me squared away. He changed my shredded tire & put air in the spare; I was on my way in no time. I’m eternally grateful!!

Fantastic service!!!



Kudos to Bobby Engel, tow truck driver, who did a great job answering in quick time the call from USAA for help and then carrying my car on the tow truck to my repair shop after it broke down on I-35 at the exit ramp to S. Frio and S. Alamo Streets on the South Side of San Antonio.

Thank you, Bobby…thank you, Auto Towing!

Doc A


From Colorado Springs: Scott was professional, prompt and competent. I will definitely call him again for his services.

Kristen S


On a recent trip to Houston I had trouble with my rent car, I got the car switched out and Joe the wrecker driver for this company did a great job. He kept me posted during the day with what was happening and when I would get my replacement car, he we very friendly and told me to call him if I was ever in a bind in Houston, he would help me out – great attitude and very professional

chuck j


Rachell #162 was great. She was to get the car into neutral after another driver couldn’t earlier in the day. Kudos to Rachell (sp?).

Neil N


I had a flat tire and out of nowhere came Scott Spurling in an auto towing truck.He had my flat tire fixed in no time and me back on the road. I really appreciate his time and help. Thanks

Rosemary B


The transmission on my 1968 Pontiac Fire Bird failed and I called AAA to have it towed to the shop that had recently done a restoration on it. Dan #223 arrived to tow it. I was concerned that since it is a classic car that it would not be harmed. Dan did a superb job. He made sure it was lifted onto the truck carefully,and properly secured. He drove to the shop carefully,and did a great job of off loading.
I was very impressed with Dan’s expertise and knowledge. He is the best tow truck driver I have ever met. I highly commend him for the job he did.

Henry B


I just want to thank our driver William G. (COS221) from Colorado Springs for an outstanding experience during a recent vehicle breakdown near Manitou Springs, Colorado. William was prompt and very courteous as he loaded my vehicle and family members and drove us back home to Aurora, Co. He was very friendly and truly went over and beyond to ensure a good experience. He is a true asset to your company!

Anthony G


I am Jackie from the Humble area, I had a wonderful experience this morning with Mike C and Joe, they took care of my car, and my day a wonderful, and they were very professional. HEY GUYS YOU ROCK.

Jacjie H


I just wanted to take a moment and say what a great experience I had today with Autotowing Inc. and your driver, Mr. Donnie Howell. Mr. Howell was at my home in 45 minutes from the time I called and he was thoughtful, courteous, and just a really nice guy. You should commend Mr. Donnie Howell for being an all-round great guy and a valuable asset to your team and business.
Thanks again,
John M.


I have been a aaa member for 18 years and Auto towing came out this morning , and I had one of the best experiences of my life the 2 gentlemen that came out were awsome Mike C and Joe you rock

Jackie H


I live in Colorado Springs, CO. Yesterday my car wold not start a d William G. from Auto Towing Inc. came right away and got me going with a simple battery jump. William was professional and friendly. Thanks for your service.
Steve B.
Colorado Springs


Brett in COS was very professional. Listened to my concerns and “knows” his towing craftsmanship/service. Secured the vehicle quickly and I highly recommend his service.

Gordon M


My son’s truck quit on HWY 114 west of fort worth and we live in Springtown, we tried put in gas and jumping it off but wouldn’t start. my son has USAA auto insurance and we had to get roadside assistance on wed 2-10-16. we called about 4:50 and we were told it would be 6:11pm before they got there over an hour wait. their driver Perez #516 called about 5:25 and was there by 5:30pm. 114 is a very busy hwy especially in evening traffic, he got truck loaded and on his way. he was very polite and professional and got my son’s truck delivered to the auto shop in Springtown good time.

Julie H


Mike C. came out to help me tow my car to my mechanic but realized that it wasn’t needed and help me fix an issue with my battery. Very professional and friendly. Would highly recommend him to anyone…..thank you so much!!!

Delia C


On February 5th, my car was hit from behind by another driver. Daniel Smith happened to witness the accident, and as soon as we pulled off the road, he angled his truck behind us to shield us from traffic. He stayed with us while the police came (in spite of their efforts to chase him off and get us to use the DNT’s own towing service), and when it became apparent that both cars would need to be towed, he had another driver and truck dispatched to our location. I have AAA, so called them, and Daniel worked with them to make sure the call was properly routed for the dispatch of the second driver. The second driver, Alex Simmons, arrived promptly and both drivers waited patiently while the officers and insurance company finished gathering information. They then towed both cars to Service King, and waited with us until someone arrived to pick us up.
Both Daniel and Alex were professional and courteous. Daniel was super helpful, and I’m glad he was there to make the whole experience less stressful.
Thank you, Daniel Smith and Alex Simmons!

Linda H


Alex Simmons towed me today and he was excellent! Never had a better towing experience in my life!

Britt C


Auto Towing Inc and their driver Brett (COS216) came to our rescue in a big way getting my car off of a military base. First of all of the other companies we contacted were going to charge us a fortune to go onto the base and Auto Towing did not. Then after our driver, Brett, made one pass to get onto the base and was refused at the base gate due to complications with other attempts, he offered any extra help he could provide and gave me his service ID so I could request him the next day and not have to deal with someone else who didn’t know the story and the concerns of the military. I was able to get him the next day and he was awesome, kept me updated on when he was able to get on the base, and took care of getting my information to the mechanic I had it towed to. Definitely went above and beyond the call of duty. Highly recommended and very much appreciated.

Angela F


I appreciate Williams friendly an prompt service,..his willingness to go the extra mile, ..when I know he himself had gone afew extra miles because of the recent snow !Thanks again William. !

Dale P


My Mother-in-Law had recently used your services; she is an older woman that still gets around the city of San Antonio quite well. Last week she had car troubles, and was in need of assistance to take a vehicle to the car dealer for repairs. Upon calling your service, she was quite surprised and elated when the two gentlemen showed up to assist her…the service and courtesy of both these guys was beyond expectations of what is normally seen in this day and age, in that they were exceptionally helpful and nice, to include competent and efficient. The lead man’s name was Wil Fields (apologize for not knowing the other gentleman), however in lieu of my mother-in-Law, I would like to extend my, and hers appreciation for making the experience stress free and prompt; if others would follow this lead within the realms of business – there would be much more success…people in business these days often seem to forget that there is much more to business than simply rendering the service, a little common courtesy and interaction goes a very long ways in regards to recommendations and repeat customers. Kudos to your services and people that make the business what it is. Thank you!

Jane O


Received great service today from Bobby Maes, Truck 507 out of Denton. He called en route, arrived early, loaded/unloaded my car flawlessly, drove courteously, and was very professional and pleasant throughout. He made a breakdown almost enjoyable. 5 stars for Bobby and Auto Towing.

Mark F


Johnny #520 in Denton, picked up my Titan and had it loaded up and secured within 10 minutes. Professional and quick service. Very polite. Thanks again!

Mike K


I was having a nightmare of a night..needless to say my custom mercedes went down and I had to be at work..I called for a ride cause I had to leave my car..there was a driver you have in San Antonio and his name was Bruce and as soon as he called I went to drilling him…alpha male the man had grace under fire….he remained calm…he was very confident in his ability to complete whatever I needed where the car was concerned..I knew it would be a task on where I wanted him to deliver it at my place…so I was on him and he flat out told me’re gonna have a heart attack. .you should calm down…I said to myself this guy is confident. ..he never waivered… (he knew his job) I had to laugh…but I expressed I needed the car in a particular spot…well I meant to call him at a particular time and when I called..he was already calling me….he said Mr. Norman your car has been delivered..I asked how did you get it in there because I’ve had it towed before and the guy was scared he was gonna tear up something. .and he said I told you we would take care of you…I said we?…he said meaning the company…I asked what was his name..he said Bruce …you’re pretty good…and I’ll never forget what he said….he said No Mr. Norman…we’re not good….we’re the best!…he said it with conviction…I thought of how he continuously used the term we as opposed to I …this man was a team player and representing his company in a manner that exuded not only confidence in his ability but pride for his team…I say EXCELLENCe doesn’t come everyday.. bUT this particular day….it came in the form of a drivery by the name of bruce

alan n


Had great service yesterday from Jose Rivera (TR #514). He was prompt, prepared, courteous and quick. Best towing experience I’ve had.

Steve W


Just had my flat tire changed by Shayne #408 and he was great. Heads up phone call to discuss arrival and he showed up right on time and was super fast. Very friendly and insured everything was safe and sound before leaving. Thanks for your help, would highly recommend!

Lynn C


From start to finish Shayne Pike, my tow truck driver, provided exceptional service! After requesting a tow, it wasn’t long before Shayne arrived with a ready and willing demeanor in hand. After promptly connecting my vehicle we proceeded towards our destination in which Mr. Pike maintained complete focus on us reaching our destination safely. Following our arrival, he quickly detached and dismounted my vehicle, handled some standard administrative tasks, and gave me a much needed bottle of water. Following my experience with Shayne, I would undoubted recommend Auto Towing to anyone in nothing more than the time it takes for your heart to beat! Great job guys, keep it up!

Mike D


This is delayed, but I want to share my experience. I needed my truck towed a few months ago. I used my triple A service which lead me to Auto Towing. My truck was in a low clearance garage, which triple A didn’t tell Auto Towing. Bobby Maes in truck 507 was sent. Instead of just saying “sorry we can’t do that, I have a flat bed.” He thought of a solution. He got ahold of another driver, and we were able to push it the few feet it needed to go to get out of the garage. He then took me all the way to the shop I needed to go to. He was friendly the whole time, he didn’t BS me, and he actually cared about my problem. I told him it was some of the best customer service I have ever received in my life. I would recommend him to anyone, and will be calling him if I ever need services.

Nick N


I just want to say that Corey #601 and Tammy not sure if that how u spell it but those two have got to be the most nicest and friendly and professional people not just tow truck drivers but PEOPLE with the way they treated us we had to call for a tow me my wife son and daughter in law and there w twin r month Olds they would not even allow us to be dropped off or leave till we could fix our vehicle and that they knew we had it fixed and were safe I would and will always recommend them and the company to anybody and if I’m ever in need and in the area where they service I will only do service with them.

Christopher B


Scott Spurling COS 215 was very prompt and professional. He arrived to tow my car in approximately 25 mins when the Dispatcher gave me an ETA of an hour; I was ecstatic. We greeted each other with a wave as he pulled up:) Scott’s professionalism and kindness helped ease my stress and turned what started off as a bad morning into a better day! Thanks again Scott!

Tiffanie T


Sal Martinez in San Antonio,Texas was great! He called ahead and told me his eta and arrived right on time. He was curteous and fast switching out the tire for the spare. Showed me were the long screw had given me the flat. As a woman that drives alot he gave me some pointers if I was stuck in a place I was uncomforable beingi in. As far as I am concerned he is a *****five star employee. Thanks

Charlene K


Had to get my truck towed from Colorado Springs to Broomfield tonight. Our drive, Scott Spurling, was awesome. He was polite and professional after a very long day that took him from Colorado Springs to Alamosa, back to Colorado Springs, then to my house in Broomfield. Then he had to drive back to the Springs. Highly recommended.

Steve L


Rented a car in Dallas, TX for a convention this weekend, and we ended up with some car trouble late at night. We did not feel comfortable or safe driving the vehicle we rented the half hour back to our friend’s apartment, so we spent 45 minutes on the phone with the rental car company. After a stressful two and a half hours, a gentleman from your company pulls up in a pink tow truck. As two girls from Ohio, we were instantly relieved. My initial reaction was, “The truck is pink. It’s our life saver!” Thank you to the kind and generous man who helped us out tonight in Frisco, TX and drove us all the way to DFW airport. Not only did he help us out when we absolutely needed it and gave us great advise on what was best for the current situation, he walked us into the rental car center at the airport to make sure we knew exactly where to go and who to talk to. Unfortunately, we never asked for this gentleman’s name, which sometimes happens at 12:30 AM. So thank you. We greatly appreciate you helping your team out tonight on your day off and showing up in Frisco.

Paula S


Just had my car towed and wanted to share that it was a very professional and pleasant experience. Bobby and his trainee were very polite and took care of everything to ensure my car was transferred in a safe and proper manner. You could tell they took their jobs very seriously. I can see why my insurance company chooses them to get the job done. Great work guys!

Corbin A


I am a first time user of this towing service and this was the result of my insurance company selecting the tow. The main thing to take away here is the fact that I received the best service I could hope for from the driver, Rachel #162, pretty sure she’s the only Rachel that is a driver. At any rate she is second to none in capability and very personable. The conditions on the road were not the best with a snow storm in the city and I live at elevation in the mountains. She was driving a two wheel drive wrecker up mountain switchbacks like she had lived there all her life. I am certain her employer knows what an asset she is to his team. If you need a very capable tow driver ask for Rachel, you will not be disappointed.

Jerry W


Highest complements for Rob Johnson, 518, out of Denton, TX. Very professional and detail oriented. Prompt, courteous, knowledgeable, every good quality you could ask for. He even noticed which station I was listening to when I was stranded beside the freeway and changed the radio in his truck to that station. You can’t beat that kind of customer service. While I obviously do not like needing to be towed, if I have to have it done, I want Rob to do it.

Jim N


Great customer service. Kept me posted on ETA and GREAT customer service! Thanks for your assistance!

Billy M


Lewis Torres is the best guy ever! Someone stole my purse and keys so I couldn’t start my car. I was so mad and scared and freaked out. When Lewis got there to pick me up, I didn’t know he was the tow driver and I freaked out on him a bit. He was calm and said to me. I didn’t mean to scare you, but I’m your tow driver. I immediately felt safe and I calmed down. He made a joke about the big pink truck.

My steering wheel was locked and the wheels were frozen in one position. I watched Lewis inch by inch get my car safely on to the truck ramp and secured down. He treated me and my car with great respect. Something I needed at the moment. He made me laugh on the way home and he shared some fun stories.
It felt like I was with a friend.

Dee W


Last night on my way home from work one of my new tires popped on my Mini Cooper. Thank-you Colorado Roads….Scott from Auto Towing made it to me in less than 30 minutes. He was friendly, calm and professional. He was even able to drop me off at my house which was close by. I’m a disabled veteran and have to say that this was my best experience ever with a towing service. Thank you so much Scott for making a bad day a lot better. Scott should definitely be recognized for doing such a great and quick job. God Bless.

Marc M





I had the pleasure of meeting Terrance #617 on yesterday. Terrance was very nice and took very good care of my Tahoe, he text me and advised that my truck had been delivered to the repair shop safe and sound. That was a very comforting feeling.

LaTonya B


We were on a trip from Lubbock, Texas to Denver, Colorado when the transmission in my car went up in smoke (literally) in Pueblo, Colorado. I called my insurance who sent a towing company my way, and the man that showed up was a man named Rupert. All I can say is that I have never met a more genuine, kind, helpful person like that in a very long time.

We needed a rental car yet every company was out, which we told Rupert, and when he loaded the car and us up we made our way to the auto shop but first stopped at a Enterprise Rent-a-Car. He said that he knew the owner and would see what he could do. Sadly Enterprise wasn’t able to help but for him to try and help us was awesome. Oh, and before we even left, he called around with people he knew to see if anyone had a car. After much discussion our only way to get to Denver was through Greyhound Bus Lines, which he knew where it was, about how much, and dropped us off personally so we could catch the bus in time. He even offered to drop the car off along with it’s information and key into the night drop box to make sure we got on our bus in time. The only tip we could give him was $20 since that was the only cash we had on hand, but I gave him a hug and a huge thank you for saving the day.

This man is not only an all-star employee, but an all-star person. Give this man a raise or something, because he literally made a horrible situation into a solution. Thank you so much again Rupert, from David with the red Ford Taurus!!

David K


Sean was very professional and even called ahead to assure towing time/pickup. The tow vehicle was clean and I felt safe riding into town with the driver, to get my repairs handled. Thank you for making my bad morning, better!

Ashley O


Hi. I want to thank you for my experience I had with your company Auto Towing, August 3, 2016.

I am a AAA member and utilized their services for a tow truck.

After loosing a wheel in an unfamiliar area, waiting 5.5 hours for a tow, 11 phone calls to AAA, 2 tow trucks and sprayed by the city’s ‘mosquito spray’ vehicle, I was beyond happy to see your driver, Darrell Williams, #0521, arrive.

I have not had a car towed before so I was nervous. My truck is not just a truck- it was my dads truck who recently died. Unbeknownst to your driver, Darrell Williams, he was about to have someone who would watch his every move to insure this tow go good.

To say “good” is an understatement. It was perfect! This could not have been done without the expertise of Darrell Williams. From his call with an ETA to the minute he unloaded my truck, Darrell Williams was amazing. He was professional, confident, knowledgeable and absolutely went far above and beyond my expectations. He is the perfect example of what exceptional customer service is about and for this I am thankful.

Thank you for sending Darrell Williams on my call. Thank you for having this knowledgable employee and thank you for safely moving my truck.



My handicap accessible van broke down right a long the highway. The service was quick and I felt like I was very safe, due to the care and concern of the tow truck driver. (COS 216 B. Cloring ). He was very kind, and I appreciated the great help.

Shelly V


My husband and I are so impressed, with your service! The two Team Members Kevin McGuigan and Jeff (a Trainee) were courteous, friendly and knowledgeable. It was a great experience, even with the stress of a broken-down vehicle. We sure appreciate their level of care, in getting our vehicle where it needed to be. We would definitely recommend this team, and company to anyone with a towing need!

Cindy B


Sean Rosen – excellent customer service, thank you

Anthony D


Rob J. was on time (ahead of time), as scheduled, he was courteous, his truck was neat, and he was very well organized, he was able to get my truck loaded without any problem after seeing if there may be something that he may be able to do. He is also confident enough to drive a pink truck, that is a true business model, take care of the customer, and be honest. I took the company cards, because I would prefer them over anyone else if they are available.

Timothy N


Chris Hight came to pick me up to be towed when he got the key out and started my car. He saved me so much money!! God bless Chris!!!!

Juliana L


Sal Martinez #419 was great!! After having to jump start my car, he followed me to the dealership in case my car died again in route. Wonderful customer service!!!!

Maureen B


My car lost all power right around dusk tonight on a busy intersection in Denver and my tow truck driver, Chris, picked me up within 20 minutes. I road with him while deciding what to do with the car and we talked about what might be wrong. When we arrived at the destination, he jumped the battery and was able to determine that it was a bad alternator. THEN, he even went so far as to explain how I might replace it myself, saving me hundreds of dollars. What a great guy! His customer service went above and beyond any I have had in the past. His concern for the me was incredible … I’m almost glad I broke and had Chris respond to my call!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Debbie E


I posted this yesterday and it’s still not here so I’ll try again. On July 17, 2016, my vehicle needed to be towed. If you know what a Polaris Slingshot is, you know I feared it would be damaged. Patrick, Den 160 took GREAT care of my Slingshot. He took the time and patience to do the job perfectly. I will request this man before any others. THANK YOU PATRICK!!

colleen c


Scott was very friending and helpful in getting my Van loaded on his truck.. He took care to make sure that it was loaded on the back of his truck.. I am very happy with everything that went on, and I will tell other people that may need to have a tow about the company.

Pat L


I just wanted to express what excellent customer service I received from your team member, Sal Martinez#419. Last Friday I was scheduled to have my vehicle towed to the dealer. Sal arrived in the time frame indicated. Very polite and professional. I explained my car didn’t start the night before. I remembered I may have left the inside light on. He checked my battery and gave it a charge. My car started. He cut if off and on a few times to make sure it would start up again. He could have just called it a wrap and went on to his next tow but Sal took customer service to another step. He was able to tell me where my battery was purchased based on the brand. He offered to follow me across the street where the dealer of the battery was located. Once there, I was told it would take at least 30 minutes to recharge the battery so I decided I would just walk up the street and get breakfast. Sal offered to save me the walk; it was a very busy street. He dropped me a few blocks down the road safely.

I worked in customer service for at least 38 years before I retired. I am familiar with what excellent customer service is. I just couldn’t let Sal’s efforts and example go unnoticed.

As my grandchildren would say, “Great Job Sal”

Joyce J


Fred & Chris from the Denver location had provided towing/flatbed services for our stricken Saturn on Saturday night. They kept us informed about their status & were running behind. They apologized many times for the delays, but it really wasn’t a problem. For us, it worked out in the end as my wife was able to get a “Lyft” home & get a second vehicle.
Fred & Chris were friendly & professional. Indeed a credit to your company.

Jeffrey J


Scott was awesome,it’s stressful enough and he was great!

jamie b


We recently used Auto Towing to tow our vehicle from Colorado Springs to Fort Collins. Dan H., #223, was our towdriver and we were impressed with his punctuality, professionalism, and demeanor. He made a negative experience into a positive one. Dan was such a fine representative for the company that we were certain that he was the owner. Thanks.

Sharon R


My truck was goving me some issues towing my new horse trailer home. Rupert out of Pueblo is the best!!!!! Very sweet and caring!!!

Amanda K


Driver #224 (Fred W) is 100% professional.

Mitch V


Last week my jeep broke down. Initially my ins sent a driver that couldn’t get to my vehicle as I was on an Air Force base. After waiting for 2 hours I canceled and decided to wait till the following day since it was getting late. Steve came at about 8 and was extremely polite and got me taken care of! He was awesome and I will definitely utilize this company again!

Ashley G


Steve #219 did a tow for us yesterday. He was on time and very professional. Well done Steve.

Larry W


Fred Wood, from 224, in Colorado Springs was wonderful! He helped me through a stressful situation with my car because my keys were stolen. He took great care of my car and was very professional. He kept me informed through the whole process and gave me time frames and his whereabouts before he even arrived. Even though my insurance company used you guys for this situation I will recommend you guys to everyone I know! Thanks for great service and all your help Fred!

Deanna B


I give Auto Towing in San Antonio Texas 5 STARS for EXCELLENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I had a blowout in the middle of almost nowhere last Saturday my husband was at work, my in-laws were unable to help me and me being a girly girl I obviously couldn’t get out of this situation. Luckily my insurance company offers roadside assistance and contacted Auto Towing in San Antonio Texas to help me tow my SUV back home. It was getting dark and I was a bit scared then Dwight Thornton a team member of Auto Towing arrived assured my safety and got straight to work. Dwight doubled checked my SUV was hooked on correct and his professionalism was on point he left such a great impression and my husband was relived I got home to safety and our SUV was in the same condition it was before the towing. So if anyone wants excellent roadside assistance and or towing call Auto Towing in SA TX ask for Dwight Thornton 🙂

Veronica G


I would like to say thank you for having such a helpful associate that is within your company, Bobby Maes from Denton Texas, helped out a very upset customer. I had a double blowout with my car and discount tires from that general location was not helping; with him seeing that I was in a mood, he talked to me and suggested to call the Grapevine location, because he stated that they were a much better location, I did and they went above and beyond with getting me two new tires; however, if it was not for Bobby, I would have been on a 2 day waiting list to get the tires I needed. Thank you and thanks to Bobby Maes for helping and saving me time and money.

George A


My van broke down around 10pm from Corpus Christi on the way to San Antonio. I called my insurance company and they connected me with Auto Towing. Man, was that the best thing that happened all day. Javier was the BEST! He was kind, knowledgeable and really cared about me as a customer. He went above and beyond in offering outstanding customer service. So, if your other tow truck operators are anything like him, ya’ll are gonna be in business for a long time!

Bobby M


I had my car towed today by Shayne PIke. I was nervous because it was being towed to another city . He was very pleasant , professional and reassuring . He even called me after leaving the car there. Good job Shayne. And thanks for relieving my mind.

Winifred H


Rupert picked me up on Sunday (in Colorado) and was very nice and professional. I needed to ride back with him and was nervous to ride with a stranger, but he couldn’t have been more accommodating, from the moment he arrived. I had been sitting there for 4 hours and he made sure to get me in front of the A/C ASAP and even offered to take me to a bathroom. I had to change my destination mid-route and he was OK with that and even offered to take me home after we got the van to the repair shop. What a great guy!

Winter W


My car died while I was at Air Academy High to pick up my grandson from the football game. I called AAA and Scott Burdick (COS 208) called me to let me know he was on the way. A few minutes later, he arrived to rescue me. He was fabulous!! He diagnosed what was wrong with my car (dead battery) and jump started it so I could drive it home. I thought I was going to have to have it towed to the dealership. Scott is a tremendous asset to your company. The phrase “service with a smile” fits him perfectly. Thank you, Scott!!!

Joan G


Your Scott Burdick drive was very nice and helpful

tammy v


My car broke down in Colorado Springs. More than 50 miles from my home. Scott Spurling was awesome and made me feel much better about having to drive sooo far to take me home with my car. He was constantly calling me to let me know where he was and when he would be there. He was professional and patient which made me feel less stressful about the whole situation.
Thank you Scott!

Janice A


Scott spurling was a good tow driver. Fast arrival. Good service

stephen p


Service was exceptional! My driver (Dan H.) Was super friendly and professional. I was expecting a long wait for them like other previous tow companies I’ve used but they showed up quickly. Will recommend and use them again in the future if I need it.

Briana C


Needed a tow this morning after car stalled out at a stop light. Scott arrived ahead of schedule, got the car up on the flatbed and off to the repair shop. Excellent and Timely Service!! Thanks.


Todd W


Kevin COS205 and Tom were extremely careful with my motorcycle and wereally very professional. Very happy with their assistance with my breakdown….

Michael H


A very capable and courteous man (Ronald) arrived quickly; he attended to my situation confidently.
Thank you for providing me with professional service.

Ron E


I just wanted to say thank you for towing my car last month and also to let you know that one of your Team Members, Scott Burdick Cos 208 is the reason for this email. Scott’s professionalism and service in helping me out of a bad situation on the highway was amazing. Your company is lucky to have him on your team.

Thanks Scott for your great service,

Louis M


I had to have my car towed last Monday from Colorado Springs to Denver. My driver (William G) kept me informed of his status, and was very professional in the execution of his duties.

~ Steve R.

I had a very difficult situation with my older model car, but I’m so happy to have had the services of Aaron Aubrey. He not only demonstrated patience, superior problem solving skills and was fast to arrive, but he put my mind at ease when I felt stressed by the circumstances. Thanks so much to Aaron! He really helped me out and I’m grateful!


I was sort of panicking when my car wouldn’t start on a Sunday afternoon! Freddie from Auto Towing showed up to my home in Broomfield, CO, within an hour of my calling my roadside assistance company and saved my day. Within a couple of minutes, Freddie had my car jumped and running again. He was very professional and kind. I just wanted to say thank you!


Daniel Smith 506 was so great! He was very nice and super helpful. He went above and beyond to help with my car. Great tow service!


Daniel Smith was great! My car is a lowered BMW that has been a pain to tow in the past. I was already in a bad mood from having having to get it towed, so it was nice that he took the effort to secure my car properly. Highly recommended.

~ Lyndon H.

Waking up and finding one of my tires flat was not the was not the most ideal ways to start a Sunday. I called my ChevronTexaco roadside service and they sent out “Victor” from Auto Towing at the Karbach St. store in Houston, Texas. He showed up on time as promised. He was professional, skilled and solved the problem quickly. I was impressed by his knowledge of the automobile, and how he handled the problem skillfully. Thank you for hiring the “right” kind of people who are polite, and knowledgeable.

~ George H.

The driver was very careful and fast. Great customer service and friendly guy. Thanks Kevin McGuian cos205 for the ride home.


Next time I have to call AAA, I will definitely ask for Steven from Auto Towing, Inc. He was AWESOME. He showed up quickly and didn’t hesitate to crawl under my Tahoe (in the mud) and had it running in less than a minute. He not only diagnosed and temporarily fixed the problem, but he correctly predicted exactly what the dealership would do to permanently fix it. He was very professional and knowledgeable and represented your company very well!!

~ Sue S.

I called AAA at 7:25, and thanks to Scott (COS 215) and Brett I was back on the road in half an hour. They were quick, courteous and professional.

~ Ron B.

I wanted to drop by and give major kudos to some of your drivers. I am a police officer and was at the scene of a traffic accident up in North Cheyenne Canyon today. An SUV had driven off the roadway, down an embankment, into a creek. The roadway needed to be completely blocked so the vehicle could get removed properly. COS 221 William G. and COS 213 Scott K. did an excellent job in the recovery. I figured the process might take an hour or more, but the drivers went above and beyond by removing the vehicle and opening the roadway within 20 minutes. I am very pleased that you have such professional and efficient tow operators. Operating and coordinating two tow trucks simultaneously can’t be easy, but they made it look that way. Great job!

~ B. Wallace

I had my vehicle towed by Auto Towing Rep. Phil (#159) today, 1/29/2016. I am very satisfied with the prompt and professional towing service that I received. 5 stars. ~Tom D.


Darron Jefferson , DAL 504 made a delivery from Dallas.
He was very courteous and right on schedule. Highly recommend his service.

~ Richard M.

Kudos to Auto Towing and Johnny Elswick. I logged a call with Lincoln Roadside Assistance and was promptly contacted by AAA letting me know a truck would be on site within 35 minutes. Johnny called 5 minutes later confirming the time. He arrived on schedule and had the car running after several minutes. He was very courteous and helpful. I highly recommend Johnny and Auto Towing.

~ Tom W.

Auto Towing was extremely friendly and prompt. The driver Darron Jefferson from the DAL 504 location contacted me with the exact time he would arrive, and was extremely pleasant to work with in fixing my issues! Much appreciated. I would highly recommend Auto Towing.

~ Leslie M.

Phil with truck #159 was really great! i got stuck on the side of the highway and he saved me. He was very safety concerned and aware and got me where i needed to go all in one piece and very quickly. Thank you!


William G. was professional and friendly when I needed a tow on Saturday afternoon. Scott S., the Team Lead met us at the garage and verified that I had a positive experience with Auto Towing, Inc. Both of these guys were great. I recommend this company if you ever need service.

~ Brent H.

Yesterday I had a car pull out in front of me in a residential neighborhood, resulting in me going down on my motorcycle. Minor road rash and a beat up ankle, nothing horrible but I was left at the scene alone with a inoperable bike. My insurance company sent Steven from Auto Towing to pick me up and when Steven arrived, he was asking how I was and seemed genuinely concerned for my safety as a priority, which I appreciated. He got the bike loaded quickly and correctly and got me and the bike home safely. Employees make or break a service oriented company more than any other factor and Steven, COS 204, was truly a pleasant person to deal with after a rough event and I wanted to be sure to recognize him. Thanks again sir!

~ Jake W.

I have nothing but positive things to say about Shayne, out of San Antonio. He was very helpful, very nice, very sensitive about the fact that we were having a pretty bad time (generally the case when you’re being towed). In short, he went above and beyond the call of duty, and we really appreciated the service.

~ Charlie B.

Sal Martinez(#419) was the guy who came to tow our car which was damaged by the hail. He called ahead of time to let us know he was on his way. He was very polite, answered our questions and took great care in handling our car. We are very happy with the service.

~ Devon D.

Phenomenal customer service by Kayla in San Antonio. I needed my car to be towed at 4:30 am and from the moment she got the call she was professional, prompt and extremely helpful regarding the process. Many thanks to her and the organization for an outstanding customer experience.

~Quirino C.


Today Terrance Driver for your service helped me. He was excellinet and he provide high quality safe service.
I am happy with his services.
He updated me how far he is from my destination frequently. amazing service.
Brij R.


Please relay my thanks to Darrell – what a kind and considerate man. Early Saturday morning while traveling eastbound on Hwy 24 I experienced a flat tire. I enlisted the help of Onstar and ‘auto towing’ came to my rescue. Darrell was kind, considerate, patient and made me feel safe and comfortable. What great service you have. Please pass on my thanks to COS226 & COS212. What incredible employees you have!

~ Cynthia M.

I would like to praise #514, Michael for being exceptionally
helpful to my husband and me today. We’re visiting the Frisco, TX area and had a mishap with the car. Michael was prompt in coming to our aid. He was courteous, helpful and efficient – all the best qualities you’d want in an employee. On a scale of 10 he’s a 12!!!!!!!

~ Terrance A.

Just had to say how much I appreciated Zach. Very capable and thoughtful, and went the extra mile to help me out when my car wouldn’t start! Thank you!

~ Frani

I really appreciate the kindness, professionalism, and speed in which Mike responded after AAA dispatched him. I was broken down at a busy intersection trying to get to my son’s party. Mike was definitely a super hero in my book!
(Mike trk 505, station 1100)

~ Julie B.

I want to give a shout out to Chris (#101) on the job he did recovering our car from the side of a hill earlier this week. He was very professional, knew exactly what to do, and was done in no time! This is in contrast to a previous driver from another company on the same day first delayed us a whole day, and who not only couldn’t recover our car, but slashed the underside with his hook because it wasn’t attached to the correct place.

~ Gary H.

We needed a tow in Humble, TX, and AAA sent Terrance from this service. He was very courteous and helpful. He seemed to take good care of my van.

~ Cathy G.

First I apologize for this late response. On 18 May I contacted AAA for a tow from my home for my 2004 Taurus to Big O for service, about 4 miles, as it would not start. When your wrecker arrived the driver (CARY) introduced himself. I explained the problem. In a short time he rolled the Taurus down the driveway into the street. He then explained what he had to do, even tho he saw I had the knowledge of using the wrecker. He is a very friendly and personable person and a credit to your company.

~ John Q.

Charlie Persiluer towed my vehicle and gave me a ride from Cypress to Southeast Houston. He called several times to let me know he was on his way. When he got there I sat in his air conditioned car while he Hooked up the tow. He was really down-to-earth and so very helpful. Our commute was about an hour to my dealership, but it was a good drive I felt like I was in good hands and really appreciate him and AAA.

~ Leslie M.
For an unpleasant situation with my car not starting when I was away from my home…. the office staff, and Thomas the driver were outstanding. Everyone was helpful, pleasant and the customer service was excellent. They are a team.
~ Marilyn L.

When my wife’s car had a catastrophic shutdown on the freeway last Friday I placed a call to Lincoln’s roadside assistance toll-free number. In a short time, Michael LaFon arrived in Truck # 505. Cheerful and efficient, he had the car back on the road very quickly, and stayed with it when I drove away until both he and I were certain that the problem was taken care of.

You can be very proud of employees like Michael…he’s a credit to himself and to your company.

~ George K.

I was referred to your service by my insurance company when my car broke down north of town. James provided incredible service, taking great care of both me and my car! He was fast, thorough, professional and polite, and a good conversationalist in the tow truck on the way to my home in Parker! I highly recommend Auto Towing Inc.!


Scott was a great help today! He was polite, courteous, and prompt with service. Plus he was very reassuring about my car. Thank you!

~ Melina V.

Michael Dallad 505 was extremely professional and friendly. He gave me the best service and experience with your company when I was having bad day (2-flat-tires). He drove me from Denton to Little Elm and was extremely cautious for the safety of my vehicle.. He even gave me some great tips on tire pricing.

~ Kevin C.

I too used AAA last week Weds June 22nd while broke down in Plano on the George Bush Turnpike. Team Member Michael #514 arrived well ahead of AAA’s ETA. He was very polite and professional. We had a good visit as I road back to Lewisville with him where he dropped off my vehicle at the mechanics shop. Turned out to be a busted heater hose that left me stranded. In the end I was very pleased with the service from Auto Towing and would highly recommend them to others.Thanks again Michael.

Robert A.


My car decided it didn’t want to run anymore while I was driving it last night. USAA sent out a different towing company to tow my car to my home. That company missed it’s ETA twice. This morning after finding a auto shop that could work on my car I called USAA again. This time they sent out Auto Towing Inc. the driver arrives ahead of schedule. Juan was very considerate and offered to help me into the truck since I am very short and use a cane. Once we got to the shop he offered to drive my back so that I didn’t have to walk. It isn’t far but I have rheumatoid arthritis and sometimes have to walk with a cane. Juan was very nice and I appreciate all he did for me.

~ Angella S.

I would like to say Thomas is an outstanding representative of your company. He is friendly and takes care of his customers.

~ Brian M.

I had need of their services a few weeks ago. Kevin, the driver, was fantastic. I have a very low suspension and he took the extra time to explain how he would put it on the trailer, and was extremely careful not to cause any damage. I can’t speak to the other employees, but if Kevin is any example, I would highly recommend their services.

~ Kip P.

Had my car towed by Shayne Pike, Driver 408. In my helpless moment of need, Shayne made my experience very comforting. He called and confirmed his destination and assured me that he would try his best to resolve my situation. His smile over the phone left me with out doubt that he would complete the job to the fullest and take care of my car. He also treated me as a person and not just a job, that was pleasant:) Thank You Shayne for the GREAT customer service.

~ Amanda S.

“My car broke down the other day and I had the best time!” Not words you say everyday. Or ever. But last Saturday your driver, Paul, made having my car towed an experience that was actually a pleasure! He called while I was still on hold with my provider and was there about 15 minutes later. He navigated a snafu caused by my provider, all the while promising to get me home even if he had to pay the bill himself! 🙂 Thank you for some of the best customer service I’ve had EVER.

~ Nancy H.

My tow truck driver, Josh (CO212), had a difficult task loading my SUV with a blown right front tire. He handled the task skillfully, efficiently, and professionally. This was very positive experience.

~ Anthony B.

Chris Williams 225 came out to tow my RV from a very tight space. In addition to being skilled, he is an artist and gentleman. Best tow I’ve had in 20 years. thanks so much

~ ML Oneil

Excellent service! Very polite and professional driver. A+. Thank you so much.

~ Raquel J.

My family and I were stranded on I-70 on the hottest day of the year after our car broke down. My insurance company dispatched Auto Towing and we couldn’t have been more happy with their service. Freddy called me within a few minutes to give me his location and to tell me that he was on his way. He kept in contact as he got closer to our location and arrived on time. He was friendly, knowledgeable and extremely professional. He was able to tow our disabled car the 40 or so miles back to our home. I know this sounds dramatic, but he literally rescued us and we are very appreciative. This is who you want to deal with when you or a loved one are in a dangerous and unexpected situation. Thank you again, Freddy and Auto Towing!

~ Heather S.

Your driver Zack #103 was quick, quite engaging and friendly, took me and my car to the mechanic shop – and then even gave me a ride back to my house afterwards! I never overlook what the human element in any business, even a towing service, for usually people are upset or stressed out in these circumstances. Zack’s competence and cheerful disposition really helped take the edge off of a difficult day. I would not hesitate to use your service again and recommend it to all my associates. Thx!

~ Daniel B.

I used AAA for a flat tire and they dispatched auto towing to put on a spare tire for me. Bobby Maes was very professional and extremely polite. He got the job done quickly explaining everything to me as he worked. For a day that started rotten, the service I received made it just a little bit better. Thanks Bobby!

~ Kim S.

I was extremely pleased with the service. I was in town visiting relatives and my car broke down. Mike from Auto Towing arrived Lickety split quickly and was wonderful. He is professional and knowledgable and helped me get on my way incredibly fast. He went above and beyond. Highly recommend.

~ R. Jameson

Mike Coffelt towed me today to a discount tires in Houston/ Humble
He went out of his way to help, was very nice and professional. For such a bad experience , having a tire blow out, he made it much better!

~ Susan L.

I just wanted to say that I had the best service from you guys today. My sons vehicle broke down on his way to work so I came and sat with his car at Explorer and Research in Colorado Springs. The driver was a fine young man, very polite and nice to talk to. He was very efficient at his job and did not cause any extra damage to my sons vehicle which had one tire that would not move. I am truly impressed with him. Thank you!

~ Candace R.

Scott was great, he spent a lot of extra time and effort to make sure my car was winched out without further damage. I couldn’t ask for better service!

~ Clint J.

Darron Jefferson arrived within 20 minutes and did an awesome job getting my car up and loaded, and dropped my car off with no problems. I would recommend them again anytime.

~ Barry M.

Hi. I just had Driver 102 out. I was expecting to need to be towed since about an hour ago another company tried to jump my battery with a box like thing. I spoke with your driver and decided to try his box before we towed. It was a great idea. My car started and it saved me having to tow it in. Your driver was great….nice, polite, efficient and got it started. I also must mention that he was much earlier then expected. Called me to let me know he was running ahead and showed up when he said he would. Thank you.

~ Ruth B.

I had the pleasure of working with Scott S (COS215) moving my Prius out of the garage and onto the tow truck. The Prius blew a fuse and had no power. It was tucked in the garage and I had no idea how to get it out. Scott came and was very knowlegable and knew exactly how to work with the Prius. After he left, he called me and told me that my car had been delivered to the Toyota Service and that he had given them the information I had requested of him. He was extremely friendly and helpful through this process.

~ Linda W.

Last night, my car was towed by Phil. He was very friendly and had my car hooked up and ready to go before I knew it. Thank you!

~ Judy W.

Just wanna give a personal thanx to Cisco Nunez. Excellent service and just an awesome person. Truly a valuable asset to your company.

~ Vic S.

Had the pleasure of my vehicle being towed by cos 228 the other night, he was down from Denver and able to pick me up off of interstate 25 and taking me to castle rock on his way back to Denver, made a very fast arrival and immediately greeted me and helped me carry my things to his tow truck and asked for my own safety from traffic to stay in the truck, he quickly loaded my ford, very brave doing the job he does a semi rapidlyswitched lanes to avoid a braking car, the semi flew by missing him by inches Freddie dove under my vehicle to avoid being hit and with no fear for back to the road side to carry out his job, thank you so much Freddie for your quick response and you professional and fast service, a true gentlemen and we’ll trained professional,



I’ve called USAA for towing on 3 occasions. Auto Towing has been dispatched twice. They are fabulous. They call on their way, they always make sure the car is really DOA and they are quick to get it loaded up and delivered to the dealorship. I don’t remember who helped me the first visit, second visit was Scott COS-213. Both drivers were very courteous, friendly, prompt, knowledgeable… I would recommend Auto Towing Inc to anyone in the area.

~ Nancy J.

Sometimes life throws you a curveball, and you’re left in a vulnerable state, both physically and mentally. That is exactly how I felt when my vehicle stopped working. It didn’t want to turn off. (Haha…usually it’s the other way around.) Night was falling, and Colorado winter’s aren’t what I’d call hospitable. So I felt stuck, not only because my car wouldn’t turn off, but because it was stuck in park with the driver’s side window down. Translation: if left unaccompanied, any Tom, Dick or Harry could get in, hit ‘shift lock’ and drive my car away. Then Chris #101 showed up with Brandon-in-Training. These guys were great. They approached my situation with empathy. Before towing my car, they diagnosed and tried to troubleshoot the problem. They utilized every available resource they had, and eventually found a solution to my car’s troubles. They went as far to contact a service department in California that was still open. Not only did they put me first, but they made certain that I was “good” before leaving. I am better than good thanks to the two of you. “Thank you”, Chris #101 and Brandon-in-Training for helping me out and genuinely caring. Auto Towing Inc. rocks!!

~ Tim B.

Mr. Michael Ritch (San431) was my tow truck driver recently after I had a recent fender bender in San Antonio. He exhibited excellent customer service and he is a valuable employee. In this day and age, it’s hard to find someone that actually cares about their job and the clients they come in contact with. A+ Service

~ Jeff M.

Darron Jefferson (DAL504 – McKinney, Texas) came to help remove my car suspended over a drainage ditch. He carefully evaluated the situation and discussed options to free the car with out damaging the car. In the end the car was freed without any additional damage.

~ Marty
Daniel Smith 506 he did a good job for us.
Thank you very much for his service and very friendly and helpful.
He is a great guy.
~ Lamsinh S.

my 97 jeep had transmission problems so called auto towing the service was great very friendly & polite they was very professional in every way and couldnt ask for better service i would use this company again and will refer to anyone i know in need of services

thanks again to Dan Hunt truck #223

~ Randy

I’m a bit late in writing this, but John Purcell – COS211 was friendly, quick, but also took time to be careful with my poor broken car. Thanks!

~ Shawn B.

Tom C cos201. He is an awesome guy and really was able to move my truck and not mess anything up. He provided excellent customer service and more and did everything I needed. He is a great guy and worker. I thank him a lot he saved the day and my truck thanks Tom.

~ Kolin S.

On Thursday evening the 14th of January I problems with my truck in North Houston. I called AAA, and they dispatched a wrecker from Auto Towing Inc. He arrived quickly. He was courteous and professional. I explained where I needed it towed to. He got me and my truck home safely. The man’s name is Aaron Aubrey. It was a pleasure having him take good care of my truck. He is a keeper. If I ever need a tow again I hope I get him.

Roger K.


William G COS 221 was professional and he opened our door so quickly. He is amazing. We received several updates regarding his ETA and he text messaged us to let us know when he arrived. Very outstanding service!!!William G COS 221 was professional and he opened our door so quickly. He is amazing. We received several updates regarding his ETA and he text messaged us to let us know when he arrived. Very outstanding service!!!

~ Debbie V.

Your driver, Chris Bell (Truck #101), was phenomenal. He was able to tow my car today which was left in a tricky location after an accident. I appreciated his professionalism, and communication throughout the towing process. I am very grateful that he was able to tow my car safely to the auto-body shop. One less thing to worry about as I deal with issues related to the accident. Thanks, Chris!

~ Annie P.

William G COS 221 was professional and he opened our door so quickly. He is amazing. We received several updates regarding his ETA and he text messaged us to let us know when he arrived. Very outstanding service!!!

~ Debbie

Chris (driver) and Larry (trainee) truck #101 provided me with outstanding service. They towed my classic 1958 Willys Jeep station wagon and provided excellent service. They were friendly, courteous and treated my Jeep with a gentle touch. I could not have asked for a more professional team. Many thanks.

~ Rob

My hero today was Scott in Colorado Springs. Arrived pre-ETA. Not only started my vehicle, also calmed my fears. Professional in demeanor and appearance. Auto Towing Inc has struck gold in Scott.

~ Luanne

Erick & Xavier were FANTASTIC! They both came to my rescue and were able to get me into my car and on my way in a matter of minutes. I strongly recommend this company, they are outstanding and went above and beyond. I know I will be using them again in the future.

~ Holly

Jose was so nice and delivered excellent service! He was professional and thorough. Really appreciate the outstanding service!

~ Marla Y.

Erick was very professional & kept us updated on his ETA. Once he arrived, he was a perfect gentleman offering my daughter his jacket on the chilly evening. He swiftly got our car back up & running and we were safely on. Our way. Much appreciated!

~ Mrs. Jane

SAN402, Gerardo “Gerry” Mendoza had excellent customer service and really knew his job.

~ Mrs. Westphal

I had got towed by auto towing company today and the experience was fantastic. Jeremy was very knowledgeable and friendly. He helped me drop off the car and then return me to my apartment complex rather than forcing me to walk home. I really appreciate it since he didn’t have to do it. Jeremiah went the extra distance and I plan on using Auto Towing again if I have trouble. AAA has a gem. Thanks!

~ Robert W.

My rental car needed to be towed back to the dealership. Dan Hunt arrived at my residence within approximately 20 minutes, quickly loaded the vehicle, and provided me a ride to the dealership. Once at the dealership he accompanied me to the vehicle rental counter and made sure I was taken care of before leaving. I just want to thank Dan for his fast service, courtesy, and professionalism.
Jason H


I am sorry that I am writing this so late, I had my car towed back on, I believe, December 23rd, by Rachael #162. She was awesome, the weather was crappy and she jumped right in and did her job, no complaining about it or anything.
I was standing and watching how great she was and how nice she was. Thanks for sending her to my rescue.

~ Jim I.

Today began as a pained Monday being stranded with a dead battery/ generator/ alternator, in downtown Pueblo area, cold, etc., husband tried, but is in VERY compromised health. AAA sent Rupert Tafoya, who came to our rescue, was extremely kind and reassuring, let my husband leave, took our 98 Ford Expedition to Grease Monkey, spoke with mechanic for me, took me home so I wouldn’t have to walk a mile in the cold, and was very gentlemanly about opening my doors and helping me not slip on the considerable ice! This gentleman is really a GEM! I got his card so we can call him again! Thanks, Rupert, for being our knight in shining armor today! God Bless You! Kristyn T.


I just wanted to drop a note and thank Jose (unknown last name) from Auto Towing, Inc. for his assistance today. I am a USAA customer and have my cars insured for towing; Jose showed up promptly, was very pleasant to deal with and was quick to get my car to the dealer before the service center closed. I told him that if he weren’t on the job, I’d buy him a beer – he was very professional.

~ Chris M.

My large sprinter/glass truck broke down. Called AAA. Two undersized trucks and three hours later, they got their act together and sent Auto Towing. Wil shows up with the necessary equipment and skills, and handles it. We’ll done sir. Thank you.

~ Deon P.

Will and his partner from Auto Towing were very professional and friendly. They were very careful in handling our vehicle. Very punctual. I would recommend him highly. Thank you for your service.

~ Leonardo V.

Auto Towing, you have the good fortune to employ a very professional and courteous young man, Brandon. He towed my vehicle 50+ miles in the mountains and up a steep snowy driveway in the dark with ease and confidence. I couldn’t have been more appreciative and impressed. Many thanks, Brandon!

~ Pat S.

My Driver name is Cory he was very nice and professional about providing good customer service and support when pickup my vehicle to be towed to the repair shop. Excellent customer service Thanks.

~ Steven B.

Professional, fast service very pleased. On 1.1.2016 @ 2:30am, Greg with Auto Towing San Antonio, Tx did an excellent job in assisting me with my disabled vehicle. A job well done!
~David DLC

~ David DLC


~ Lottie W.

Thanks to Bobby Engel and the crew at the Auto Towing in San Antonio. They took the worry off of getting my car towed and held it for me until I was ready to pick it up and move on. Very helpful and nice to deal with. I would use them again in the same circumstances without hesitation.

~ David D.

Very favorable experience, the driver- Steve B was on the scene very quickly and attempted to resolve the mechanical issue on the scene to avoid the tow. He was very polite, communicative and understanding that having to contend with an unforeseen vehicle breakdown is stress provoking. I would definitely recommend the company. — Mark


Corey Valek was an excellent driver! He was very prompt, knowledgeable, and handled my car extremely well. He was nothing but courteous even when my insurance company gave him the wrong address for my mechanic, I would definitely recommend his service again.

~ Jesse P.

Dan Hunt towed my substantially low ride height vehicle from Colorado Springs to a shop in Northglenn (~90 mile trip). He took great care loading, and unloading the car. I have a hard time getting the car out of my driveway without scraping, but it didn’t even come close while Dan was loading it. I could tell he really knew his business.
Much appreciated.

~ J. Patton

Your driver William g. towed my vehicle on December 26, 2015. He was prompt, courteous and went beyond the parameters of his job. He definitely is very happy with his job and it shows in his dealings with customers. His good attitude was greatly appreciated!!

~ Karen A.

Scott Spurling provided excellent service on Thursday 12/24. My grandson’s vehicle needed to be towed out of a busy parking lot- a grocery store’s on Christmas Eve! He minimized the inconvenience to others in the lot while taking appropriate care for our car. (Note: the work order will be under Rick Evelo.)

~ Russ L.

I wanted to thank Rupert Tafoya for a good, fast, friendly service. Thank you

~ Annette T.

Dan Hunt did a terrific job last night recovering our jeep after sliding off an icy one lane road in the mountains. He was the second the truck called to assist, as the first one was unable to tow us out.

Dan worked for well over an hour in cold, dark conditions but he ultimately prevailed. And he arrived well ahead of schedule.

Dan is a real professional!

~ Rick L.

Shane McNeal drove me from San Antonio to Fredericksburg, Texas last night. He was very experienced and professional and very kind. It was my first time to be towed (my car has 447,000 original miles). It was outstanding in every way. Also, he was very prompt. I was very grateful Thank you, Shane!

~ Sally S.

I would just like to commend the towman who helped me tonight , his name was billy , number 513 , for the denton-dallas area. He was punctual and very friendly. five stars.

~ Keith W.

Scott Spurling did an excellent towing our vehicle today. His service was Excellent by any measure!

~ Jim

Sean are my hero!! You were such a delight after a crappy day and so personable and professional. I will recommend you to everyone I know who needs a tow and your company will be the first I recommend in my industry. 🙂

~ Frances C.

Amazing and courteous service. AAA told me my wait was 120 minutes and they arrived in about 30 minutes. Scott was friendly and helpful and I was pulled out of the ditch and on my way in no time. Thanks!! I definitely recommend them.

~ Karen

Great experience and thank you to Darrell in Colorado Springs. Very professional and great communication on the process.

~ Neil E.

I had the pleasure of using my AAA towing service today, not surprisingly, it was a very good experience. From the first phone call to AAA. and Rupert showing up when he said he would and quickly getting me back on the road, Rupert was pleasant and a very good man.

Thanks, Mack


I was helped by Edward Santoya from San Antonio, TX- he was really down to Earth and friendly. I could tell he was experienced because of how quick he was and the insight he gave us. We were serviced by Auto towing inc through safeco ins road side assistance program. I will definitely recommend this business to friends and family. He took care of my family so I will take care of his. Thank you for getting our family home safe and sound tonight!

~ Jonathan

Just received excellent service from Justin B COS 207. Justin arrived in less time than was expected, loaded the 1967 Camaro convertible on the truck with great care and off loaded it with the same care and consideration for the classic car I own. Great job Justin.

~ Mike

William G cos 221 came through in crunch time big today! You the real MVP! Needed an extremely fast tow tonight and he got the job done! Thanks again man and would def recommend his service

~ Matt M.

Chris R. in San Antonio (San424) represents your company with extreme friendliness and great character. I needed my vehicle towed through Hyundai’s road assistance program and they sent your company’s tow truck. Chris called to say he was on the way and arrived punctually. He was very informative, took great care in loading my Velosoter which had a ripped tire (with no spare included in the trunk as I found out too late). Would highly recommend him and your company in the future. It’s nice to find young employees that know how to offer outstanding customer service!!!

~ Darlyne T.

I want to take the time to let you know that Mr. Edwardo Santoyo was absolutely exceptional and made towing my car easy and painless. He was knowledgable, concerned for my safety and very customer service oriented. Based on the experience I had with just this one employee I can say that I will definitely request this towing service as my number one goto when I am stranded.

~ Devin G.

Corey Valek was awesome. My daughter and I were stranded on the side of the highway with a flat tire at 10 o’clock at night. He called in advance and arrived on time. We felt safe and he did everything to get the car home and in a good parking space. I would highly recommend this service. Request Corey, he is the best!

~ Angela B.

Yesterday Dan Hunt came to change my flat tire on my van in my driveway and he was so quick and very courteous. I would recommend Auto towing for all your towing needs.

~ Dawn L.

James Houston (hou 603) just left my house after diligently loading my locked Lexus onto his truck. Another company or driver was here first and refused to try. James was amazing and the challenge was immense. He was so good natured and worked tirelessly to load my car I am grateful to him and to the culture of your company for this amazing level of service

~ Sherri G.

Just wanted to let you know about a great experience with one of your employees! My truck was towed from Sanger, TX to Gainesville, TX by Bobby Maes. The experience could not have been better. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that Bobby knows what he is doing, takes personal pride in the service he provides, explains what he is doing, and why it’s the best way to do it….Can’t wait till the next time I break down… (well almost) :):)

~ Ken

Kudo’s to Edward Santoyo! Edward Santoyo not only towed my no-transmission VW but he also then loaded it onto my tow dolly. In fact, Mr. Santoyo placed my car on the dolly on the only attempt the Uhaul manager in Georgetown gave us. Specifically, Edward Santoyo was able to accomplish the standard requirements of his towing job and then completely smash an ad lib additional non-standard request in the exactly one (1) attempt the property owner gave us. Afterwards Mr. Santoyo did not act like it was a big deal, wow! I would have had no way to get the vehicle on to the dolly had Mr. Santoyo not been there. Thank you for sending him and much Kudos to your company!

~ Erik H.

I would like to say thank you so much to Lorenzo Mendoza. He was very nice and polite. I had changed my destination and he took great care of me and my car. Thank you so much! You are awesome!

~ Pam B.

On September 26, 2015 William G. (COS 221), assisted me with a tow when my car had broken down. He was very friendly and professional. I had rigged my hood to be open in a unconventional way since the hood cable had snapped a few months ago. I was worried about having it be a hassle to show the driver how it works in order to show the mechanic when the car would be towed to the repair shop, but William put my mind at ease and sure enough was able to pass on the information to the mechanic so I could have my car repaired. We have had a few other tows from your company and everytime your drivers have always been professional and friendly. Thanks for what you guys do.

~ Tuan N.

After I got stuck in the muddy section of road, another towing company sent a truck. The tow driver reviewed the situation, then refused to do any towing work and left me stranded claiming another truck was coming. I called AAA again and found out that the company refused to send another truck.

AAA then dispatch Eddie Burrous from Auto Towing to the scene. Eddie quickly and efficiently towed my vehicle out of a very difficult situation without any issues whatsoever.

I highly endorse Eddie Burrous and Auto Towing. Thank you for excellent 5 Star service!

~ G. Carrington

Josh (COS 212) at Auto Towing, Incorporated was great! He took care of me very quickly after I waited over an hour for Front Range Towing, only to find that they did not have the proper experience to tow my Jeep. Matt at Front Range did not know how to put on skates or skids as they are called, and Josh at Auto Towing, Incorporated did. From now on any time I need a towing company that I can count on, I will call Auto Towing, Incorporated. They were there for me when I needed them most.

~ Jeremy H.

The driver (William G; COS221) was very friendly and professional. He winched my car out of a snowdrift quickly and with minimal fuss.

~ Peter B.

Chris had an amazing attention to detail! Explained what the best way to tow my vehicle was & how he was going to do it. First time I felt comfortable with a tow truck driver. My car is very rare & special to me. Chris treated my car with the same care I would & truly seemed to love his job. That type of customer service & person is becoming as rare as my car! Would use again anytime

~ Ryan C.

Dennis was my driver. He was great. Called to let me know he was on the way (earlier than I expected) and made what was a stressful situation feel like a friend was helping me out instead of a tow truck service. Excellent service.

~ Joshua K.

Richard is another great driver & loader. I would trust him to do a great job again.

~ Ryan L.

I was having car issues (radiator), and notified my insurance and asked how long it would be and was given a response of 45-90 minutes. Having only a few experiences with tow service from insurance companies, I was prepared for a 90 minute wait. I received a call from Richard Puente (auto towing inc.) and was told he was going to be my POC and would be there shortly. He came within the next few minutes and was extremely courteous, professional, and helpful. He followed me to my destination, and we had another small conversation, when I asked for his card to refer his services. He deserves any acknowledgement that Auto Towing has for their employees and hope that other employees there emulate his character and professionalism. Thanks Richard and hope you have a great holiday season.

~ Chris G.

Hello I had the experience of having to have my car towed on Sunday 11-22
I called AAA around noon was told by AAA that it would be about 1 hour to 1 1/2 . well to my surprise 20 min later Scott the tow truck was at my door (:-}
Scott Spurling the driver was very nice He knew what he was doing , we took my sick car to the shop ,he put the car in a safe place because the shop was closed made sure every thing was locked. Then he took me back home ,made sure I got in my house ok .please let him know how much his help means.

~ Sharon B.

Had a rough day with both vehicles needing to be towed. Mack (san 425) arrived within the estimated time and delivered both vehicles to the repair shop. He was very professional and made a bad situation a little easier to handle. I would highly recommend this service.

~ Dan H.

I would like to say, “THANK YOU SO MUCH”, to Chris Bell!!!! He was a life saver and went above and beyond to help my sister get her car back on the road! He is a great listener, and passionate about wanting to help. He made us feel like we were the most important people in the world at that time. His knowledge about cars made it evident that he is very accomplished at his job!

~ Debbie R.

I would like to thank Eddie for stopping and helping me when I had gotten my keys locked in my car a couple weeks back. It was cold and getting dark. He saw that I had small children with me, pulled over and helped right away. I appreciate his kindness, when most people would just keep driving or give a price right away, but Eddie didn’t. He did it out of kind from his heart and didn’t charge me. Thank you very much. You are awesome!!!!!!! (San Antonio)

~ Lauren M.

Scott Spurling in Colorado Springs exceeded every expectation I had with his patience and determination while assisting me during a big snowfall on November 17, 2015.

Thanks again, Scott!!

~ Richard D.

William G (COS 221) came to my rescue when I planted my Land Cruiser in the snow up to its axles. Pulled me back up on the road no muss, no fuss.

~ Max W.

The service I received yesterday from the driver Richard Haliburton was exceptional. He was very professional and courteous, and completed my tow in a very timely fashion. Richard made an otherwise unpleasant experience much easier to bear! Thank you!

~ Robert H.

I called AAA to have my sons car towed to our house, but when we got in our car to meet Scott Spurling it wouldn’t start. My daughter took us over to meet Scott in her car, who was the quickest tow truck responder I had ever dealt with before along with being polite and professional. He towed my sons car to our house and I asked if he wouldn’t mind looking at my car to see why it wouldn’t start (I thought I might need him to tow it as well). He was so nice and immediately took a look at it and told me it was the battery. He jumped my car and told me the best place to buy a battery and the best kind to buy. He was amazing! Give this guy a raise! I was so impressed! I will keep his card and be sure to ask for him again. It’s hard to find good help with positive attitudes these days. He is one in a million!

~ Tracy C.

Today my key snapped off in my driver’s side door, in a packed parking lot at work. No spare, all the way across town from my house. Stephen #158 came and picked up my car, which was a task with it being wedged into a small space, wheels turned, no key to move the wheel. He was so friendly and nice, and he even dropped me off at my house. I was incredibly impressed with the kind, professional service. I will definitely recommend this business to others.

~ Andrea F.

I called to have my vehicle battery “jumped”. I was quoted by AAA at a 1 hour wait time. I received a call within 30 minutes that William G was headed my way to help get my car started. He did an excellent job explaining what he was doing and reasons why my battery was needing to be “jumped”. It was such a positive experience and William was incredibly friendly and helpful.

~ Christina M.

AAA sent your company out to tow my Subaru in Colorado Springs. Your driver 207 Rich was very professional and courteous. He towed my vehicle with great care. I will recommend this company in the future.

~ Robert D.

I had the pleasure to have cos207 Rich tow my vehicle today.
My car was in my garage with major front wheel damage. He took his time and professional knowledge to carefully load my car on the flatbed truck.
I thank him for his courteous and friendly service.

“Auto towing” keep up the good and timely service with Rich…

~ Sara D.

Dan Hunt / 223 Did a great job on towing my Harley Davidson from Colorado Springs to Aurora Dan did a great job tying the bike down. Would use Dan for all my towing needs if I could.

~ Troy H.

wanted to let you know how pleased I was with your services. After breaking down and having to get a ride to an urgent appointment, dealing with all the details of getting my car to safety was a true headache. Bobby Mae assisted us in getting my car situation figured out. It’s my wife’s car and she might just love it more than me and the kids. Bobby treated the car like it was his own and put my wife at ease. Therefore, I could not have been happier.
We’ve used other services over the years, but after this experience, my loyalty is with you. Additionally, I will recommend your services to others.
And. When the need arises, I will definitely insist on Bobby. Thanks again.

~ Ronald L.

I called for a tow through my insurance company USAA. The first tow truck arrived about 45 mins great! The driver (Michael) was inexperienced and it showed, as he got stuck in the snow. He left saying that he needed to put snow chains on. He called back saying that he could not complete the tow. Grant it I do live on a slight hill. About 2 hours later John Purcell shows up he was AWESOME he knew his job inside and out he asked what the problem was and I told him that I thought it was the alternator or starter. He wanted to try to jump start it and it worked. He informed me that I needed a new battery. I drove to Pep Boys, they confirmed that I needed a battery. I must say, that it’s people like John that makes life alot easier!!! Thank you so much John for doing what you do!!

~ Grace

John Purcell was really great! Highly recommend this guy. Friendly, polite and efficient.

~ Cindy H.

This is to inform you that “402 Jerry” responded to the roadside call (on Portranco) I submitted through my insurance company.

Jerry was polite, accommodating and professional, I appreciated the service he rendered.

N Garza


On November 3 as I began to drive alone from Colorado Springs, Colorado to Richmond, VA my clutch failed. I call AAA and soon received a call from John Purcell – COS211 who said he would be on his way to haul me to the nearest MiniCooper dealer in Denver, which he had located.He found the dealer, put me in touch with them and and was quickly there to take me the 60 miles to Denver and the Mini dealer. This young man was not only prompt, efficient and kind, but the one of most interesting and intelligent people I have had the pleasure meeting in my 79 years – to the extent that I soon forgot my ailing car and future grueling drive. I think he will go far in life. You are indeed fortunate to have him in your employ!

~ Catherine

William G./cos221 responded to my call on 7/18/15 for a dead battery issue. He responded within 10 minutes, got to my home 5 minutes later, and ended up having to push my car out of a alley access driveway, and load the car onto the truck. He and his co-worker accomplished this very efficiently. Both gentlemen were very professional, courteous, and a pleasure to deal with. I am a AAA member.

~ Marge

To Michael and Tamara Stine:

Where do you find these guys? They are knowledgeable, professional, courteous, and caring. You need to know what outstanding employees you have in your employ.

Cold and dark Saturday night (Nov. 21, 2015) and I had a blown tire. No spare or jack in my car – only a tire compressor kit. Ronan to the rescue. There had been an overnight snow so tow trucks were super busy in the Denver area since early morning. Tow drivers had worked long hours by Sat. eve. Nevertheless, in good humor Ronan loaded my beast in east Denver and we were on the way to my home in north Lakewood. Too bad neither of us had the presence of mind to get the license plate of the car that swooped across 2 lanes just inches in front of us on Santa Fe. Thank you, Ronan, for getting my car home safely.

On Monday morning, I needed another tow to the dealership to take care of the blown tire. Robert was the guy. He, also, knew what he was doing, was courteous. He also had a busy morning but he was also in good humor, took good care of my car, and towed it to Boulder, CO. Thank you, Robert, for towing my car carefully.

Thank you to both Ronan and Robert for doing an excellent job. Thank you to their bosses for fostering a work environment that allows its employees to succeed at doing their best.

~ Linda P.

I wanted to take the time to give a good note ( because I am certain that more often than not they are negative ) my driver was 402Jerry ~ he was AMAZING , he was super nice , super informed , super quick and did a great ! Everything was perfect , he had knowledge and knew that lowering his truck on my pebble drive my do small damage and if possible we should load in the street. ( This was san Antonio on Friday ! )

~ Brett H.

I just want to let y’all know how good Chris and Racheal was last night in towing my truck. They were very skilled where the other two company wasn’t. Thank you for all the help when I needed it.

~ Rodney

Wil Fields helped me in San Antonio when my car wouldn’t start one morning by Ingram Mall. He was polite, professional and represented the company very well. He took the time to try a jump start and listened to my explanation of what happened. I had the car towed to my local dealership but I appreciate the time Wil put into basic troubleshooting. He said, “I don’t want you to spend money if you don’t have to.” I can’t say enough how much I appreciate that.

~ Don B.

The tow service received on Saturday, October 3, 2015 was great. Stephen Broad, #151, was very professional and he arrived on time. Excellent service.

~ Sandra C.

I was helped this morning by a very courteous and helpful employee, Wayne. He was prompt and very nice. He was quite the nice gentleman; I’d really like to thank him for his service.

~ Michael R.

Dan Hunt was very professional, courteous, knowledgeable, fast and skilled. He called before arriving, and was here at exactly the time he said he would be. He took great care of my car and had it loaded and taken to the Auto Repair shop in a very timely manner. I was very pleased with the service I received and would recommend Dan and Auto Towing to anyone. Excellent job, Thank you! 10/5/15.

~ Sandy B.

I was very pleased with their service. From the time I called State Farms emergency phone number until the car was on their truck was less than 45 minutes. John, the operator of the tow truck called with in a few minutes or my hanging up with the emergency operator and was at my location within the 15 minutes that he indicated on the phone.

John Purcell was very professional and polite.

~ Jim P.

Dan Hunt was courteous and professional. He called when he was 10 mins out and was on time. He was fast and skilled in his services. Highly recommended.

~ Susan E.

I called AAA to have my daughter’s car towed to a mechanic. Eric Fields (tow truck operator) showed up in a flatbed truck, which I was very happy about. He was friendly and courteous and delivered the car to the mechanic faster than I thought possible and I was there to meet him.

Excellent Thank you!

~ Mia R.

Edward Santoyo was awesome when we needed to help my daughters friend when she got her keys stolen! He opened it with no problem and gave us good tips.

~ Yvonne

Thank you to Jerry #402 for his help and professionalism! He was a great help to me in my time of need and went above and beyond! He made my experience great!

~ James M.

John Smith cos 209, great job fast and efficient friendly guy, would recommend Auto Towing any time.

michael m


Wil Fields and his trainee were excellent. Took good care of my car. Loaded it safely and secured and took it to my requested dealership.

The Boys in Pink are a good company!

~ James

Scott Spurling arises quickly and was very professional and efficient.

~ Jeremy

Service with Scott Spurling was prompt and efficent(with a smile even)!

~ David

I was towed today by Edward Santoyo of Auto Towing.

He called in advance, arrived on time, presented himself in a professional manner, explained the process of the towing services, and answered any questions I had.

I would highly recommend this company to whomever needed vehicle assistance.

~ John

This was the best tow ever! Josh(#212) was our driver, took us from Kiowa/Calhan to Colorado Springs. Extremely helpful to my disabled daughter, very polite, even protective enough to make sure we got our reservation confirmed. Changed a trying situation into something better. Josh is a bright light.

~ AH H

Dan Hunt, Team Lead of Colorado Springs provided exceptional service coupled with the skills and expertise to get the job done. Dan’s response time was fast considering it was rush hour and I was stuck in a terrible spot on E Woodmen Road in a driveway. Dan, thank you for your service!!!

~ Tommy

We had Ruper Tafoya pick up our vehicle and deliver it to the dealer.

He was extremely courteous, helpful and very careful with the truck.

He is definitely a very good assest to your company and I will recommend your services and Rupert to anyone.

~ Gary

I am so thankful for Sean and Auto Towing. Sean did a wonderful job getting my car towed and I highly recommend his services. Thank you!

~ Sarah P.

Katie! She rocked the new truck, and the new job. This was her first time with a gnarly flat but it was a breeze. I didn’t even stick around to see if it all went well

Katie Ralideau

~ Evan

Wanted to say thanks to Coby here in Denver. Showed up quick, got the car loaded quick, and was very friendly. Good job.

~ Dan D.

I would like to take a moment to let you know how helpful,kind and very curtious your employee Robert was today in helping me get my car to my repair shop. He went above and beyond making sure my car was always in no way damaged as he tried to monuver my car out of a very hard position to get it on his tow truck.

~ Regina

My truck broke down in Colorado Springs and Scott Spurling was at my side in less than 30 mins. Can’t say enough about the speed, professionalism and courtesy of Scott and his new truck. Made an undesired “oh no” into a pain free experience. Thanks again Scott… quick, easy and painless.

~ Vickie

William (COS221 195 Quebec) was very professional and courteous, and was excellent in communicating with me regarding his estimated arrival time. I felt as though I was in great hands with him.

~ Susan G.

I drive trucks for a living and was impressed by the professionalism that Robert Lewark demonstrated while conducting the tow service. He really is a class act and exceeded all expectations of a tow truck driver. He needs to be recognized for his positive can do attitude and exceptional work he does out on the road. October 17, 2015

~ Chris

Thanks you to Carlos Salinas for assisting my us with the towing of my sons truck. He made a stressful moment so much easier. Carlos was very nice and professional. You need more employees like him.

~ Denise

I just want to give a big thanks to william G. He was so helpful in every way! Also very polite and got the job done quick! 🙂

Bere O.


I was VERY impressed with tow truck driver Dylan’s professionalism and courtesy. It was dark, my car was dead, I called my roadside assistance, and they sent the very reassuring Dylan to my rescue. He got me home safely and I cannot thank him enough!

~ Tammy

The Driver, William G COS221-145QUEBEC, was there before I made it back to the scene, way ahead of the estimated time of arrival. He was loaded fast, safely, efficiently, and obviously knew what he was doing. Great people skills, I enjoyed our short encounter. Thank you AAA for sending him to help.

~ Bill

So nobody wants to have their car towed. It usually comes at a surprise and the cost of repair does not help in the overall bad-day feeling. John Purcell (COS211) seemed to be determined to make my day better from the moment he arrived. He looked me in the eye and shook my hand. He even took the time to take his gloves off to make sure their was human contact, warm smile, and hand shake. When he left, he said, “don’t worry about it anymore, just try to have a better day, ill call you when I drop the car off at the auto mechanic.” Those little touches of going that extra mile makes this company have a competitive advantage. I would even say a sustainable competitive advantage, tow companies just don’t do this. I am a business consultant and I help business discover and develop competitive advantages/sustainable competitive advantages. Auto towing you have a competitive advantage with people like John Purcell (COS211) working for you!

~ Hon

Scott was incredible! He arrived 30 minutes before the warranty service said he would. He loaded the Xterra carefully and quickly and was cordial conversational. I was very impressed. I have had my SUV towed several times and was most satisfied by Scott professionalism.

~ Dwight

This message is a little long as well. I also called USAA roadside assistance. I live in Greenwood Village, Colorado. They sent Chris #103 out to my house and I have to say that I am so impressed! His customer service was outstanding!! He got my car to the shop and also made sure to point out to me that one of my tires needed to be repaired in addition to what I was having the car towed for. He did so much more than this as well! Thank you all for hiring such a knowledgable and helpful driver!

~ Elizabeth

William G #221, the driver who took care of my call on October 28, 2015, called to let me know about when to expect him, and arrived within ten minutes of his call. He was helpful, had a good sense of humor, hooked up my car quickly and securely and knew where the shop I wanted my car taken to was. All in all, it was quick and painless, and I’d definitely recommend William and Auto Towing, Inc. to anyone needing a tow.

~ Evan

Last week I was stranded on a busy street when the alternator quit working in my vehicle. I had to wait awhile for service but when Steven came he was so kind and helpful. He was a delightful young man and very kind to my husband and me.

~ Judy

Needed a Tow for an Overheated Range Rover on a Sunday, but needed a little time to arrive, the driver Josh arrived before me and contacted me and said take my time no rush. When I arrived he was very polite and concerned and overly helpful. He assured me of the Safety of my vehicle during transport and made sure I did not have to go to the Dealership to drop a key and fill out a card, he handled it all. Next morning Dealership called and pretty much knew all of the issues, since Josh handled it for me..Great Service,period.

~ Dan

I must say that I had a wonderful experience with Scott Spurling today when he assisted me with my flat tire.

As you would imagine, leaving work only to discover that your tire was flat can be quite frustrating. After calling AAA, I was expecting about a two hour wait. However, within 20 minutes, Scott called me to let me know he was on the way. A few minutes late, he called me again so that I could guide him towards my parking spot.

Scott was prompt, courteous, professional, very quick, and gives the sense that he was concerned to assist you. Scott is certainly the best professional in this business.

Thank you Scott.

Den N PhD


William G Gave me a tow in the Springs and is a great friendly guy to do business with!


I am fortunate my road side service uses Auto Towing. Great service, professional people that know what they are doing and take care of your vehicle. Thanks to Robby and Scott for their help.

~ Nicky

Quick and fast service.

~ William

Would just like to say Justin Colvin did a great job towing my Nissan Sentra. He was friendly, and despite the difficulty of the job remained professional and helpful the entire time. Very satisfied with his help.

~ Ryan H.

Sean Rosen rescued me today! Very fast service, brand new trucks. Professional and knowledgable. Stress-free experience. Thank you!

~ Rachel

I just wanted to say thank you to your Denver team! Especially Steven! Not only was he able to get my car back to a safe place, but he also got it up and running again! Nothing but great things to say about Denver Towing! Thank you all so much!!!!

-Nick T.


I wanted to express my thanks to Jason, his call contact is Jason Dal503. Jason arrived within a short time after the Lexus contacted him. He was very helpful, Professional, Polite and called me after he delivered my car to the dealer. If the need ever comes up again, I will use your service and request Jason.
Thanks again for your help Jason.
Dan T.


Thank you to William G. for providing life support to my car’s battery at Sonic Drive In on 10/28/2015 in Colorado Springs. The service was wonderful. William was professional, friendly, and very prompt.

~ Sherry

Had a great experience with Corey tonight from your Denver office. He came and jump started our car for us so that we could get home safely.

~ Jeff

Sorry my message is a little late in getting posted but I wanted to still let this company (that I used in San Antonio) know it gave excellent service! On Tues., Oct. 6 I got stranded at Ft. Sam Houston and called USAA Roadside Assistance, who sent Alex out to tow me. The service was timely and no problems occurred. I wanted to commend Alex for the outstanding customer service he provided me. He was very skilled in what he did as my car would not even go into gear and he got it on and off the lift expertly. He explained everything and very courteous and pleasant. It was the best towing experience I ever had and would highly recommend the company and the driver, Alex. Please pass on to Alex my comments and my thanks again for the great job he did.

~ Diane

I did not find a feedback section but wanted to say that Scott Spurling did an awesome job of towing my daughter’s Subaru Outback (HG failure) from Denver to Monument. He arrived 40 minutes early, showed me the right & wrong way to chain a Subaru frame, and even recommended a reputable shop for some paint work. Keeping his card in my wallet just in case. Very satisfied.

~ Ken

I just wanted to let your company know that Edward Santoyo was a big help and very nice when my daughters friend got her keys stolen! Opened her car with no hassle and gave us good tips and support

~ Yvonne

Corey Valek did a excellent job. He called in advance to let me know that he would be to my location in 16 mins and arrived right on time. He was polite, fast, and skilled. I am very happy with the services provide and would recommend Corey and Auto Towing to anyone. Sept 21 2015.

~ Josh


Chris Bell #103 is totally awesome. He called to confirm that his arrival time would be 10 minutes, however, Chris made in 7 minutes. He effectively and proficiently got my car on the flatbed very secured within an amazing time frame and got to our destination in no time, which help relieved my frustration and uplifted my spirit during the drive. CHRIS REALLY MADE MY DAY BETTER.. 🙂

Tandra B


Edward Santoyo helped me get back in my car really quickly, got on site and got in my car in just a few minutes. Super friendly guy, and I got to my interview in time thanks to him. 🙂 He’s a life saver. You guys are gonna be my go-to for any future incidents like this thanks to him!

~ Jonathan G.

Very quick, prompt service. A pleasant surprise and the truck was super clean too! The driver Dan Hunt was polite and very professional. It only took 15 minutes for him to get there. I highly recommend.

~ Patty M.

Thank you to Scott Spurling. Early morning tow and Scott was super friendly and professional.

~ Mike R.

My power steering went out on my car last night, 9-21-15. My insurance company contacted Auto Towing and Chris B 103 was there quicker than the ETA. Chris was knowledgeable, professional and extremely courteous and made an inconvenient situation tolerable. Thank you.

~ Sandra H.

Dan Hunt flat-bedded my Yukon in a timely and professional manner from my point of breakdown. Dan Provided excellent customer service in getting me to my home and my Yukon to the dealership. I really appreciated the quick response keeping me from being stranded for an extended period of time.

~ John B.

On Sep 20, 2015, our daughter wrecked her car into a tree and basically totaled it. She was avoiding an animal and swerved to save its life. Unfortunately the car is a total loss, but most importantly, she was uninjured. We contacted our insurance company and they in turn put us in touch with Auto Towing. The service rep, Mr. Scott Spurling, arrived quickly. He assessed the situation and promptly went to work, pulling the car away from the tree, while simultaneously protecting curb. He was efficient, very professional and pleasant. We greatly appreciated all these attributes during a very stressful and tough situation. Thank you Mr. Spurling…outstanding job!!

~ John & Chris

Thank you to Dan for a great service! He was everything we needed that night and was truly appreciate Do! Thank you again!

~ Dieter

What an awesome job Edward Santoyo. Took my 1924 T Bucket out for a ride and encountered a problem.BTW I live in the country. Called AAA and Edward arrived ten minutes ahead of schedule. My hot rod is a beauty and was concerned about towing. Edward did an amazing job. Thank you for the great service.

~ Donald

Dan Hunt, on your Colorado Springs team, was awesome! Very professional, friendly, extremely competent, timely, flexible and helpful. Thanks, for sending him to help me out. He’s a true asset to your team, and represents your company very well!

– Tad


Recently, AAA sent William to tow our truck when it broke down. He couldn’t have been more polite or helpful. Will definitely recommend your company to anyone in need of towing!

~ Lori B.

Alex did a great job today. He promptly called us to confirm our location and give us an estimated arrival time. The first thing he did was to offer us iced water on a hot Texas day. I was super impressed with someone who has only been on the job for less than a week.

~ Scott

I would like to let you know how completely ecstatic I am about one of your drivers. I am traveling on business and my car broke down earlier today. I called AAA who (Thank God) uses you and sent me Mr John Smith. Most tow truck drivers would just hook up the vehicle and tow to the specified auto repair shop. Mr John Smith showed the most sincere concern and respect for my situation. He asked what the problem was and I explained that my car just died. He asked me to pop the hood so he could take a look. He checked various problems and then asked me to turn the ignition (but not start) after he crawled under my car. I did and he says “I found your problem!” It turns out that a connection in my fuel line had somehow come undone. John Reconnected it and my car started. I could not believe it! I would have had to get a hotel, rental car, and pay a mechanic to diagnose (and most likely fix a problem that did not exist ). He also saved me from missing a very important appointment that I have in Denver tomorrow. I cannot tell you how grateful I am that you have drivers like Mr. John Smith. Most drivers would not have cared, they would have just hooked up my car and towed me to my destination. His knowledge and caring save me a lot of money, time, and headache. I cannot express my gratitude to Mr. Smith and to your company. I will go out of my way to make sure that not only myself, but my friends and family that live in the city you service know about this. I read your company introduction and it says that you are friends and family… I truly believe that. I work with a lot of companies whose employees don’t care one iota about whether or not they make their boss money. John takes Customer Service to a new level. I also called, and I will be writing AAA to let them know how happy I am. Thank you very much for having such good tow truck drivers, I would be happy to speak with you if you wanted to call. Dan L.

~ Dan L.

I had Corey flatbed my van to Stevinson Chevrolet on Monday, Aug 24th. Arrived in a timely manner and got the job done professionally. The uniform is a nice touch.

~ Richard

I Live in Pueblo, Colorado and visited Denver on Thursday, August 27th, 2015 for a training class. After a long and intense day of studying, I got in my car to return home and within just a few miles of leaving town, my radiator hose broke. I got pulled off to the side of the road, but where I was there was nothing much around me but vacant fields. I had no clue where to get help. Alone and tired I was able to get a hold of your Good Year facility. I was offered all of the help anyone could have expected. Within about an hour my car was picked up by a very nice man named Corey Valek with auto towing. With his tow truck my car and I were safely and courtesly transported to the Good year tire and service center. They were able to get my car fixed they did a great job. They not only changed out the hose but flushed out the radiator and replaced the upper hose as well as the lower one that broke. Traveling as a single woman, tired and stranded, I felt very safe and taken care of in a very professional and respectful way. Great Towing and Service Center!
Thank you for all the help getting me back on the road and home safe.

~ Pamela

Never dealt with such beautiful customer service or employees. Had one of your employees help me on the side of the highway for free and didn’t even have to call. Blessed to have met this young man.

~ Sierrah

I would like to share a nice experience we had with one of your employees. Joe called to let me know he was on his way to pick our vehicle up and transport it back to our house, and he was professional and courteous all the way through. You are being well represented by Joe, and he made they ride back to our house with a broken vehicle very pleasant. In today’s business culture, outstanding customer service makes all the difference in the success of a company. With Joe on your team, your move into the Houston market is guaranteed to take off.



I wanted to let you know how professional and prompt Henry Gonzales was with me in my time of need. He took his time to explain things to me and he was at my service within 25 minutes. It was a three day holiday and he was there without hesitation. You need more employees like him.

I would highly recommend your services.




i just wanted to say that Rodney San 405 was a great driver. He was very professional, courteous and gave us great customer service when he towed our car all the way from San Antonio, Texas to Austin, Texas on this past Monday, Labor Day 2015. If I ever need our car towed againp, I would certainly request Rodney. He did a great job! Please make sure his supervisor knows what a conscientious employee he is. Thank you so much!


~ Carolyn

Just a note to say how appreciative I was of the servcie provided by your driver, Mack Longoria (San Antonio) this past Labor Day.

I was out of pocket and utterly frustrated at my situation with a blown alternator and being 200 + miles from my home base.

Mack was professionally service oriented, conversationally pleasant and interested and certainly expressed the best and most pleasing experience I’ve had from a towing agent…ever…

He deserves whatever your “slap on the back and a thanks of the week” award from you guys. I told him what I thought of his service and more.

Thanks for your quality work in a very diverse quality business…



I wanted to express my gratitude and post my experience with your services. I broke down on Saturday 9/12/15 around 9pm .I called my Insurance for roadside assistance. I had the pleasure to have your employee 402 Jerry come out to help me. I was very impressed with the help, courtesy, attitude and careful attention he gave me and my Classic vehicle. Jerry went above and beyond even helped me push my vehicle into my garage. This Young man showed every characteristic any employer would want to represent their company. Great job Jerry and Auto Towing Inc.

~ Joe P.

Back in June of this year I needed my car towed out of a parking garage because my fuel pump went bad. No other tow truck company in Colorado Springs could get my car out for various reasons. If they did, they would have charged me a huge amount. Owen Van Horn aka Lima 180 pushed my car out of the garage without a scratch on my car and others. He made it look effortless. He deserves the praise. I will use this company and refer this company to others in the future.

~ Heather

driver jeff p . was very helpful last night . wifes car needed towed from Denver seminary to mercedes dealer in Littleton . he was very careful of car and provided needed info too. we have his cards now in all 3 of our cars. he will be first on list to call if ever needed. he works out of Denver office.

~ Jan and Steve

After driving 5 hours from New Mexico heading to Denver I got a flat tire just outside of Castle Rock. I called AAA and was towed by Eddie (103) to a Discount Tire near my house in Lakewood. Eddie was professional and courteous. After a long day of driving, it was nice to have someone else drive the rest of the way home! Eddie is a very nice, personable young man. Thank you!

~ Louisa

Denver, Colorado My driver, Ray Burnett, was very professional in all of his contacts with me, from letting me know when he was on his way, to evaluating the condition of the car when he arrived, to negotiating getting the vehicle out of a tight parking lot, to delivering me and my vehicle to my mechanic. It was a pleasure to be treated so well and efficiently in a situation that was frustrating and definitely unplanned. I would highly recommend Ray to you for his attitude and professional treatment of me.

~ Ray

On 7-8-2015 , My Suburban was disabled on I-70 near Pecos. I called AAA for assistance. Robert Wagner (105) responded very quickly. The traffic was very heavy. His concern was to keep us safe until the suburban was loaded. I was very pleased with this smiling young man and his professionalism. He got us out of there quickly. I am also pleased to know you hire Veterans.Thanks Again,.

~ Larry

Wednesday July 8, 2015 7pm or so my daughter was stranded against the cement barrier at Foster road and I10-90. I called for tow and received return call back from Rodney tow truck operator. Very nice and stated he knows the location and would be there in 10 minutes. He arrived and loaded the Black Honda and proceeded to deliver to FM 1516 and I10-90. Very courteous and helped me exchange out the battery and install new one. He jumped inside the Honda and started it up. Everything great, He should be commended on outstanding performance to us as customers.

~ Dewey

My driver was Jason Campbell and he got there really fast and was really nice! Great service! He helped me unlock my car in less than 5 minutes! Thank you!!

~ Pamela

On Thursday 7-8-15 I called Enterprise and they sent your driver, Eddie Santoya. He called 10 min before he got there to let me know he was on the way. When he arrived he was very professional in everything he did, from the hand shake in the beginning ,to the ” is there anything else we can take of” at the drop off. Great customer service.

~ Robert T.

My car needed to be towed to the repair shop on 7/8/2015. Scott (180) showed up fast and friendly. Was very professional. This will be my tow company to call when in need of a tow. Will refer family and friends to them also. Thank you, Scott

~ Lora

Excellent, fast service. On time, professional, made the whole process easy. (Colorado Springs)

~ Donald

A couple of things, nice clean vehicles, GREAT EMPLOYEES, this morning it was Joshuah Gonzales here in San Antonio, it was a pleasant tow due to a bad situation.
Keep up the good work.

~ Malcolm

It was around 6:30 and I called for a tow. I had a driver on-site in a bit over an hour. Jeremiah was very conscientious in caring for my 56 Ford. He was pleasant to talk with and got the truck loaded and delivered in quick order.

~ John D.

Just had my car towed by Eddie 103 in Denver. He was super polite, and professional when assisted me in getting my broken ride to my mechanic. Eddie was at my house and loaded my car in 30 min. Next time I need a tow I will request Eddie and auto towing for my service.

~ Steve

I had a flat tire on my way into work today. Cisco and Johnny did an excellent job making it to my workplace and changing out my tire. Fast, efficient and very professional. Thank you very much

~ Alfonso

We were impressed with the service Riki provided in bringing our Lincoln LS to Colleyville on Wednesday afternoon. Very polite and professional young man.

Riki – 504

~ Theresa

Edward Santoyo in San Antonio picked up one of our company vehicles and he was prompt,knowledgeable,professional,and courteous. I would gladly recommend his services any day of the week and in the future I will.Thank you.

~ ~Brandon

Jeff, driver 154 with autotowinginc of Denver was outstanding in helping me with my tow. He professionally pointed out that I needed whats called an I bolt to tow my TDI Jetta or I risked damage to the car during towing. It was missing and I had to get the dealership to send one by car.Jeff fueled his truck then came back to tow me to the dealership. He went above and beyond, returning after the I bolt was delivered. I again thank him for his knowledgeability, professionalism, and going above and beyond by returning to tow me to the dealership. If he is an example of the service that Auto Towing of Denver provides then I would recommend them to anyone!

~ Oliver Y.

I received a tow at 7am from William G. on July 9th, 2015 and I must say that it was quite the enjoyable experience! Upon my truck breaking down on the highway, I was instantaneously in a bad mood. When William picked me up he cheered me up by being a genuinely great person. On the ride back to my shop we had some great intellectual discussions. I was his last call after a 12+ hour shift throughout the night and he was still on top of his game. William definitely set a standard for other drivers in the community. Thanks!

~ Erik W.

I was really upset today when I had car trouble waiting in the miserable hot sun before Ruben SAN420 showed up. Ruben gave me a bottle of water and let me sit in the truck while he loaded my vehicle today. I just was so impressed how he was so professional and polite he was with me from the minute he showed up caring about what I was going through. He really helped make my really bad situation much more bearable and I really appreciate his kindness towards me. I got home and just had to tell you about this exceptional service Ruben gave and he needs to be recognized.

~ Christine

Rubin (D#420) out of San Antonio Texas towed my car Sat 7/18/15 & was not just very very professional but very kind. I had been out in the hot sun & he had me get right into his truck to cool off & gave my a bottle of water while he was explaining what needed to be done. I felt very comfortable with him. I made sure I got his card & will recommend this company based on his actions. Thank You so much Rubin for taking a bad day & turning it around! Christine

~ Christine R.

Just used the towing service from Auto Towing. Dan Hunt, the tow truck mechanic, was prompt and professional. I would have no reservations recommending Auto Towing to all my friends. They were there when I needed them.

~ Kim H.

Joshuah (San 414) from the San Antonio branch towed my car to the MB of San Antonio dealership. He was very professional and courteous with me and the MB staff as they can be difficult at times. I will recommend this towing service and use if the need ever rises again. Thank you.

~ Kamau

Kudos to Dan Hunt for all his effort and hard work in towing my Jeep! He had to push my car from the third floor of a parking garage to get it hooked up to the tow truck! This was a challenging thing to do! So appreciative! I recommend him and this company for anyone needs emergency car assistance!

~ Deborah

My heroes!! Ray Barrett (Barnett) and his trainee came to my rescue.. Respectful, professional and personable! They handled my car with care and delivered us back home safely. I wish all towing companies focused more on Customer service!!! Thank you Auto Towong Inc.

~ Toni M.

After going through AAA on 7-30-15, Josh from Auto Towing came to help. Was a busy day for them so it did take nearly 1 1/2 hours for him to get there but he was so helpful, friendly, and nice. Enjoyed talking to him. Thanks Josh for all your good work.

~ Earlene R.

The power steering went out in my wife’s car today and we needed the vehicle towed home. We called AAA and an Auto Towing Inc. driver was dispatched. Ray Burnett, the driver, arrived well before the time AAA had quoted. Ray was absolutely AMAZING!! He is terrific at what he does. Ray was prompt, courteous, friendly, professional, knowledgeable and extremely polite. I would recommend Auto Towing Inc. (and Ray) to all of our friends. Thanks again to Ray for everything!!!

~ Rob J.

Josh COS212 arrived exactly when I requested a tow. He was very professional and polite and made an extra effort to get my car up my steep, crooked driveway. Thanks for doing a great job and helping me out!

~ J. Williamson

Josh, COS 212, towed our 1931 Model A. He took great care of our car, carefully paying close attention to every detail when towing. Excellent job!!

~ Rob B.

Thank you! Thank you! Today was seriously one of the worse days ever! Had another tow company come on base and be a complete idiot (that’s putting it nicely) to the gate guards. So he couldn’t get on base and I had to wait yet again for another company to be called out by my insurance company. By that time I had been waiting 4 hours. I have to say your company obviously is the best at what you do because you hire drivers like Dylan who goes out of his way to help someone in distress. He took his time and gave me great advice on how to handle any future problems with my vehicle battery. It was a huge relief to have someone take their time and be sure my truck was going to start the next day. From a wife who usually has to handle things all on her own, thank you! Dylan should be recognized for his great service and dedication to this company and its customers.

~ Christine A.

I broke down near the airport late on a Friday night and wanted to thank Wayne Duncan, tow driver, for all his help.
He was extremely courteous, took a lot of care in handling my car and I was very impressed with the service.
Thank you again.

~ Chris T.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to Benjamin R. for being so helpful and calm while he was helping my son, last Friday.

My son’s fiance was in labor (7 cm at the time!) at the hospital, he was running home to let dogs out and rushing back to the hospital when his relatively new car stopped in the middle of Woodmen / Austin Bluffs during rush hour.

I showed up, but there was nothing I could do.

We were frantic to say the least.

Benjamin arrived sooner than expected and was so calm and reassured us that he would tow his car and things would be taken care of so we were able to get back to the hospital for his son to be born.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!
It was a horrible situation, but made less so with Benjamin’s help.

~ Kerri P.

Thanks to Ray Burnett for providing fast, friendly and safe service to us last night, August 18th through AAA.
He not only took our car to the repair shop with us in his truck, but even took the time to drop us off at our home afterwards which was just around the corner.
Thanks, Ray!

~ Barbara B.
Would like to nominate Travis for what ever it takes. Superb service one of a kind. Excellent!!!
~ Vanessa V.

William G cos221 was dispatched by AAA to help me when my car would not start. He phoned me promptly with his eta and arrived when expected. He was very professional and friendly and had my car running quickly. Thanks, William.

~ Larry L.

The guy who helped me today, Brandon F., was super helpful and really nice.

~ Samantha Z.


~ Deb Z.

would like to extend a huge and heartfelt thank you to your company due to the exceptional customer service given to us by Scott Klapproth (COS – 213) on the morning of Sunday, August 9 on Cimarron Road in Colorado Springs.

We were on our “Big Adventure” vacation through the southwest, when suddenly the wheels fell off on the way to The Garden of the Gods. Well, one wheel anyway. With a camper in tow we were stranded on a Sunday morning. Auto Towing showed up and quickly got us out of harms way.

We can’t say enough about the “extra mile” service offered by Scott, who babied our van up onto the platform truck inch by inch, avoiding a costly repair bill. He located a Firestone store that was open on Sunday, and when they were booked solid, took us down the road to another Firestone repair shop who could take us right away. He treated us like family, and we will never forget it.

Thanks for providing such a vital service in a way that brings credit to your company. We wish Scott and Auto Towning continued success.

Tom and Paula, retired pastors from Dayton, Ohio

~ Tom and Paula

William G
COS 221
was an amazing help to me this morning. He was prompt and kept me updated on his arrival time. He was efficient, professional and sensitive to a silly driving mistake. He helped make a troubled time much better!

~ Carolyn E.

I Live in Pueblo, Colorado and visited Denver on Thursday, August 27th, 2015 for a training class. After a long and intense day of studying, I got in my car to return home and within just a few miles of leaving town, my radiator hose broke. I got pulled off to the side of the road, but where I was there was nothing much around me but vacant fields. I had no clue where to get help. Alone and tired I was able to get a hold of your facility. I was offered all of the help anyone could have expected. Within about an hour my car was picked up by a very nice man named Cory Vabek. With his tow truck, my car and I were safely transported to the Good year tire and service center. They were able to get my car fixed they did a great job. They not only changed out the hose but flushed out the radiator and replaced the upper hose as well as the lower one that broke. Traveling as a single woman, tired and stranded, I felt very safe and taken care of in a very professional and respectful way. Great Towing Service and Auto Service Center! Truly grateful for all the help!

~ Pam

In all of the times I have needed a tow, your company has been the quickest! My car over heated on 8/29/15 and I called USAA Roadside Assistance and they sent your company to my rescue! You have no idea of how happy I was to see your driver and be able to get my car back to my home. I also want to say that Will Fields was awesome. He was very kind and professional. I will be sure to let USAA Roadside know what an awesome company you are! Thank you again!

~ Teresa B.

Thank you Scott Spurling for your prompt arrival this morning with your truck, 180 Yankee, and for the great care you took with my Audi when it lost power and then died on the way to my daughter’s soccer game. Your efficiency and knowledge of how my vehicle needed to be loaded made me thankful that you were who AAA had sent to help me. Great work and I even made it to the second half of my daughter’s game!

~ Lisa S.

Chris Bell (Truck #103) was outstanding on a service call through my insurance on 8/29/15. He was incredibly helpful and helped me diagnose the problem with my vehicle to get me back on the road. His customer service was above and beyond the expected. Thanks Chris!


John cos211.

Very professional,helpful and friendly. Nice experience and great towing experience. Very satisfied 100%.

From leo Honda bsq 255

~ Leo

I couldn’t really believe how incredibly fast they were! Scott Spurling COS 215 was the most professional and awesome all around guy I have ever had in a tow truck driver and I’ve had a few in my day. I usually get some grumpy guy who’s so burnt out and bitter he can’t stand life anymore. Scott was AWESOME and I will definitely be referring y’all some more business!! 8/31/15

~ Amanda H.

We broke down in our 2007 Nissan quest and auto towing came and towed us within 30 mins. The gentleman that came for the company was very caring, respectful, and he was due to get off in 15 mins and stayed over to finish the job. We would recommend Auto Towing to everyone. Thank u from our family

~ Roxanna H.

HUGE thanks to Bobby Maes, truck 507!!!! He was so unbelievably helpful and patient with my friend and I were in a bind. I would recommend this company and Bobby to anyone!!

~ Sara S.

I had my car towed after getting TWO flats on our great roads. Steven COS 204 took great care of my Benz. I was very impressed. I would recommend his services to anyone.

~ Kirsten K.

My vehicle had fuel pump problems and I feel fortunate that AAA sent out Scott Spurling to tow it. He was friendly, professional, knowledgeable, and efficient.
Thank you Scott!

~ Mark D.

Dan Hunt is the man. I was given an estimated pick up wait time of an hour and a half. It was raining and I was broke down on the entrance ramp in five o’clock traffic. Dan showed up in 20 minutes and immediately opened the door for me to sit in his dry cab while he loaded the car. My experience definitely shed a bit of light on what would’ve otherwise been a crappy day.

Thanks Dan!

~ Chad J.

Hello, I got off of my work shift in the emergency room at the hospital. When I got to my car it wouldn’t start, it was 11pm. I called my car insurance company and they sent someone to jump my car. It wouldn’t jump. I contacted them back and they sent auto towing. The Tow driver I had was Brandon (cos 203). He was Terrific! It was about 1am this morning. My car was in a parking garage. My car is pretty big and heavy. Brandon pushed the car out of the garage by himself about 30 yards. He got my car loaded to the truck and took me to the garage I requested, near my home. At the garage, even in the middle of the night, he helped me get the dropoff form filled out so that we could leave the car and everything would be ready for the repair in the morning. He was so helpful and professional. I feel so fortunate that Brandon came to help me with the car. Truly professional and excellent customer service. After dropping my car off at the repair shop, he brought me back home to my apartment. I was so glad to encounter such a professional tow person, in the middle of the night. Please pass along my appreciation and Thanks to Brandon. I really appreciate his hard work to help me, his professionalism and the Outstanding Customer Service I received! Sincerely, Carolyn T. Colorado Springs Colorado

~ Carolyn T.

I was very pleased with the way Dan Hunt handled my motorcycle. My bike is my baby! He treated it with the utmost TLC. He is a real pro!!!


~ Dennis

I would like to express my sincerely appreciation for a very professional and polite and prompt employee Corey Valk who was great helped me get out of bad location in the middle of an intersection he was so nice he didn’t have a bad attitude I will definitely recommend this company to everyone

~ Tracey J.

My family was pulled over in a gas station in San Antonio, TX trying to change a blow out on our travel trailer. Edward Santoyo, driver, happened to stop for fuel at the station. Although he had just gotten off work, he offered us help as we had no jack. We would still be there without his help. Thank you Auto Towing for hiring caring individuals and thank you Edward for saving the day.

~ Lori P.

I was heading to a car meet when my mud guard came loose and starting rubbing against my tire. I did not all the tools to my jack so it was taking me awhile to jack the car up. Kevin McGuigan just happen to show up. He had me back on the road in half time it was taking me. He took time out of his busy day to help me out. Now that’s great customer service.

Thank you,


~ Randy

Your employee Jason Campbell unlocked my truck this AM and he was very professional, fast and polite. Thank You

~ Tom S.

Chris B. on truck number #103 made my day today, 9/6/2015. He was super friendly and concerning about my car troubles. Excellent service in a timely manner. If I ever need to call AAA I hope to Chris again!

~ Andrew T.

Eddie Santoyo was my driver and he called me prior to arrival and arrived before the estimated time. Very courteous and concerned about my safety. He worked quickly and towed my vehicle right to where I needed it. Very polite during the whole experience.

~ Robert

I would like to thank Scott Spurling. My vehicle broke down on Schriever Air Froce Base which is a ways outside of Colorado Springs, CO. In addition to the long drive out of town, the base presents its own unique, time consuming challenges to access becuase of the very tight security for the base. Scott bore the extra ‘hassles’ and time, even driving almost completely around the base to pick me up, with a very positive, can do attitude. He was very professional, very good polite, and very effecient. I could not have been happier in an otherwise unhappy situation.

~ Eric B.

Mark Longoria SAN425 was the driver that gave outstanding service when I needed it the most on 9/8/15. He began and completed the tow with a handshake and even offered a beverage to counter the heat while I waited on him to ensure that my vehicle was secured safely. This is service that makes it easier to deal with the stress of having car issues that makes it effortless to leave a great review.

~ Martin B.

I blew a tire on I-25 and had to pull into the median. Dan Hunt was able to load my car no problem, and when he learned that I had 3 people with me, he called a second tow truck driven by Scott Spurling COS215 to transport all of us safely with a seat and seatbelt instead of trying to all cram into one tow truck by sitting on laps. They were both very courteous and professional, and I felt that they went above and beyond… Thanks again.

~ Michael B.

I was having a horrible day, until Jayson Campbell/ DAL503 came to my rescue. I was having issues with my towing service provider, as well as the insurance company, and they were making things very difficult for me. It was bad enough that I was in the heat all day, and had wrecked my car, but then, on top of all of that, my service provider was telling me that I could not get a tow from the location I was currently in without having to pay out of pocket.
Along with that, the dealership was not being very understanding either. Finally, my day turned around, when I had driven 20 miles just so I could get a tow, and then waited in the heat for 2 hours, due to my insurance company giving the wrong address –
Jayson showed up in the PINK tow truck, and he was one of the most professional and understanding people I have ever met. Not only did he tow my car, but he also listened to me VENT(LOL) and he told me that if he would have known that they made me drive 20 miles, he would have came and got me where I was. He was professional, kind, and truly compassionate. I was more than impressed with the customer service this company offered. I would recommend them to anyone! Thank you again, Jayson Campbell. You saved my life!


William G cos221 was dispatched by AAA to help me when my car would not start. He phoned me promptly with his eta and arrived when expected. He was very professional and friendly and had my car running quickly. Thanks, William.

~ Larry L.

My car was stuck on rebar that was sticking out of a curb in a Walgreens parking lot in San Antonio. It took Edward less time than anticipated to get there and help me. He resolved the problem with a great attitude and no damage to my car. He did great! Thank you so much!

~ Isabel C.

Scott Spurling/ COS 215 was most helpful when my car became disabled on 9/8/15. He responded to my call to AAA within 30 minutes to inform me he was on his way and checked the location of the car. He arrived on time and was very professional and service oriented. He diagnosed my problem, charged the battery and even followed my husband to the auto repair shop to make sure the car did not stall on the way. Scott went beyond what I expected. He gets the highest rating possible in my book. I’ll always request Scott in the future and his 180 Yankee tow truck.

~ Freita K.

My timing engine broke and left me stranded on the side of the interstate right before morning rush hour the other night. It was so nice that Auto Towing showed up in less than half an hour. When you’re huddled on a dark shoulder with cars speeding by at 80 miles an hour it’s comforting to know that it won’t last long. Paul called me right before he jumped on the highway to pick me up which eased my mind knowing he was only a few miles a way. Paul is a sweet man and very casually chit chatted with me on the 30 minute drive to drop my car at the mechanic. It was nice to have someone so expertly take my mind off the morning’s events and the future of my car.

~ Ella C.

I want to thank William G., COS221, for towing my Honda home Sept 10th. He provided excellent service in a timely manner, and was happy to do it. He obviously knows what he’s doing and enjoys his work helping people. He never stopped smiling. Thanks for he best tow experience ever!

~ Deborah L.

I had a flat tire and called AAA. They sent my driver, which was Jayson Campbell (DAL503). He was AWESOME!!! He was thorough and on time. I was stranded and afraid. He made me feel very comfortable and like I was in good hands.

Thanks Jayson,

Tamara J.

~ Tamara J.

While driving to my oldest son’s football game 8/12/15 @7:11p.m. I thought the road was a bit rough, until the car began to shake and the smell of burning rubber overtook the inside of the car. We pulled over on the highway and realized we had a blowout! After attempting to flag down several vehicles (no roadside asst. Single mom on a budget ) I noticed a tow truck passing by. He circled back around and came to our resuce. Didn’t need a tow but “Ruben” changed our tire and showed my youngest son how to help me if I or any female ever needed it in the future. He was God sent!!! This just goes to show that all tow truck driver’s aren’t just in it for the $$. He was a true man of God and I am so grateful he sent Ruben our way.

~ Nodia R.

Your Team Lead in Colorado Springs, Scott Spurling, was incredible. He called me while he was on his way to my house, he was courteous and professional in person and then he followed up with another phone call after he dropped my vehicle off at the mechanic.

Not only that, but he was at my house within 25 minutes of me placing the call to my insurance company’s roadside assistance line. I was shocked how fast your tow company got here! Excellent Service! Thanks!

~ Ryan T.

Today I had to use Auto Towing . I was amazed how fast he arrived.180 Yankee was very professional in loading and unloading the vehicle. Very courteous being that early in the morning.I give his service a (10) ten. Lenear

~ Lenear M.

My tow guy was Rodney #405 he was so nice making my horrible Monday night better. My VW beetle died at UTSA downtown and he knew exactly where it was. Thanks so much for making us laugh. It was really appreciated. Your customer service was great.

~ Jairo S.

Will Fields was my driver one day and one of the nicest people I have ever met.thank you soo much!! I truly enjoyed my experience. Even though he had already worked all day he didn’t mind at all driving me 3 hours away. I’m glad I needed a tow that day and had the pleasure of meeting him.

~ Ashley R.

chris r. (san 424) was our tow driver today when we called aaa for service. he was a nice guy who got the job done well and made us feel at ease while he did it. thank you for your help today 🙂

~ Cord S.

I carry AAA roadside assistance insurance and last night my Tahoe broke down while traveling the Texas Hill Country feeding deer right before sunset. My best friend and I were stuck on the side of a windy county road for well over an hour when my AAA rep called me back and told us that the first company that was called to come out (Fat Boy Towing based out of San Antonio/Boerne area) was supposed to already have arrived to help us when they notified AAA that they didn’t have a truck available. WTF?!?! Sooo, long story short they notified us that a new towing company was going to be coming out to rescue us…and thank goodness that towing company and driver was Chris R. (San424) of Auto Towing Inc.!! I was nervous anyway to have to let some other person drive us both home, especially in a tow truck on back country steep and windy roads after dark! Well, my nerves and anxiety were instantly relieved when we were seated in the very clean cab of Chris’ tow truck, without any crazy music blaring or a driver who smokes, and he was one of the nicest, down-to-earth and polite guys we’ve met in a very long time. His customer service skills were great, his careful/responsible driving skills were even better, and he even courteously stopped to allow my friend and I to use the restroom at a nearby gas station before making the half-hour trek back home.

Thank you, Auto Towing & Chris R., for making our horrible break down experience have a silver lining. Our Tahoe made it back home in one careful piece and so did we, happily with smiles on our faces from Chris’ way of setting us at ease and making us laugh with great conversation after our bad experience of waiting around for an hour and then being dropped by Fat Boys Towing without service last night.

Kudos to Auto Towing for sending us such a great and personable driver as Chris R. and providing us with wonderful professional towing services all around. I couldn’t be happier!! :)I carry AAA roadside assistance insurance and last night my Tahoe broke down while traveling the Texas Hill Country feeding deer right before sunset. My best friend and I were stuck on the side of a windy county road for well over an hour when my AAA rep called me back and told us that the first company that was called to come out (Fat Boy Towing based out of San Antonio/Boerne area) was supposed to already have arrived to help us when they notified AAA that they didn’t have a truck available. WTF?!?! Sooo, long story short they notified us that a new towing company was going to be coming out to rescue us…and thank goodness that towing company and driver was Chris R. (San424) of Auto Towing Inc.!! I was nervous anyway to have to let some other person drive us both home, especially in a tow truck on back country steep and windy roads after dark! Well, my nerves and anxiety were instantly relieved when we were seated in the very clean cab of Chris’ tow truck, without any crazy music blaring or a driver who smokes, and he was one of the nicest, down-to-earth and polite guys we’ve met in a very long time. His customer service skills were great, his careful/responsible driving skills were even better, and he even courteously stopped to allow my friend and I to use the restroom at a nearby gas station before making the half-hour trek back home.

Thank you, Auto Towing & Chris R., for making our horrible break down experience have a silver lining. Our Tahoe made it back home in one careful piece and so did we, happily with smiles on our faces from Chris’ way of setting us at ease and making us laugh with great conversation after our bad experience of waiting around for an hour and then being dropped by Fat Boys Towing without service last night.

Kudos to Auto Towing for sending us such a great and personable driver as Chris R. and providing us with wonderful professional towing services all around. I couldn’t be happier!! 🙂

~ Laura L.

Jason Dodge COS222 was my tow driver today 8/12/15 when I went through AAA for my road service today. He was so polite and helpful when I needed help the most. He just did a very good job and it is important others know about good workers!

~ J P

I would like to say a big thank you to Dan Hunt for helping us with our tow. My car broke down and we had no idea what was wrong. Dan showed up in less time then we were told and not only did he do a quick and efficient job but he was able to show us what was wrong with our car. Thanks!!

~ Kimberly

Jeffrey #155 was so helpful and professional. He took extra care in loading and unloading my Hot Rod. He did a great job!!

~ Jeffry

Jeff, the driver knew exactly where to find the gas station my car was disabled at when I described it to him. Jeff was very quick, friendly and professional. Best tow experience I have ever had. And I have had plenty! Thanks again!

~ Damien

This towing company was sent out by my auto insurance company to provide roadside assistance after my vehicle stranded me at a convenience store and would not start. Incident occurred in Colorado Springs, CO I was serviced by a young man named Jeremiah who was the ultimate in customer service and concern since the store I was at is not one of the better parts of the city. He called twice to let me know how far out he was and just did a great job even offering to buy me water before he left with my vehicle loaded on his flatbed. A model employee that Auto Towing should be proud to have in their employ! First contact with their receptionis also provided comfort since she sounded concerned about my plight. This all occurred the morning of 07/18/15. I called around 8AM and the problem with my vehicle towed to my favorite shop and delivered by 9:30 AM same day. I was impressed!

~ Al

Ray Burnett is the man. Arrived early, cordial, polite, & professional. 100% satisfied!

~ John

My son’s Subaru died on the side of the road. Auto towing provide prompt and courtesy service. Scott Spurling from Auto towing provided top notch service – towing my vehicle to the dealership, handling the handoff to the dealership, and allowing me to get to the office and not miss an important customer meeting. My expectations were greatly exceeded.

~ Tony

This service is great. I was so thankful when Sean Rosen the tow truck driver showed up and helped me not only get my car that wouldn’t start on the truck quickly and efficiently, but also was kind enough to drive me and the baby (carseat and all) home before he took my car along to the shop. He was kind and professional. Would highly recommend this service for any of your towing needs!

~ Lindsay

From Colorado Springs

William G. was very thorough and friendly. He finished the job in a timely manner. Thanks William.

~ Devyonne

Just had a very professional towing by Scott Spurling. He knew how that my BMW tow involved no chains — tied everything down perfectly. Arrived when promised and delivered same. Thanks

~ Harold

Leo (Den153)
I was stranded on the side of the road and had already called AAA Leo saw me and offered help and to wait while someone came to help me out.

He is a very great guy! I wish more people were like him. Keep up the good work.

~ Jay

On July 22, 2015; here in San Antonio Texas, I need my 2012 Acura to be towed to the Acura dealership because it would not start. The road side assistance guy was no help when he arrived and I thought the car needed a jump but it was more than that. So after calling the Acura Road Side Service, they sent your company. The gentleman who showed up was named “Eddie.” I did not get his last name but he did give me his card to call and verify he had dropped off car safe and sound. He was very professional and very respectful. Eddie is what makes company like yours have good reputations. The road side assistance guy the first time was nothing like Eddie. Thank you Eddie. I am a retired Marine who lost his leg in Iraq and to come home to hard working people like eddie helping is a huge relief.

~ Eric

I just want to Thank Ray Burrnett for getting me back on the road today.
He was friendly and professional. It was service with a smile, and I appreciate that 🙂

~ Margali

Scott was very quick to arrive and a total professional on the job and the delivery of me and my vehicle. Thank you for you speedy excellent service.
Colorado Springs, Co.

~ Oscar

Dan came by to pick up my 2014 Audi this week. It’s a car that you would want a driver to handle carefully. He did so in record time and was very professional and courteous. I have my own business and I know how hard it is to find and retain excellent employees – he’s a keeper. Thank you!

~ Stan

On 7/25/15 my car died right in the middle of a major traffic jam on I-35. The highway was shut down for some reason and so you can imagine how awful the traffic was and lets not forget the sweltering heat. Within 15 min. of me calling there he was, l have no idea how he did it cause the traffic was impossible to get through, triple A had even notified the trooper for assistance beacause l was at a very dangerous spot on the highway, Riki (Riki-504) got there before they did. He was awesome, very kind and professional. I can’t thank him enough, he’s one of the best, thank you so much.

~ Sara

I think Dan Hunt is a kind and patience man. He waited patiently while, I cleaned up my son. When he got the truck to my house, he just backed it up on to the driveway, put my truck where I wanted like a piece of cake.
Thank you for sending us Dan. I hope to see him again, when we have to be towed again. Its rare one finds a business who have a great service and caring people.

~ Anita

Thank you, Bryan Peterson for saving my week! Your kind, professional demeanor was much appreciated from a seasoned road warrior who has never called for roadside assistance in 20 years of renting cars in foreign towns! And kudos to your trainer..thanks both!

~ Anna

I live in Colorado Springs, CO and from start to finish auto towing was very professional and prompt. The gentleman that came to tow my vehicle, Dan Hunt, was also very professional and friendly. I have never had a vehicle towed so i was a little worried that something would happen to my prized possession, my Porsche, as I saw him work I felt comfortable that my car would be ok. A huge thanks to Don Hunt and auto towing. If i ever need towing, this is the company I am calling.

~ Dan

I broke down today in Colorado Springs and found myself in a very bad spot. I was broke down next to a police barricade and traffic was jammed. Josh showed up and got me out of there very quickly. He was very professional and courteous and got me home safely. Thanks again Josh.

~ Kevin M.

I needed help today and Corey Valek is who arrived and he was great, really friendly and professional. He called to make sure I knew he was on his way and gave me an estimated time of arrival. He got the car quickly onto his truck and it took just a few minutes of my time which is great because I work from home and was glad it didn’t slow down my day in any way. Thanks Corey!

~ Lisa

Steven (COS 204) in Colorado Springs gave me a tow today, excellent service and customer skills. He even helped us push the car into the work bay. He gets all “10’s” for his great work!

~ Steven

I can’t recommend this company more highly. I called AAA to tow my daughter’s car to the dealership. The driver was Sean Rosen who responded to my call, arriving less than 5 minutes after I got to the location. Sean was extremely polite and quickly impressed me with his competence. His skill with the tow truck was outstanding as he on-loaded and off loaded the vehicle. The truck was clean and had identifying information that it was a legitimate affilate of AAA. No one looks forward to having to obtain towing services, but I know who I would call if I face this situation again. Thank you.

~ Bob

John Smith with came to my rescue this last week in Colorado Springs when a caliper brought my car to a horrendous jerking stop. I was in a “93 Land Cruiser which weighs 5 tons and he was unrelenting to get it up on his truck, even though the wheels would not turn and he essentially had to use”skis” to get it to budge and finally make it to the truck bed. He gave me a ride home and even tried to help get a crib out of the back of the car, which we needed right away, but the door would not unlock manually or electronically. He was professional, made sure I was safely in the cab of his truck before he worked on the towing as we were right at an intersection and then he finally towed my car and left the keys at the repair shop I chose and I didn’t even have to accompany the car. I was so thankful and impressed by this company. Will recommend this company and the contact info is on my phone now for the next time when I may need help. Great job!

~ Kathleen

We requested towing service on Saturday evening from downtown San Antonio to Helotes. Juan Cruz Jr. responded quickly, was very friendly and professional. If he consistently provides that level of customer service every effort should be made to keep him employed at auto towing inc. His service and professionalism reflect positively on himself as well as the company that he represents. Please pass this message on to him as well as his supervisor. Thanks again.


~ Jason

Omg….Chris Rodriquez (san424)! What a precious angel this man is….he was so calm, sweet, and helpful…I felt he had all in control when I was stressing out….he was a doll and he needs recognition! You have hired a good man and don’t let him go. I work customer service and I know what it takes…he’s got it..he was prompt and kept communicating throughout the process…I thank you so very much

~ Woody

On March 25, 2015 my husband and I and 2 dogs were stranded on Highway 25 by Fountain, CO in a pickup and heavily load trailer. Your towing company came to our rescue and helped us through a very stressing time. Your driver’s name is Darren Snow #C05217. He not only arranged to have us towed to Super 8 motel but stayed with us until everything was taken care of. I just found the card he gave to us and that is why we are so late in letting you know what a valuable employee you have. We truly appreciate all that was done for us and the bill being taken care of. Thank you very much, Darren.

~ Dorothy

would like to compliment Rodney SAN 405. He was very courteous and concerned for our safety. He was very professional and got us out of a precarious location. He towed our truck to the nearest Discount Tire Shop on 3118 W. Goliad Rd. In San Antonio. Thank you Rodney! M. Cohen

~ M. Cohen

A big thank you to Dan out of Colorado Springs for towing my dually. And the quick responds.

~ Wilma

Last night Donald Berry received towing service from Jeremiah COS218 and wanted to tell him how wonderful he did. He had a wonderful experience and spoke very highly of Jeremiah. Thank you for the wonderful service


Scott Spurling (and Kevin) was a great help. He got my motorcycle over to the shop quickly and was very professional and courteous. He even pointed out a missing bolt on my motorcycle that I had no idea was even missing and let the service tech at the shop know once he got there. Thanks Scott for your great service!!

~ Brian

Scott S. was exceptionally prompt in rescuing me from alongside I-25, and he did a great job in transporting me and my Subaru from south of Colorado Springs on down to Pueblo Colorado—thanks, Scott!

~ Don

I am notoriously long winded, so real quick the short version of this review is. AUTO TOWING was sent when I called roadside assistance a couple days ago, the drivers that arrived were, Jeff P. and Wayne, they showed up to a very unusual, and for me really stressful situation, Jeff was training Wayne and the two of them were, very professional, knowledgeable, understanding of my concerns, and capable to safely load, transport, and unload my truck perfectly!
Anytime I find myself needing Towing services whether its through roadside assistance or not I will call, or request that the company be AUTO TOWING and request Jeff and Wayne!

The tire on my truck fell off and I called my roadside assistance, they arranged for a tow company to come and let me know that it was going to take 2 or 3 hours and I could hide my keys for them so I wouldn’t have to wait. I will say I was frustrated to have to wait for a few hours, I wasn’t leaving my truck, for one thing it was partially in the road and so I wanted to stay with it to make sure that it wasn’t impounded by the city, also my truck is custom everything including 20” inch black XD rims with 35 inch tires, one of these tires was completely off with all the bolts broken off so that my truck was leaning on the rotor on the concrete. I knew that it was going to be very difficult to tow without damaging things more, so I waited, luckily I had a book and the AC worked fine. Finally about 2 and a half hours later a tow truck showed up, two guys introduced themselves Jeff P. and Wayne who was being trained by Jeff. I was very concerned about how they were going to safely tow my full size 4 door, lifted truck without one of the giant 35 inch tires. This was clearly not your usual tow, I became even more nervous when they informed me that I needed to sign a damage waiver, just in case more damage was caused to my truck during the tow. Jeff was very thorough, and took his time coming up with the best plan for the situation. He knew another tow truck driver with 20 something years towing vehicles, I truly respect that, even though Jeff has obviously been in the tow business for many years and is very qualified, he saw my concern and put aside his ego per se and took the time to call someone with a few more years experience (I later learned that the guy he called was very experienced and his competition) and discus the situation. They safely loaded my truck and we all knew unloading it would be the hardest part, however they flawlessly unloaded my truck off the wrecker and left safely on a block of wood exactly were the owner of the shop wanted it left since it was after hours and the shop was closed. This was definitely one of if not the very best tow experience I have ever had. Like I said the wait was slightly longer than I wanted, usually 45 minutes is what your told, and then you never know how long it will actually take, I was told about 2 hours and that was the real wait time. I WILL REQUEST- AUTO TOWING- EVERYTIME I HAVE TO CALL ROADSIDE ASSISANCE NO MATTER HOW LONG THE WAIT MIGHT BE!!!!

~ James

I want to thank Bruce Fitzgerald for coming to our rescue on August 1. We had just picked up a brand new 2015 Mustang and went to eat. Came out and had flat tire. We are from the Marble Falls area so at 10 pm at night we didn’t havemuch choice. Bruce took ever precaution not to damage the brand new car and took us home. Very polite gentleman! Thank you again Bruce!!


My starter was not engaging the Fly Wheel of my 1968 Cadillac. Some teeth may be broken on the wheel. I called AAA thinking I would need a tow back to Denver, 80 miles North. Dan Hunt arrived and showed me how to get the engine to rotate to a position where the starter might catch some fly wheel teeth. Others had tried doing that while I was stalled but failed. Dan succeeded and I continued on to Taos New Mexico for a important social engagement. When I tried to start my car for the return to Denver the starter did not engage. So I employed the trick Dan Hunt taught me. I made it back to Denver without any trouble. Thanks Auto towing Inc. Thanks Dan.


After having a flat tire on my way to work with a brand new car, and having to deal with “sharky” sales people at the dealership where my car was towed to, it was so refreshing having to deal with the most professional, kind and helpful person, Chris Rodriquez, at the towing company. He is the very best a company can wish for, explaining what he is doing, being kind and communicative, and assisting where I didn’t know what to do when we arrived at the car dealership and the people there tried to blow me off. Chris Rodriquez gets ***** 5 stars from me. If you ever get to need road assistance, I hope he’s the one that shows up! The world needs more kind and professional people like him. He has the right attitude. And in these days most people only complain about other people, whereas I firmly believe we should pay compliments where compliments are due.

~ Carmen

last week my wife & I were stuck on the side of the rode with no spare outside of Pueblo, and after calling AAA your driver Cisco arrived and was very professional and helpful. Giving our car great care while loading and unloading. He showed very good customer service and was just a nice guy.

Thanks for sending him out to help us.

~ Ed

Wanted to express my appreciation for the excellent and very professional work that your Denver driver Ray Bennett did in towing my BMW to the dealer last Sunday (7/26/2015) afternoon. Thanks so much!

~ Leslie

I just wanted to give great praise to your driver Cory Valek he helped me yesterday after a very bad situation my tire blew out and I was in an unfamiliar place. It is professional and very helpful.

~ Charles

Please start serving the Carolinas where we have moved!

~ Kathleen

We requested towing service on Saturday evening from downtown San Antonio to Helotes. Juan Cruz Jr. responded quickly, was very friendly and professional. If he consistently provides that level of customer service every effort should be made to keep him employed at auto towing inc. His service and professionalism reflect positively on himself as well as the company that he represents. Please pass this message on to him as well as his supervisor. Thanks again.

Major Jason Rogers U.S. Army

~ Jason R.

I wanted to let you know of a great experience I had with your driver Richard D this morning. Initially my insurance company called for a tow truck as a road side assistance problem. When Richard showed up he pointed out he would need to do a few extra things before my car would be safe to tow. Safe meaning, not to cause additional damage. His knowledge, time, and concern helped us re-evaluate the situation to escalate to have my car evaluated by a collision specialist. He was great to work with. I’d call him again if I need a tow truck.

~ Tracy

Thank you Josh for your excellent customer service. Your service was quick, you were compassionate,  friendly, and an incredible asset to your company. I will be sure to use auto towing in the future if needed. Josh, thanks once again.

~ Dionne H.

We were in Denver, but live in Greeley. Our car was overheating and we didn’t know how to get it home (or us for that matter). Our son was with us and he had AAA. Ray Barnett from your company came to help us, even though it was 10:30 pm. He was cheerful and quickly put our car on the flat bed and we were on our way home (an hour away). He didn’t complain at all about the lateness and brought us right to our home. Before he left he gave each of us a warm handshake.
Thanks much!

~ Carol B.

I am writing to compliment your driver Jayson Campbell for his courteous and efficient delivery of me and my disabled car from Highland Park to my home in Greenville, TX, 54 miles away. I am sure you already realize his worth to your company, but I wanted to share my positive experience with you anyway.

Jeanne S.

~ Jeanne S.

I hope this is the correct site to show my gratitude to Daniel. He was so gracious to this San Antonio transplant. I work in a business where “we do more”, but Daniel reciprocated that level of service in my time of distress. He left me with an overwhelming feeling of gratitude for his willingness to serve. Thank you Daniel. Blessings to you and your family.

~ N King

Richard D in Denver was great this morning. He took time to make sure my vehicle was safe before loading it on his truck. He has a great attitude.

~ Tracy

Out of Colorado Springs, Scott S. towed my car and knew right off what was wrong. He arrived in minutes and got me where I needed to go. He works with cars and has been in his field for years. He’s “Mr. Awesome” driving a one-of-a kind “Fun Truck.” Will definitely request him next time I need a tow. Didn’t just love the service, I loved the drive. Would recommend.

~ Jessica

Our experience with Auto Towing and Chris was honestly one of the best we’ve had. Not only did the driver arrive within 10 minutes but he was responsive to our situation and extremely knowledgeable. He took the time to see why we needed a tow and recommended service options that were more affordable, convenient and easier than taking the car to a mechanic. He shared his contact information in case we had any issues and was genuinely helpful, not just trying to charge us the maximum he could. We will certainly call Auto Towing again if we need a tow.

~ Kara

Eddie, out of your Dallas operation, towed my car this morning. I want you to know that not only was his demeanor professional, the way he handled my car was wonderful. I am 76 years old and this is not my first tow. But, it was my very best!

~ Ron

For Rodney in San Antonio,
Thanks for getting my Crossfire started for me this morning.
Walt W.

~ Walt W.

Flat tire at 0700. Rodney (san405) arrived within 10-15 min and was very kind and professional. Excellent service. Kudos to this individual. I hope he’s available next time I need towing services.

~ Lance

On Sunday my driver was Owen Van Horn, and he was very helpful and kind. He took care of my needs for towing my auto from a parking lot where it was disabled to a dealership, dropping my key, and getting me safely back to my home.

~ Evelyn

The starter on my Honda Accord went out on Sunday evening and I called AAA to get the car to a local shop. Eddie from Auto Towing promptly arrived and helped get my car positioned so it could be towed. He was very professional and courteous. Thanks! He provided great customer service.

~ Bob

Aurora, Colorado I would like to take this opportunity to give a well deserved shout-out to Auto Towing Inc. driver Eddie (103)! I called AAA last night as I have a garaged Ford Taurus that had a dead battery, two flat front tires and an empty gas tank! I was in a bit of a pickle because I had already arranged to have the car picked up for transport and needed it to be running! Eddie was extremely courteous, respectful, and well-mannered, in addition to efficiently servicing my car to the standard that I have come to expect from AAA drivers. If I ever have the opportunity to recommend a towing company to anyone it will always be Auto Towing Inc. from here on out! Thanks Eddie! Debbie

~ Debbie

Eddie (Driver 103) was awesome! I placed my roadside assistance inquiry on AAA this morning (7/2/15) and within 5 minutes of submitting my inquiry, Eddie from Auto Towing called me to let me know he would be at my car within 10 minutes. I wasn’t at my car since it broke down the night before, so it took me about 45 minutes to get there and he waited for me and kept in great communication with me until I arrived. Eddie was extremely helpful and friendly and had exceptional customer service. I do appreciate all he did to get my car to my repair shop (Roos Subaru) about 7 miles from where my car broke down. Eddie deserves a big pat on the back for being so awesome! Thank you so much. I will use and recommend Auto Towing in the future.

~ Kelly

Amazing service! Joshuah Gonzalez was friendly and arrived on time. My Corvette is very low and he took precautions and was careful when loading my car. This is my second towing experience with this company and both drivers were skilled and courteous. I highly recommend!

~ Celine

I just wanted to share that I appreciated the way Ray Burnett worked through the tow issues with my son’s car in Denver yesterday. The car was in gear, no keys available, and close to a curb. With diligence, patience, and the knowledge needed to solve each of these issues, the car was towed without problem. He demonstrated great customer service and was a true pleasure to deal with. He and the individual he was training helped make a challenging moment less frustrating.

Please pass along my appreciation to Ray for helping with my towing needs in such a professional, courteous and pleasant manner.


~ Kathy

I called AAA for assistance and in short order Dan Hunt came to help me on Tuesday morning. He quickly found my problem. He even showed me some things about my car that I didn’t know! It was good he came. Very kind and helpful.

~ Betty

William G (COS205) was very professional. He greeted with a smile and did his job quick and efficient.

~ Martin

Eddie (Driver 103) is a treasure! He was efficient, polite, and knowledgeable. He moved my vehicle safely in and out of a tricky situation, and his skill was impressive. I hope I can find him the next time I need a tow. He displayed intelligence and a “no-nonsense” professionalism I truly appreciated. Thank you, Eddie!

~ RuAnn

I want to say that the young man (Chris Rodriguez) was the definition of great customer service. From the start the end of the process, he was very good about giving me ETA’s and calling me when he was about 5 minutes away. He was very kind and professional.

~ Andy

Eddie in Denver was prompt and able to get our car started. Even when we were ready to have it taken to a mechanic! Great great service!

~ Joseph

I had to have my car towed on July 4th which could have been bad but I was lucky to have Robert Wagner tow my car. He was friendly, professional and really knew his job, I was kind enough to drop me off near my home above and beyond. Thank you for hiring a vet

~ Carol

Last Thursday, the 2nd of July, I got into an accident here in San Antonio. Eddie from Auto Towing was SOO kind and helpful when the city towing would’ve just left me on the side of the road. He was an EXTREME help and answered all my questions to the best of his ability. If Eddie is any reflection of the company, I am CERTAINLY telling everyone I know about this company. I am impressed by the high standard of service you hold for your employees and are able to make a bad situation like being towed even better with AMAZING customer service.

~ Georgina

Ray Burnett did a great job. I called AAA to get my car towed and was told the tow time was about 2 hours. Ray was there in 30 minutes. Ray was very kind, professional, and did a great job checking my car and got it running so I actually didn’t need the tow. Great job Ray and thank you so much.

~ Mary

A hose burst in my mini-van, leaking all the oil from my engine and leaving me stranded on the side of the highway at the beginning of the long July 4th weekend. Thanks to Scott and his tow truck Yankee (180), the van and I were picked up within a half hour and taken over to the dealership in time to get my van fixed before everyone left for the holiday. Scott was extremely courteous and helpful, even reminding me to take my garage door opener from the glove box before leaving the vehicle in the hands of the mechanic. He ensured I was safe by letting me sit in his truck while loading up the van. While I was frazzled and upset over my vehicle, my interaction with Scott was very positive and a good part of the day.

~ Carol Ann

just wanted to share that I appreciated the way Ray Burnett worked through the tow issues with my son’s car yesterday. The car was in gear, no keys available, and close to a curb. With diligence, patience, and the knowledge needed to solve each of these issues, the car was towed without problem. He demonstrated great customer service and was a true pleasure to deal with. He and the individual he was training helped make a challenging moment less frustrating. Please pass along my appreciation to Ray for helping with my towing needs in such a professional, courteous and pleasant manner. Regards, Kathy F.

~ Kathy

I want to give a shout out to driver Jeffrey Dimmick from the Denver location for his excellent customer service when I needed a tow on Sunday July 5. I called State Farm’s roadside assistance number and they arranged the tow. I figured on a warm Sunday afternoon on a holiday weekend, I would probably be waiting for a few hours. So I was surprised when they indicated a truck would arrive within 45 minutes. I was even more surprised when Jeff called just a few minutes later saying he was on his way and would be there within 15 minutes. He arrived even sooner than that.

Jeff was super friendly and had my car expertly loaded up on the truck in about 10 minutes. He offered me water and even a ride after he dropped off the car (another painless process) at the garage. It was clear he is excellent at his job and takes great pride in his immaculate truck. Whatever arrangement you all have with State Farm meant I had no out-of-pocket expenses and I told him more than once how surprised I was that this was not more complicated. Plus he shared that he was a brand new dad just days prior so I was surprised he was back out on the road so soon.

In short, Jeff turned what was not a fun situation into a painless experience and was really easygoing. His customer service was awesome and far exceeded my expectations. Many many thanks to him. Hopefully my car won’t need another tow but I’ll definitely call Jeff if I do and will share his name and number with my friends here in Denver.

Thanks Jeff!


Jason Kenworthy
Lakewood, CO

~ Jason

Broke down at night in an abandoned parking lot. I expected I’d need to call a taxi and follow the towe truck to the car shop and drop my key. My taxi hadn’t come yet when the towe truck arrived. Sean, my towe driver, offered to let me ride with him, he told me he would write an envelope with my contact information and personally drop the key for me. He continued to suprise me by refusing to “leave a lady alone at night”. He offered to drive me all the way across denver to get me home, but that was too much. He was willing to wait with me for a ride to come. I was SHOCKED by his willingness to help and ensure my safety and comfort. Chivelry and kindness maximum. Thanks Sean!

~ Lizzie

Would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to Jayson Campbell for the professional, polite and efficient manner in which he loaded up our Corvette from the back driveway and delivered it to the dealer for service. It was stuck in gear and we could not start it so he had to hand push it down the drive way to the tow truck. If you are in need of a tow we recommend Auto Towing inc.



Thanks a lot to Dan Hunt for helping me through AAA. They were pretty responsive and he even bummed me a cig because i was stressed from my truck breaking down. I had a long weekend and he could tell i wasnt in the talking mood probably so we just cruised. He hooked it up with parking the beast of a truck on the curb casue i aint gonna be moving it anytime soon so that was sweet. Thanks a lot dude!

~ Conor

When I was stranded at a gas station at 3AM Frank came through and was very patient and professional and exceeded my needs. He kept me updated on everything that was taking place. He is a great worker and should be recognized for his outstanding service.

~ Mallory

Rodney San 405 was very promt and helpful . We appreciate everything he did, Thank You !!

~ Eric

I had to call AAA due to a dead battery – hoping for a battery truck. There wasn’t one available in my Denton area so a full towing truck arrived. Jayson (DAL503) was expeditious, thorough, and so very helpful. He was a delight to work with and had my battery recharged in no time. He provided me his card, which I will keep in my auto for future use should I need assistance. I will definitely refer Auto Towing to others and am very thankful they are AAA partners. Thanks Jayson – you were a total blessing!!

~ CJ

I had to cal AAA June 19,2015 to tow my 1999 QX4 Infinity to Sewell in Dallas. I had been having problems with my car overheating and Sewell told me to call. I really dreaded doing this because of past experiences with towing companies.
I was waiting for my grandson to finish a test at UNT Denton.
I was totally surprised to see a beautiful pink tow truck come to my rescue so soon. I explained to the driver that I was waiting for my grandson, he said no problem and I could wait in his truck as it was extremely hot outside. Riki-504 he wrote on the back of his card which I requested from him. This is only the second time in my 73 years that I have been so impressed with a company and it’s employee that I wanted to tell everyone of my great experience. A more than courteous gentleman, a driver of my tow, a pleasant conversation while waiting and a smooth ride to Sewell in a great truck! Now this is the first class treatment everyone wants and I got it from Riki and Auto Towing. My grandson will take over my QX4 and I will give him a membership card to AAA and my card from Auto towing in hopes he will always be well taken care of while driving his car. Thank you ever so much

~ Patti

I ran out of gasoline yesterday on the 1604 loop going west in San Antonio, Texas. I contacted a towing company through my insurance agent and the first company he selected took more than an hour to contact me to informed me that the driver was going to be late and that another driver was going to pick me up. The second driver called me in a rude manner because he couldn’t pinpoint exactly where I was even tough I explained the spot I was in, they backed off the service and my insurance company contacted “Auto Towing”.

I received a call 3 minutes after I was informed this company was going to tow my car from Frank, the guy that towed my car. He was polite and had extended knowledge of the city area, as he pinpointed my exact location right away without too much explanation. He arrived 8 minutes later after we hanged up, towed my car and gave me a ride home. This service was refreshingly fast as I waited for 3 hours under the sun until somebody towed my car. If I ever get stuck on the road again, this is the company I wil call.

Thank you for your services!

*The driver’s id is SAN 421

~ Daniel

Broke down at night in an abandoned parking lot. I expected I’d need to call a taxi and follow the towe truck to the car shop and drop my key. My taxi hadn’t come yet when the towe truck arrived. Sean, my towe driver, offered to let me ride with him, he told me he would write an envelope with my contact information and personally drop the key for me. He continued to suprise me by refusing to “leave a lady alone at night”. He offered to drive me all the way across denver to get me home, but that was too much. He was willing to wait with me for a ride to come. I was SHOCKED by his willingness to help and ensure my safety and comfort. Chivelry and kindness maximum. Thanks Sean!

~ Lizzie

Jeff was professional, courteous and contacted me on his way to my car, in the middle of a flood and tornado warnings. I was quite impressed.

~ John

Sunday, June 22nd, Father”s Day, our Prius “died” in our church parking lot. We called AAA and they sent Eddie(#103) to tow our car to the dealership. He was efficient, polite, and extremely competent. It was 98 degrees and he offered to let me sit in the cab of his truck with air conditioning while he did all the work to load the car. He made a stressful situation much easier and tolerable. He is a credit to your organization – we would use your service again and recommend it to others. Many thanks! Sherry S.

~ Sherry S.

I called AAA for a jumpstart 6/22. Ray Burnett from Auto Towing was dispatched to aid me. He responded promptly and provided fast, friendly service. A good experience under the circumstances.


I used your service this morning to have my vehicle towed to the dealer and Justin Stroud was the driver. I want you to know that you have an outstanding employee. His attention to detail to ensure there was no damage to my vehicle is to be commended. His professionalism and respect for people and property should be acknowledged. Thanks!

~ Joe

I had need of your towing services on Sun, May 17 in Colorado Springs. I would like to comment on the service I received from your employee, Brandon Lyden. He was very knowledgeable, friendly and extremely professional. He put me and my wife at ease immediately. He certainly upheld your motto of ” The best customer service, period.” He projects a positive image for your company. Thank you.

~ Jeff

Kevan Baggus and Willie Thomas provided me with very friendly professional towing service yesterday.

~ Gordon

I want to send my sincere appreciation and kudos for Mr. Justin Stroud (COS Truck 210). On Wednesday Tuesday 19 May, Justin picked up my car after a breakdown near downtown Colorado Springs. Justin was courteous, professional and prompt in picking up my car and dropping at my desired service center and very helpful. He is a valuable asset and please pass along my sincere appreciation.



~ Ryan

Today 06/10/2015 I was in need of tow service. Your driver Rodney T. SAN405 was very respectful, friendly, helpful, and on time. My experience with your service and the driver was exceptional. Thank you.

~ Juliet

The other day I had to get a tow from Ray Burnett. He was nice, friendly, and exceedingly competent and made a stressful encounter much easier to bear. Thank you for everything!

~ Terrance

My initial reason for contacting your offices was to compliment your company and your driver.Jerry#402 was not only courteous but also very thoughtful. Having my car towed (Silver Genesis) was very upsetting-adding to the frusteration was health issues with my daughter,etc. Needless to say, I was upset.
Jerry took the time to reassure me my vehicle would be ok, spoke to me about the process-as I was unfamiliar with it and even assisted me with my belongings.
It was refreshing to have met someone like Jerry who’s priority was to do his job and to exceed my expectations.
I wish I was able to tip him that day, the very least I could do now is to let you know what an excellent job Jerry did.
Thank you,
Marie R-San Antonio
Please acknowledge him-He most definitely deserves it.

~ Maria

I just wanted to say Ray Burnett handled my tow with professionalism and courtesy. I used AAA to have my Classic 71 Super Beetle towed in Boulder CO and he treated my car as he would his own. Thank you for the great service!



I just wanted to thank Eddie (103) for his help this weekend. He rescued my mother and I from a flat tire on I-76.

Eddie was not only super professional, but he was personable, understanding, and polite. As someone who is intimately involved in customer service, he is someone I would want on my team.

Eddie was super careful in getting my car onto the truck – so much so, it was almost entertaining to watch the lengths he went to in order to minimize any chance of additional damage. Truly, Eddie was more careful with my car than the mechanic I took t to. (I’m currently writing them a note about how they treated my wheels.)

Eddie deserves recognition. At the very least, a pass for him and his family to the Wild Animal park in Keenesburg – which is where I was headed until I met a fateful pothole.

Thank you, Eddie.

~ Jake

Dan Hunt took care of me with no issues. He explained to me how the process would work. He followed thru with excellent customer service. He is an asset to the company. There’s a reason why he’s a team lead.

~ Jeff

Owen did an awesome job! Very personable and helpful. Thank you for helping me when I was stranded and being reassuring, great at what he does.

~ Anne

Erick Fields towed my motorcycle yesterday and it was a very positive experience. He was very professional and extremely friendly! Thanks for the great service!

~ Angelee


~ Maria

I would just like to say that I was very happy with the service that I received on June 6th. William G/Cos 205 was here in 15 minutes. He had a smile on his face when greeting me and smiled the whole time!! He was courteous and professional. If I ever need a tow again (and I hope not) I would love to see William again!!


~ Cristina




We got our truck stuck on an incredibly rough road and Auto Towing was fantastic working with us. They really helped us when we needed it. Thank you so much.

~ Amy

I was most pleased with the service I received today when my ’98 Lexus SC400 decided to shut down. After a call to AAA, Riki (driver 504) arrived promptly, offering his air-conditioned cab to sit in while he hooked my car up. He drove me to my local Lexus dealership only to find out I couldn’t drop the car there on a Sunday. He took me to my back-up mechanic and tested the battery on my car, discovering it was bad. He then accompanied me to an auto parts store and installed a new battery for me. Car runs fine now.

Thanks for the great service!

~ Brad

So glad to have the assistance of Dan Hunt who carefully brought our car to the body shop for repair. He called when he was near our house and when he arrived. He even took the key and pulled the car out of our garage and loaded it on the truck. We do not use this type of service often but we will be sure to remember Dan when we need his services again.

~ Susanne & Bob

Riki # 504 through AAA towed my p/u on June 5th in Denton TX. He was very professional and went above and beyond by stopping at Auto Zone so I was able to buy the part I needed to fix my truck. He did not have another tow scheduled, so he offered to stop before I could ask him. great thumbs up for customer satisfaction.

~ Henry

I had to have my van taken to my mechanic to fix since it wouldn’t start.This was late on a Monday night. It needed a flatbed. I got a driver named Ray (love the teeth!). He was the nicest guy! He arrived so fast too. I was upset because of my situation but he made the entire process so easy. Since it was late at night, I expected a guy who was tired from his long day but it couldn’t have been more the opposite. He was professional and took very good care of my van. Thank you so much for sending me this driver! I would recommend your company, and Ray, to anyone who asked me if I knew of a towing company to use. Thank you so much!! Susan


l called USAA roadside assistance to tow my vehicle. I would like to compliment the service provider Nathan for
provided the best and most professional service. He was knowledgeable, helpful, and i was never
so impressed with a service provider.

san 422

~ Nathaniel

I had my car towed yesterday. Ray B. was the driver. He was very professional, polite and took care of business. It is hard to find a company these days that understands and gives good customer service. Would highly recommend them. Thanks Ray!!!!

~ Janet

Steven (COS204) was a tremendously helpful and courteous. *****: 5 stars for stellar service.

~ Francis

My car broke down on I-25 in Colorado Springs, Colorado and Scott showed up from Auto Towing and he made sure I was safe, placed me in the truck away from oncoming traffic, loaded up my car and drove me and my car to the auto shop some 75 plus miles away.

Not only did Scott rescue me and my car but he talked to me (small talk) and helped me move from panic and fear to a calm state of mind – Thank you Scott!

Truly not just a tow service but a real professional who actually cared about me, my car and making the whole experience a lot less traumatic.

This is what a towing experience should be like. Too bad I did not take video to share so others could see where the customer service bar lives.



Wanted to let you know that your driver/team member Ray Burnett was prompt, courteous, knowledgeable, kind and helped me keep my sense of humor (not always easy when I have car trouble!) Thanks so much for the great service! ~ Lindsay


AAA dispatched Ray to my residence on June 9, after a service call. Ray was prompt, courteous, and professional. He was able to diagnose the issue with my SUV, provide me with a charge to my very dead battery, and put my car on the bed for a two, all with an incredible sense of humor to boot. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience or operator. I appreciate the respect and courtesy I was offered. I will be requesting Ray for all my towing needs.

~ Ivannah

Had to have our car towed. Ray Burnett was the driver that responded. He was very professional and courteous. I appreciate service like that. Thanks again.

~ David

Jeremiah provided excellent customer service, was prompt, and took care of delivering my daughters vehicle to the dealership for repair. In my experience this is the best towing service I have ever received. Thank you Jeremiah and Auto Towing!

~ Malcolm

great service and under an hour

~ Irene

Timely professional service. I would not hesitate to recommend this service to a friend. Staff (William G.) was pleasant and quick.

~ Noreen

Thank you so much for the excellent service today! Armeen arrived in just under 30 minutes and was very professional. He took great care of my car. Thanks again!

~ Bobbie

I had Ray Burnett was fantastic today in Denver/Englewood! not only did he help do an exceptional job with the operations of the towing themselves, but also he was fun to talk to and engaging. Also someone get this man a corvette… it’s his dream car. Fantastic service!

~ Thomas E.

Mr. Rodney arrived and instantly I felt my Audi was in great heads from his introduction. During the entire loading process he made me aware of what he was doing and the importance of handling my car with respect. I salute you Rodney. Thank you very much.

~ Michael

When Eddie arrived to tow my car here in San Antonio he was very professional and went straight to work. He was very knowledgeable about his job and very nice. I really appreciate that because this was my first time using this service I just got from Nation Wide. Thanks again Eddie

~ Portia

Broke down in Denver at rush hour on 6/16/2015 and was assisted by Jeff (DEN151). He was courteous, friendly, honest, and extremely helpful. Based on Jeff’s service and expertise, not only would I use Auto Towing Inc again, I would recommend their services to friends and family.

~ Jen

Arrived early, super courteous and did a great job towing my vehicle. Great job William G (COS 205)!

~ Brett

Excellent experience, best ever. Flatbed towtruck was virtually new, the driver Wil Fields was great, professional, highly skilled and very courteous. Took all of the stress out of a difficult breakdown. Your company was contacted by my insurance provider, and Wil was on-time, and knowledgeable about my vehicle. This could not have gone any better, and I truly appreciate the service provided.

~ Jim P

Ray Burnett was very courteous and careful with our BMW.

~ Jim P

Road side assistance told me the tow truck would arrive in about an hour. 5 minutes later Jeremiah called and arrived within 10 min. He was fast, friendly and efficient. Thanks Jeremiah

~ Gary N


~ David

Scott Spurling did a great job with his customer service skills! He was very friendly, made me feel comfortable, help me out a lot with my car, game me some pointers on where to go get parts for my car so that it will not cost me too much! He was a great help for me!! of all the towing I have done, He was the best of all, friendly outgoing and not grumpy and just want to get the job done like most. He showed that he realy did care and love his job! Great Job SCOTT!! 😉

~ Melissa

My Mom and I were stranded in Converse TX because my car would not start up.And we needed to get back home to San Antonio. We called our insurance company for a tow to come and very quicly a tow man by the name of Mike came and saved the day! He was on time and so kind. We are so thankful for such great service. Mike is awesome! Thank u.~ Angelique and Novina




~ Jordan

I recently locked my 3 year old grandson in the car. The windows were up, it was hot and I was frantic. I called AAA and Sean from Auto Towing was there in minutes. Not only did he get the car unlocked in no time he was kind, courteous and my grandson still talks about Sean in the big truck. I hope I never need a tow but if I do I will not hesitate calling Auto Towing, Inc.

~ Ellen

William G / COS205 did a great job. Friendly and courteous, my truck was in a very difficult position and the steering did not work. William was creative and got the vehicle on the truck quickly and effortlessly.

Thanks William

~ Warren

Scott Spurling helped me in the Black Forest.
I don’t know how he did it.
Very clever and a sense of humor.
A real gentleman. (And a Hero).

~ Jace

Me and my wife had broken down outside of San Antonio and I called my insurance company and one of your trucks was sent. Your driver Eddie was a very polite young man and got my vehicle towed to my house. Just want to say if all your drivers are like Eddie you have a great team.

~ Bobby




– TISHA ON 270

~ Tisha

Jeff Pledger (DEN151) was wonderful. He had a customer who was diabetic and their blood sugar was low he stopped and bought the customer some candy so they would be okay. Jeff also performed a wonderful service and the customer was beyond happy.

Thank you Jeff


My mom was in town from South Dakota and on our way to Denver, exit 156 we got a flat tire. Called AAA and there was a bit of a wait but once Dan Hunt arrived, he had the flat changed and we were on our way in no time. He gets a 10+ for us.

~ Dawn

Ray Burnett was friendly and professional. Thanks Ray! ( it was also nice to see a new tow truck out on the road.)

~ Jovan





SAN 414

~ Tamara

I would just like to say that I was very happy with the service that I received on May 24th. I was stranded in Denver, and had to call AAA assistance. With it being a long weekend, I expected a somewhat long wait. Eddie-103 arrived at my location much sooner than expected. He was courteous, professional, and attempted to repair a flat that was beyond repair. Once this was established he quickly towed my car to my home in Colorado Springs.


~ Tony

Scott Spurling was prompt and very helpful. When it became apparent that the flat tire could not be refilled with air (my choice) he immediately got out the spare from under a truck load of stuff I had not gotten to the Good Will store and quickly got me going again. thanks Scott

~ Larry

Your driver Ray was very professional and courteous and we will use your company for any future needs. Thanks again Ray!

~ Randy and Stella

I just wanted to let your team know how pleased I was with the service I received last Tuesday when I needed a vehicle towed to a repair shop (through AAA). The driver, Eddie (103), was prompt, professional, friendly and efficient.
Thank you!
Denver, CO

~ Kathryn

WooHoo for Dan Hunt! He came to my rescue. Professional, friendly and quick…who could ask for more.


~ Candy

Driver was awesome. Had an issue with my truck making a rattling noise. Driver took the time to look underneath and found the issue. He saved me money and a trip to the shop. Will use for all my future towing needs.

~ Quinton

William G helped me out when my car slid off the road into a snow bank on the side of a steep hill. He’s great! I would’ve needed to take geometry and physics to figure out how to get my car out, and he did it safely and expeditiously. I highly recommend William G and Auto Trans, Inc for towing – they do a great job.

~ Eric

Great job by Dan Hunt and his partner in getting my car to the mechanic for repair. Prompt service!

~ Mark


~ Laurie

Eddie (103) was wonderful. He arrived within 20 minutes of my call for assistance to help with a flat tire. He had the tire changed within minutes and explained how to find the closest tire shop that was open late in the day, so I could (hopefully) get the tire repaired. Many thanks for the terrific, professional, and timely service!

~ Wendy

Fast, friendly, and thorough service.

~ Gary

Ray was courteous, on time, and very professional. Very pleased by him and his company.

~ Scott

Ray was courteous, on time, and very professional. Very pleased by him and his company.

~ Scott

Owen Van Horn was called by AAA because my car wouldn’t start. He said let’s put the charger on the battery and see if that is the problem. The battery didn’t stay charged but he said the alternator was okay so he charged the battery again and said if we go right to the dealer we should be fine – just don’t turn the car off.

Some would just tow it where it was to be serviced without checking. I really did appreciate that and it was the battery.

Thank you – you have a good employee.. He was also very friendly.
God’s blessings.

~ Norma

My driver was William G. (Cos 205) he was fast, extremely friendly and went above and beyond for me. I highly recommend.

Thanks again

~ Brian

Scott arrived on time and did an excellent job of loading my truck in a tight situation, and then delivering it to the repair shop. I will call him again if I ever need towing service.

~ Susan

What a lifesaver Eddie (103) was in aiding me with a flat tire this past Saturday. He responded to my AAA call within 4 minutes and then was there at my side in 13 more minutes. Of course, as he arrived it was raining and hailing. He wanted me to stay in the car while he changed my tire but with such a downpour I wanted to be out there with him, trying to keep us dry with an umbrella. He was very professional, fast and safe. He took the time to answer all my questions. What a wonderful employee you have. I sure hope he had an extra pair of clothes because in the end, we were sopping wet but I was on my way in no time and am so glad I had Eddie at my side.

~ Mindy

Scott Spurling and his helper are awesome, very courteous and quick at there job. You can tell that they like their job.
they took the worry out of my day! – JoAnn

~ JoAnn

Rupert Tafoya came from Colorado Springs all the way down I25 about 100 miles to pick us up and then towed us another 40-45 miles to our local garage. He was very nice, courteous and helpful. We really appreciate the service he gave.

~ Gary

Had a unbelievably efficient experience yesterday. Eddie-103 was the dispatcher that was available and made a lasting impression on how professional a much needed service can be. Couldn’t ask for a better experience and because of it I put auto towing on speed dial. You guys should feel lucky to have him. Thanks for reminding me that people actually care. I’m a customer for life now. Thanks for your professionalism Eddie-103, you represent auto towing in the best way possible and they’re lucky to have you. Thank you auto towing for caring about who you hire.

Michael- Denver

~ Michael

I would like to thank Ray Burnett. He did an awesome job getting my car out of a store parking lot and placing it where I wanted in my driveway. He was very nice and knowledgable. its never easy having to have your car towed but he made it a nice experience. Thank you Ray!

~ Laura

I would like to commend one of your employees—402 Jerry. He picked up my daughter’s car to take to Caliber this afternoon and was extremely pleasant and helpful. What a great person with whom to do business and what a great person to represent your company, Auto Towing.

~ Linda

Wanted to let you know of the excellent service I received on Thursday, May, 28th from Eddie -103. I was told a 90 min wait and got a call 20 mind later. Great service, thank you so much.

~ Leigh Ann

Sean responded to my AAA towing request and was able to correct the problem immediately. I was impressed
with his knowledge of our Saab and his ability to troubleshoot so accurately. He had me on the way in a very
short time and no towing/repair needed.

~ Lynda


~ Rodney

Will Fields was a great driver! I have a very low sports car and he made sure it got on the truck safely. He was very friendly and helpful. The whole trip was painless. Thank yall so much! I highly recommend this service!

~ Celine

I had the fortunate opportunity to experience towing service from Aoto Towing after an auto collision. I was still very shaken up when the tow service arrived. Upon arrival, the driver Will introduced himself with a handshake, and asked if I was “ok”‘, he also offered that I sit in his air conditioned cab and wait out of the hot sun. His demeanor and professionalism was top notched. At the scene of the accident, my insurances provider, USAA, arranged tow service, so it is my personal experience that USAA will contract the best and I can truly say, “Will and Auto Towing, are the best!

~ Carmen

I was assigned Auto Towing Inc through my insurance company when my car broke down. I immediately received a call from the company notifying me of the drivers arrival time, and shortly afterward received a call from the driver confirming time and location. Rodney was extremely professional, friendly and helpful. He made the bad experience of needing a tow turn out to be not so bad at all.


~ Adam

Thanks to team lead Dan H for helping me today! He was prompt, polite (he opened the tow truck door for me) and made sure I was happy. He answered all of my questions, was very kind, and made it clear that my car was his priority. Thanks again for quick, thorough, enjoyable service!!


~ Preslee

Justin Stroud (COS210) was extremely courteous, prompt, and has amazing customer service. He had no complaints at all and would enjoy the service from Justin again.

~ Jim

Simply put Sean Rosen did a fabulous job of not only hauling my rather spendy car but making sure i was comfortable throughout the entire process. Truly the eptome of customer service. Thank you Sean……you’re the best!! A true professional and a very kind person.

~ Robert

I want to thank towing service we received we have never had to go through the process of needing tow service and I highly recommend auto towing to my family and friends anyone who ask needs service I will be the first to give auto towing the number. I can’t thank them enough for the services and treating us important making us feel special.Thank you for taking care of our family and you have a customers for life. God Bless you and your company.

~ Virginia

You’re Driver Ray Burett came to tow my wife’s Lexus GS 350 ( Her Baby). He was here when he said he was going to be then he hooked my wife’s car from the bumper with a tool she had in her trunk. I didn’t know that tool existed because it had been towed before. When I question it he explained to me you should never hook Lexus’ from the bottom; that’s what the tool was for because they needed to be strapped down. I was shocked!! But then I was glad to see how he treated my wife’s car like he would his own strapped it up safely and took it to Lexus. He was professional, courteous and he had a skill that was lacking in most folks today… Good Customer Service… Thank you Ray for your fine work. If I ever need to be towed again I hope he’s available…

~ Demetrius

Great experience , Rodney the service tech. arrived when they said they would . I would certainly call this company again if I would need this type of service again. Thank you for your service again.

~ Frank

The prompt service and courtesy I received yesterday from Dan Hunt was exceptional. Thank-you and God Bless, Namaste’ Christine

~ Christine

I had the best experience with my car towing today. Dan Hunt came a short time after I called, loaded up my vehicle, helped me to get in the big truck and went to the dealer with me. Dan Hunt was super friendly and very professional. There were a few inconsiderate drivers along the way holding us up and I told Dan I admire him for not developing a road rage, he just smiled and said “that’s what makes me a professional. I think we all can learn from his positive behavior including me!

~ Angela

William G was really awesome and friendly despite the nasty weather. Made me feel like I was in good hands.

~ Annie


~ Rafael

Mr Bobby Engel,

I recently had a car disablement and required roadside assistants. I called my current carrier to arrange this service. All the while, In the back of my mind I had all the negative inclinations related to using a roadside service.

My predispositions were put to the side when with in ten minutes your driver, Darnell, called and indicted that he was about five miles out and would be at my location shortly. In addition, he asked me some questions I am sure are standard to ensure the tow will go smoothly. However, I am going to give him a compliment because he did not make it a series of question but more of a conversation.

My disablement was in a convenience store parking lot and when he arrived; his first priority was my safety, the cars safety and that of the other patrons. I have a little sports car, so when he was ready to hitch my car and place it on the bed he explained what he was going to do and why. I do not know if this is protocol or not but he gave me a sense of his competence, professionalism and sincere pride in his work. I had every confidence in Darnell and knew my vehicle was in good hands!

I just wanted to give Darnell #418 a compliment for his personability and professionalism.

Thank you,

A very satisfied customer


Kudos to Ray Burnett who helped us out in Denver. Our car was disabled and Ray figured out a way to make it run. He was patient, courteous and provided great customer service. He’s a great asset to your company. He deserves a raise!


~ Peter

I wanted to give my thanks for the awesome job that Owen Van Horn (208 Lima) did in helping me tonight. My road side assistance quoted me a 150 minute wait time, and he arrived in 60. He quickly and professionally hooked up my car and got it to my mechanic. A consummate professional and a credit to your company. Whatever you are paying him, it is not enough!

~ Ovid

I just wanted to thank you for sending Wil Fields (here in San Antonio, Texas) to my rescue this past Thursday, May 7th. Wil was the most courteous, professional, sympathetic, and most importantly, PROMPT, tow truck driver that I have ever encountered. Wil Fields was simply GREAT, and if and when the time comes again, I will definitely use your service again !!! Thank you and my sincere thanks and appreciation to Wil Fields – a supreme man and a superb professional !!
Very respectfully,
Dennis W.

~ Dennis

A big THANK YOU to Donnie Howell for coming to my rescue on Wednesday, May 6th. He was so professional and efficient, and had a great attitude despite the rainy conditions. The person originally sent from AAA was unable to remove the lug nuts and couldn’t change the tire, thus leaving me to wait for a tow truck, Lucky for met, Donnie Howell is the person they sent. He was able to loosen the lug nuts, remove the tire, and get me on my way. A big, big thank you for a job well done! In my estimation, he should get a bonus, or a raise, for the excellent customer service he provides!

~ Flo

Needed a tow to the dealership, called AAA and they sent Ray Burrett from your company. He was very efficient and quick. Got to the dealership, no mishaps and he was a great guy. I would recommend you folks for any tow !

~ Sam

This guy was awesome! Fixed my car in the hail.

~ Iris

I had the best experience with Ray Burnett he was kind patient and he made sure that I was well taken care of he was very timely and efficient thank you tow company.

~ Anonymous

Ray Burnett really did a fantastic job towing my car today. I feel that he went above and beyond the norm. Thank you for a job well done!
Scott C.

~ Scott C.

My car needed to be towed from my house which is located in an area with trees and a winding driveway. Wil Fields from Auto Towing is the 4th tow truck that sent to tow my car. The other 3 sent from other companies could not do the job, either because they refused to drive down the driveway or they don’t have the tool to jump start the car. Wil’s truck was also big but he did not think it would be impossible to drive down the driveway. In the end, all he had to do was to use his jump tool to jump the car and pull out of my property to get on the flat bed. All done in such ease. Not sure why other companies have so much trouble even trying. Thank you Wil and thank you Auto Towing.

~ Kuo-yu

Blew a tire this a.m.. Called triple A. Your company responded in a pleasant and timley fashion with a very nice tower named Dan. It was all done in stressfree manner with a polite gentleman.For that I am very pleased.

thanks much

Lou V.

~ Lou

My son’s vehicle’s engine sounded horrible so I traded cars with him and started to drive it to the garage. It didn’t make it. While the wait was longer than I expected it would take (75 min), it was in line with the estimate I received from my road service call. Once the truck arrived, I was very happy with the service provided by Roland. He was cheerful and very efficient, two things I really appreciated in that moment. Please pass my thanks along to him.

~ Colleen

This is the first time in a LONG while that I have had to use towing service , so you can imagine when my ignition locked 5/6/15 and I was stranded @ my job I had to call for service . All I can say is the service I got was quick and not as complicated or scary as I had imagined it would be.The driver Mike Miller made me fill very at ease he was friendly made sure my car was secure towed me home. I recommend this company to everyone who needs quick, friendly service. And I want to say to Mike Miller , “Thank You” for the EXCELLENT customer service I got from you.You are truly one of a kind.

~ Jaqueline


~ James

Your driver Mike Deckard is the best…he was able to get my truck out of the NE Baptist parking garage, out onto the street, on to the flat bed and safely to the dealer…all the while it was pouring rain and heavy traffic….I am so grateful for his help and will let USAA know too!

~ Cindy

Today Ray Burnett helped me out when I had a flat tire and no spare. He was so polite and friendly in his interactions with me. I’m a curious person and he let me watch the towing operation and answered my questions. He called me before I came, letting me know his name and his ETA.

~ Kriss

I want to commend Henry Gonzales. He helped us this evening with N issue with our car. He was so patient and did an exceptional job. Thank you Henry.

~ Geraldine

I experienced Superb customer service last night when DJ (I believe it was) changed my poor punctured tire! He was courteous, friendly, and best of all, FAST! (He came to my house well before the estimated waiting time Keep up the good work, and as I DO have a big mouth, I will tell everyone I know how impressed I was with his service!

~ Shannon

I am a former business owner and now work for the City and County of Denver so I am not a stranger to the personalities of strangers. Yesterday I was in an accident and your driver, Ray Bennett, was dispatched to come tow my car. You have an incredible employee in him. He showed up much quicker than expected and when he got out of his truck, he had a smile on his face as though he was happy to be there. That smile never left his face from the time he got out of his truck to the time he drove off. He demeanor is something that many tow truck drivers don’t have. I have met many tow truck drivers whose attitude’s weren’t very impressive. I mentioned that it was nice that we weren’t having to stand in the rain and his response was, I like doing this in any weather especially the snow (again with a smile). Good employees are not always hard to find but keeping them happy is another thing. He’s a valuable asset to your company especially if he treats everyone like he treated my husband and myself. Keep him close and don’t disregard him as just another “hire on”.
Thanks for the service.

~ Tristina

Dan Hunt came out in the cold and rain to jump my car at night. Fast, friendly and saved the night! Thanks!

~ Eric

Rupert and Patrick Lee THANK YOU!!!
Total gentleman, clean, professional and reliable!

If you need a wonderful company especially in a stressful situation call these guys!!!

Thank you so much for your help! Believe it or not you really helped keep me warm and eliminate some of our stress 🙂

~ Carrie & Gary

William COS-205 was great with my towing experience!!! My car would not start and when jump started made an awful noise. On Sunday, he arrived to tow it to the dealership. The car was nose in the garage at the end of a steep downhill driveway – he was knowledgable about how to unlock the drive to set it up to be towed, noticed the windows were down and was able to put those up- knowing rain showers were forecasted for the evening and safely took my car to the dealership where it was ready to be inspected Monday morning. He was courteous and worked quickly and safely. Since my car was at my friends home, he kept me well informed. Thank you for the great service!!

~ Dee Dee

Imagine being on your way work, running over a giant nail, and then getting a flat tire. What a bummer way to start a Friday morning! A call to AAA ensued, and a short time later came Mr. Donnie Howell to the rescue. I so appreciated Mr. Howell’s courteous, friendly, and quick service. The flat tire was changed in a jiffy, and I was on my way. Thank you, Mr. Howell!

~ Charee

I needed a tow after my car broke down and while out of town. Wil F. came to my rescue quickly and took care of me in a very efficient and professional manner. Grateful, BC

~ Bill C.

I had the misfortune of having a dead battery in my vehicle. My vehicle needed to be towed , so I called AAA and Auto Towing came to transport my vehicle. The driver’s name was Roland. He was professional and courteous and what started out as a rough morning was made much easier to handle. Thanks to Roland and his patience all went well in getting the vehicle moved to the shop so that new battery could be installed. Thank you!

~ Sue

excellent customer service from the driver Kevan Baggus. Since my wife has arthritis, we especially appreciated his help.

~ Walt & Jan

This afternoon we called AAA and they sent Auto Towing inc out. Ray B. Picked up our broken down Jeep and delivered it to the repair shop. He was profesional and courteous and was very polite. I really appreciate when good companies have good employees and Ray is certainly one.

Thank You,

Greg E.

~ Greg E.

Roland was my driver yesterday and was so professional and helpful. He dropped me off at work and was so prompt after he called me. Thanks again.

~ Darla

As I was pulling out of my Neurologists office parking lot, my 2001 Chevy Blazer decided she did not want to go any further, she chugged & then that was as far as I got, I called AAA & they sent out Rupert Tafoya, he was nice enough to call me & tell me how far out he was & how soon he would be there, to tow my Blazer.
I walk with a cane & do not do stairs nor steps up. I took one look at the Tow Truck & wondered how in the heck I was gettin up in there.
Rupert being the very nice person that he was, assured me that we would do it together! Thanks to Rupert I made it up in the Tow Truck, & then when we pulled up to my home he, made it a point to turn around so that the curb would be to my door, & he helped me step down out of the Tow Truck!
“What a great soul” There definitely needs to be many more like you in this World Rupert! He made a not so great day, so much better!
Peace, Love, & Happiness to you Rupert ~Jo Ann

~ JoAnn

I recently ordered a AAA tow for a dead 1998 BMW and was helped by Ray Burnett. He was extremely professional, efficient and courteous. His truck was very new and he took great care not to damage my car. He is a very positive front person for your company.

~ John

Ray Burnett towed me today from Parker to Littleton Co. He was very professional and an awesome driver. Just wanted to say thanks. You have a great employee.

~ Brian

It’s never nice to wake up to a car sitting in a pool of transmission fluid but it turns out that a good tow truck driver can really help the situation. Dan Hunt came to my house approximately 15 minutes after I submitted the service call on AAA’s website. He was fast, gentle with my car, and polite.

~ Ella

Just wanted to thank your company and Dan Hunt in particular for the great job they did taking my trike to the shop. Dan was very careful and a real nice guy. He is a real asset to your company. Thanks again

~ George

Today my car broke down in the middle of an extremely busy intersection. The driver side wheel became disconnected and my car hit the pavement only on three wheels. Ray Burnett was sent to the scene and not only was he there within ten min to assist he was friendly, professional, well knowledged, and let me know what he was doing every step of the way. I had no idea how he was going to get the car onto the truck considering there were only three tires to work with and steering was a mess. Ray was awesome and I would recommend him and your company to anyone who asks. Thank you Ray and thanks to Auto Towing.

~ Kerry P.

Jerry Mendoza did such a wonderful job. He is very polite, calm and pleasant. The vehicle was in such a difficult and awkward position but without hesitation Jerry got the vehicle safely loaded with no issues. The customer was beyond pleased with the service Jerry performed and had such a wonderful experience. She would be more than happy to request us everytime she needs a tow and a professional service done.

~ Ann H.

So efficient, professional and friendly – SHERRI TETREAULT! Sherri came out to change my flat on my car and she was GREAT!!! Thank you thank you thank you for the great, fast, and friendly service!!!!

~ Marie

Your employee, Daniel Gorman, came to my rescue last night. My Toyota Corolla wouldn’t start. Fortunately, this occurred at my aunt’s house. I called USAA for road service assistance and your company was sent. Daniel was able to see what my problem was (bad cable connection on the battery), which saved me a lot of worrying and fretting. He towed my car to the CarX Service garage I use and my day ended a lot better thanks to Daniel.

~ Loretta

Dan Hunt assisted us today….it was a very easy and reliable process-we didnt even have to follow him to the shop. Thanks Dan and company for the excellent service!!!!

~ Taylor C.

Last week I had a flat an no spare my roadside assistance sent a young man named Rodney san428 is his driver #. It was early in the morning he was there very rapidly an was the nicest man. Its hard to find good help these days an especially one with a pleasant, an professional attitude… He deserves a raise in my book. Thank you for hiring a great worker!!!

~ Kelly

I just recently needed a tow, called triple a to help me and Sean Rosen was the gentleman who came to help me. He was super helpful and knowledgable. I had a great experience!

~ Amy L.

This is my first time using this company, and I must say it was a great first time experience. The driver was supposed to come withing a hour time frame, and he showed up earlier which worked best for me. He came and got right to his job, and he did it quick and sent me on my way. I recommend this towing service.

~ Iesha

William G is the most pleasant guy you’ll get to meet!
After we’ve been stranded on the side of the highway he made our journey back very comfortable.
Very very nice guy!can’ t thank him enough!
5 star service!

~ Andre T.

Yesterday after coming out of a store my Ford Ranger would not start. I called AAA for towing to the dealer that always services our vehicles. AAA sent Auto Towing Inc and the driver/operator was Michael Jackson.

Michael was beyond great! He was professional, friendly,and efficient. He answered all my questions thoroughly and without any BS. He took great care of, and with, my truck. He demonstrated extraordinary proficiency and I am grateful.

Thank you Michael and thank you Auto Towing Inc.

~ Bob W.


~ LeAnn

My husband and I broke down after 11 pm on Wednesday the 22nd. Rupert came out and towed us home. He provided excellent customer and was very friendly and professional. We really appreciated our quick service and we wanted to thank him again.

~ Pauletta

Best tow service I’ve ever had! When my car wouldn’t start Roland arrived well before AAA said he would be on site. He got my car loaded quickly and delivered to the mechanic as fast as possible. He was polite, prompt, and professional with his service. Will definitely call Auto Towing before I call anyone else. Thanks again, Roland!

~ Josh M.

Had an antique sports car with locked up brakes. Sean Rosen was extremely professional and resourceful. He was able to get my car moved and onto his flatbed with no issues and no damage to my car.

~ Jon T.

You guys are great! Roland was friendly and loaded my truck faster than I’ve ever seen it done, I will only use your towing company from now on. Great job!

~ Jack Y.

While picking up my oldest daughter from school, my car decided it was taking a nap and refused to start. Not only did they get to me in under 30 mins but the driver was absolutely amazing. William G. saw that my daughter was cold and he stopped loading up my car to get her his coat. He was extremely professional and funny. Had us laughing and feeling comfortable the entire time. He was also very quick and accurate in his work. Checked his work along the way to ensure my car was secure. I was extremely impressed. Thank you William.

~ Rachael S.

What I like about these guys is that they were not pushy and took the time to listen then figure out how they could help.

~ Max L.

The most efficient tow service I have used! Dan Hunt responded quickly to the call after a Colorado Springs pothole took out 2 tires on my new car. Dan put me at ease as he CAREFULLY and efficiently loaded my car onto his flat bed. He was courteous and patient even though it was dark and cold. Thank you, Dan, for making a miserable night a little bit better.

~ Milisa

While picking up my oldest daughter from school, my car decided it was taking a nap and refused to start. Not only did they get to me in under 30 mins but the driver was absolutely amazing. William G. saw that my daughter was cold and he stopped loading up my car to get her his coat. He was extremely professional and funny. Had us laughing and feeling comfortable the entire time. He was also very quick and accurate in his work. Checked his work along the way to ensure my car was secure. I was extremely impressed. Thank you William.

~ Rachael

Pete towed my car from a shop to my home where I’ll be doing further repairs. He was very prompt and polite, and especially careful with my car. Pete was engaging in conversation but didn’t waste time. He was extra careful when delivering my car to my garage and helped me place just where it needed to be. A really great job!

~ Lee H.

I was just picked up before the estimated time by a very professional, nice driver named Jayson Campbell. He was not only concerned for my safety, wanting me to sit in the truck while he loaded my car, but his friendly manor was very welcome! Thank you for an exceptional experience!

~ Louise T.

Fast, friendly and absolutely professional service from your driver Sherri Tetreault on Saturday, 18 April, when I threw a rod on busy Route 36 between Denver and Boulder.

~ Michael D.

Auto towing was fast, service very friendly, knowledgeable when my car didn’t start. Sherri Tetreault, tow truck driver, surprised me on how polite and efficient she is. Sherri Rocks!!!

~ Malka T.

I would like to complement Roland for his great service this week. It only took about 20 min. for him to come pick me up and tow my car to the garage. He was very friendly and helpful! He even laughed at my husband’s jokes!

~ Kay A.

I would like to thank Dan Hunt. Today, 4/16, I called USAA roadside assistance because my Audi was not starting. They dispatched Auto Towing, Inc. and Dan showed up in 30 minutes. He was extremely professional and courtious. Within a few minutes he had my car ready to transport to the dealership. Thanks Dan!!

~ Troy L.

Today, Jerry was the person who came to my rescue. I just wanted to share the experience I had. Jerry kept in touch with me on his progress to my location. He offered loads of help and got my car on the truck quickly. In route to my home I needed to change my destination to have my car taken to the dealership. Jerry was very accommodating in contacting his dispatch and letting me know what I needed to do to make the change. Jerry was very nice, appropriately engaging and even bought me a bottle of water while we waited for the changed order. I hope he is viewed as a valuable employee. Thanks for making a annoying situation much better.

~ Salene

I was impressed with Rupert Tafoya. I locked my car with the keys inside. I needed to be somewhere fast. They took me seriously about time being of the essence. They arrived promptly and opened the door in under 30 seconds. Most people get lost on their way to my place despite GPS because I live on country roads. There was no delay. A first! Rupert’s demeanor, efficiency and friendliness turned my ordeal into a very satisfactory experience,

~ I.Jirik

I really appreciate the service from Auto Towing, Inc. We needed to use it this morning and I Think Dan Hunt/180 Zulu
was a great example for “Customer Service”. We think someone needs to know that he is appreciated and was
so helpful to us. Thank You!

Karen Hathcock
Tom Hathcock(dad)

~ Tom H.

auto towing picked me and my car up when I had a flat today. Sean Rosen was timely and curteous. The truck was clean and I appreciate Sean’s professional attitude. Thanks!

~ Tahra J.

DJ Reed towed us yesterday from Parker to Northglenn Co. He was very professional and an awesome driver. Just wanted to say thanks. You have a great employee.

~ Ric M.

Today I had the best towing service. ” 180 Charlie” Roland Quintanilla was my driver. He had exceptional service. He was on the sitte within 10-15 minutes. He pulled my car safely and was very polite and friendly. If I ever need a tow again , I’m going to request auto towing again.

~ Alyssa D.

I would like to thank William G. He came to our house 4/13/15 at 8pm to either jumpstart our car or tow it to the dealer. He got the car started and at 8:45 he followed me to the dealer’s lot. He was extremely healpful and polite. William is an asset to your firm.

~ Richard S.

I would like to compliment Sean Rosen on his professional, courtesous and politeness. Several weeks ago,my chevy suburban broke down and Sean was dispatched.When he arrived he was very knowledgeable, profesional and polite. It was snowing and cold. While he prepared my vehicle to be lifted onto his flatbed tow truck,he allowed me to sit inside his truck to warm up. I had my neck operated on several years ago and a metal plate was inserted. I have used several other tow trucks in the past and by far this company beats all the others. I would use this company any time and will recommend this company to anyone who needs a tow. I own a limousine company in Denver for 12 years.

~ Bob S.

Rupert did a great job towing my 1938 Chevy, he was on time, polite and clearly demonstrated the skill to tow my classic car with no problems but more than that he treated my car as if it were his own. Thank you for the excellent customer service!

~ Art A.

Was extremely impressed with Auto towing . My car broke down and my insurance company called them . They were at my car fast. Joey was professional and really nice. He was gentle with my suburban . I was already stressed from a really bad experience with a tow company last year. I would recommend this company to all my friends and used them again . Thank you Joey

~ Michelle R.

I worked with Sean Rosen this past Friday night in denver and he was a pure pro and a delight to work with.

Superb care and handling of my Mercedes and a great guy.

thanks Sean


~ Dean

On 4/9 had a blow out and called AAA, driveer showed up in short order. William G. COS-205 towed our Astro Van. He was very polite and loaded the van quickly. His overall job was great.

~ Larry M.

Big thanks to Mark(SAN 417)! He called several times to find where I was with my disabled car. He was very understanding when I needed to change my destination. He even called the towing company so they could call MY insurance to expedit service! Thank you!!

~ Ana S.

Having only had to call a tow truck one other time in my lifetime, this was the best experience I have has. Have heard some real horror stories, but this by far exceeded my expectations and hopes.
Thank you Sprinter Finch! (180 Whiskey)!!!!!! You and your partner were Awesome! Eased my mind carried my truck as if it was yours and treated me with ease!

~ Cyndee S.

My 98 Jeep Cherokee was picked up by Mark here in San Antonio this afternoon, April 9th. I did owe an excess miles charge and paid it by phone, but I want to compliment Mark, the man who did the pickup. He had the best sense of humor, and gave me the best service, of any wrecker operator I have ever had, and since I’m 81 years old, I have had quite a few.

Please thank him for me.

Roy Huff

~ Roy H.

Yesterday, my card dropped dead in the middle of the street. I called my insurance company who had me call their road assistance line. The lady told me I would get an automated return call with who would be there and when. I did get a call and the automated response said it would be an hour and fifteen minutes. Needless to say, I was not a happy camper for the wait. Luckily my car started and was good enough to last til I could drive up to the VA hospital parking lot. Fifteen minutes later, Joey arrived with the tow truck, efficiently hooked up the car and drove me to the house.

Service was efficient, clean (both truck and Joey) and friendly. Joey acted like he was taking care of his Mom. I was comfortable and enjoyed the conversation. I am so thankful to Autotowing Inc for their quick service. It made what was a horrible experience a deal more pleasant to bear. My sincere thanks. I would recommend these guys to anyone who needs a professional tow with superior service. Extra $$$ in his Xmas packet is a must!

~ Theda F.


~ John K.

had 2 instances in the course of 2 weeks, needing towing/or jump. I believe the 1st fellow was Robert, whom performed awesome. He was told by AAA that it was a tow, when all that was needed was a jump, he adapted quickly and got my wife’s vehicle going. The 2nd fellow about 10 days later was William G, he came and actually towed my wife’s vehicle. Very personable and helpful.

~ Richard P.

Just wanted to give kudos and appreciation to professional driver Cisco, here in lovely Pueblo, Colorado. I am a AAA Plus member and needed a tow where I was stranded with a car that I was attempting to purchase. He was so prompt that I felt like only 20 minutes went by from the time I called my auto club to the time that Cisco arrived. He was so attentive and professional and even inspected the car to see if he might be able to get it going first. As a woman I always feel extremely vulnerable when left stranded by a broken vehicle, but this excellent service provider made it a very nice experience. Wonderful!

~ Diana B.

I had to have a my pickup truck towed and DJ came to the rescue. He was very professional and courteous. I would recommend this company in a heartbeat.

~ Amanda S.

4/4/15- 6:00pm Arvada, CO 80005.
S-10 Pick Up truck died in traffic.
Called AAA for towing service.
DJ Reed responded promptly.
Handled the situation professionally.
Likeable guy, knew his trade.
Delivered myself and the truck to my Mechanic.
Departed as promptly as he arrived.
I am old, cranky and not easily impressed, I was impressed.

~ Tom S.

Ray Burnett was extreamlly helpful in getting us where we needed to go thx auto towing

~ Josh W

Big thanks to Mason Robinson (180 Charlie) who was super friendly and easy going despite being at the end of a long shift. He was nice to talk to on the drive and after dropping off my car he helped me push it into the garage. Arrived earlier than I was quoted and was very knowledgeable!

~ Andy

HUGE thank you to Kieshia Lewis! She says she’s only been towing for you guys for a week or so now – but she is super fast, and friendly. She was very patient with me and my horrible car. I can’t speak highly enough of her. If you’re able to give her a raise, or more hours or whatever you gotta do – make sure you treat her right, she was awesome today!

~ Josh

Roland (180 Charlie) of Colorado Springs did an outstanding job helping me out this morning . I had just purchased a used Prius and didn’t know anything about the towing package. He helped figure it out and got me to the repair shop. Very polite prompt and professional service.

~ Jeff

I called AAA today for service and they sent Dan Hunt (180 Zulu) and he provided great service. I would recommend him to anybody who needs road auto service. He was there within the hour that AAA quoted me and called me to give me an update when he was about 10 minutes away. When he arrived he was polite and professional. Thank you Dan for the great service!

~ Mike

Kieshia called when she was on her way. She was very courteous and professional and diagnosed and resolved our car problem quickly..

~ Mark

I would like to compliment your company on taking the time to hire an employee such as Dan Hunt. He happened to be the tow driver who responded when my car wouldn’t start. I was not in my home town when it happened so I was frustrated and very stressed needless to say.. Your driver overlooked all of this. He allowed me to talk a mile a minute for 45 MINUTES and was sweet as could be! He made sure I was comfortable & ok at the service garage before he left. All of that meant everything to me. Thank you

~ Judy

Rupert Tafoya was dispatched to tow my Ford Escape from six street back to my residence. Unfortunately for Mr. Tafoya, I was having a pretty terrible day and blowing out a tire on my way home was just the cherry on top. Rupert was extremely helpful by not only towing my car home but by also recommending shops I should take my car into for the best deals on new tires. Before leaving he answered the copious amount of questions I asked, wrote down all of the information I would need including the tire size as well as the phone number of the shop and employees I should ask for and finally he took on the role of the therapist by listening to me cry and comforting me without judgment. I have already begun recommending Auto Towing, Inc. specifically Rupert to my friends and family. It was a pleasant surprise to be reminded that there are still goodhearted people and kind people in the world who are dedicated to their jobs and committed to positive customer service. Mr. Tafoya is a hard-working individual who single-handedly turned around my God awful day. I just wanted to personally thank Rupert for all of his help this evening. Auto Towing, Inc. is lucky to have such a fantastic employee.

~ Ashlyn

Darren S. Driver #217 showed up for my AAA tow a triple P (professional, polite and presentable). I did not have to wait for long and the per mile after my covered mileage was reasonable. Congratulations to Micheal and Tamara Stine for running such a great business!

~ Angel

I just want to recognize Erick Fields for the outstanding service he provided to myself and my daughter on Tuesday evening. He was courteous, professional and is a credit to your company. Great job and thanks for the super service!

~ Glenn

Hey guys, I just got towed by Kieshia Lewis out here in Aurora, Colorado. I can’t believe she’s only been there for a week, she is quick! She really did a great job today, and I can’t speak highly enough for her. I just needed to say another big thank you to her, and your company. Seriously great work, you guys saved my ass. Give that woman a raise or something! Thanks again!

~ Joshua W.

I would like to send my kudos to Mike Huerta, who was called to tow my van. Getting it on the truck was a challenge, as the rear wheels were locked, but he called on help and made sure my vehicle was towed safely home. He was a great example of what your company represents, and please make sure he is treated accordingly. Thanks to Auto Towing for making a stressful situation easier!

~ Victor

Absolutely the BEST!!! They literally were the only one that would listen to me on a Sunday evening when everyone was closed. Me and a friend and her kids were stranded in pueblo colorado coming back from New Mexico, they came to our rescue, made an assessment of the situation, fixed the problem and put us back on the road. This is not your typical auto company. I wish I could of made them dinner to thank them. Reasonable rates and you really can’t put a price on honesty, compassion, and integrity. Love this company.

~ Angela C.

William G showed up to pick up our car about 20 minutes before our insurance company contact said he would be here. He was professional and friendly and confirmed all of the information more than once. Great doing business with him.

~ Bob C.

Just wanted to say how much I appreciate the prompt service and professionalism Howard gave to me. I would definitely recommend Howard and auto towing to all my friends and family.

~ Eric U.

Howard / 225 came out to get us last night after a road hazard punctured our gas tank. After the fire dept cleared our vehicle for transport, Howard went the extra mile by not only delivering our car to our shop but also pushing it by hand into a slightly uphill parking spot so it could be oriented the right way to prevent any further leaking. Super professional and courteous.

~ Jim C.

Had my motorcycle picked on the 28th of March. Howard/225 was very professional and took care while loading and unloading my bike. Outstanding service. I was impressed when an assistant arrived as well to help. Thanks….

~ Dennis C.

William G was very professional and helpful in getting my truck home.. I Got it in my garage where it could be worked on. I would recommend him to my friends.

~ Steve G.

Just wanted you to know that I was VERY pleased with the service I received from William G. He was promoted and informative and arrived before the schedule time. A big help.
Colorado Springs, CO.

~ Shane R.

Dan Hunt / 180 Zulu was very professional and courteous. It’s never a “good” time for a tow but Dan made the circumstances as pleasant as he could. Thank you.

~ Brian C.

On short notice we needed a tow. Dan was professional, courteous and efficient. Excellent service.

~ Joe C.

Thanks a Million for All of your Help, we wouldn’t have made it to our Destination without you both. On Thursday, March 12th this year (2015) Rupert & his partner went above & beyond their job to help unload the cargo carrier and even helped move our grandson’s seats. They were quick & efficient and very thoughtful. My husband & I have never had an experience like this and are very grateful to have such caring people like Rupert & his partner . They are definitely an asset to your company. If karma exist, you both have the best coming to you. Thank you so much, you both are “Awesome”
Tammy H.
Austin, Texas

~ Tammy H.

Mr. Gordon called into dispatch and just wanted to let us know that Kevan Baggus (COS219) was very professional and was very mindful of my safety and his.
Thank you so much.

~ Gordon D.

We had our car towed by William G on Saturday March 21st and he was outstanding. A very polite, flexible, knowledgeable and helpful young man, he arrived in about 15 minutes after I made the call to USAA for a tow. Thank you William G and Autotowing! I hope the next time I need a tow USAA gets you on the phone.

~ Matt W.

Thank you for such a fast, courteous, and professional service. We were treated with so much respect as well as our vehicle. We highly recommend you. A special thank you to your staff/driver Sprinter Finch/180 Whiskey–great customer service!

~ Julius M.

Don called into dispatch to let us know that Dan Hunt (COS216) did an excellent job towing his vehicle and he will recommend him next time. He said he is an excellent driver!

~ Don C.

Tamaera called Dispatch to let us know that COS220(Donnie Howell) was an excellent Driver. She said that she has never experienced customer service on the level presented tonight by the driver. The driver went above and beyond to make sure that she was comfortable and he even went as far as walking her to her door to make sure she got inside safely.

~ Tamaera

Even on my worst day, stuck with no gas, on a downhill, they came to my rescue quickly. They went above and beyond to ensure our safety and keep us smiling. I will definitely use their services again!

William G 180 Bravo was our savior 3-19-15

~ Lindsey

My car broke down today and Dan Hunt came to my rescue! What a wonderful, helpful man! He made a stressful situation one that was handled quickly and professional. Thank you very much! Please let Dan Hunt/180zulu how very pleased I was!

~ Marsha F.

Today I had a flat tire. I called AAA and they sent a gentleman from Auto Towing Inc to replace it with my spare. Dan H / 180 Zulu was prompt, fast and very courteous. I was very pleased with the service I received from Dan. Thank you.

~ Jonell

Good towing service from Josh, COS 212, 180-Tango on Monday 3/16/2015. Appreciate his help. I was looking for a customer service questionaire on your site but could not find it. Please let him knowI was pleased with his help

~ P. B.

After our auto broke down we were assigned this towing company by our insurance company. The service was provided in a timely, professional, friendly manner. William G was the driver. Knew what he was doing and he proved to be a great representative of the company. Thanks

~ James G.

I just to let the company to know that your driver Henry Gonzales did a great job helping us today with our towing thru our insurance. He was helpful with information and patiently understood our issues. I will use the company next time I have an issue with towing. Thank you.

~ Roy A.

Really appreciated the friendly service from Auto Towing (Dan Hunt/180 Zulu)! My car was certainly not in the easiest of parking lots, let alone for a tow truck. They handled it beautifully and were great to talk to on the way to get my car fixed. Thanks so much 🙂

~ Zaynib H.

Michael Jackson did a good job of towing our car the other day. He had to push it out of our drive and onto the street before he could load it on the truck. He secured the car perfectly before leaving.

~ Hal H.

Kudos to Dan Hunt. I live on a steep hill and my car was inoperable but inside the garage. The first tow operator sent by AAA was unable to get to the vehicle. He called for a 4 wheel drive tow truck and they sent Dan. He did not have 4 wheel drive but was easily able to navigate the steep hill and icy conditions to safely get my vehicle to the shop.

~ Tom W.

I called AAA, Auto Towing was dispatched, and arrived within 45 minutes. Their driver DJ was very professional and courteous. I would highly recommend Auto Tow and their staff vehicle transport.

~ B. Richards

I broke down in Colorado off of !-25 because my car overheated. I called my insurance agency to use my Towing coverage. They told me that the towing people would be there in 45 minutes and he arrived in about 30 minutes. The gentleman name is William G ( 180 Brono ). He was very nice and just a all around cool dude. He hitched my car up in no time and we were on our way to drop my car off at a shop I chose randomly because it was on a Sunday and everything was closed. After dropping my car off I needed to find a way back to Denver and William was nice and concerned enough to drop me off at the Greyhound bus station. I give my experience with him and the company 5 out of 5 stars. Thanks Auto Towing and a special thanks to William G 180 Bravo.

~ Volleny

I’d like to thank Auto Towing operator Mike Jackson. He provided towing service in Monument, CO, on Wed., 11 Mar. He was prompt, professional, and courteous. Great job, great service, Mike. Thanks again.

~ Rich J.

Michael Jackson was my driver. He was courteous, professional, and efficient. Helped turn my sh!##y situation around with great service. 5 stars from me.

~ Sawyer C.

While I did not use your towing service, I was stranded with a flat/ busted tire on Markscheffle. I was in the process of trying to change my tire only to find the last bold could not be loosened by me. The only person to stop on this very busy road was one of your employees. His name is Ricky Rijouski. What a gentleman! It was his day off, escorting his mother to a doctors appointment and he was on his motorcycle! We ran into a few snags as I was parked in some soft gravel on the side of the road. With some problem solving we were able to change the tire and get my kids and I on our way. I can not say enough about how kind and helpful this man is. Based on this experience when I am in need of a tow, I will be contacting Auto Towing Inc.

~ Danielle P.

Mason Robinson (180 Charlie) was prompt, friendly, and all around a nice guy, this is the second time he’s helped me out, and if I’m ever in need again, I’ll call and request him.

~ Harlan

Yesterday I had to have my new car towed back to the dealership as the battery was dead and would not take a charge. Two gentlemen arrived. The first one I do not remember his name was very pleasant and polite and very efficient. When backing up to the garage he was spot on. However he was not able to help as the front wheels were locked and he was not certified for using skates (will be getting certified this Saturday) The second gentleman arrived ( Dan Hunt/i80zulu). He was very professional as well. He was careful not to damage the garage as the pull was very tight. He constantly checked to make sure everything was ok.
What you need to know is both of the men that showed up are an excellent representation of your brand. If we ever need any help ever I will be calling your company.
Warmest regards,

~ Valda G.

I wanted to take the opportunity to give you feedback about Mason Robinson I believe his call number is 180 Charlie who provided a service this past Sunday.
Mason could not have been more professional or provided better service he is a great representative of your company and I would not hesitate to utilize your services again based upon his performance, friendliness and professionalism.
Eric Steiner

~ Eric S.

I wanted to take the opportunity to give you feedback about Mason Robinson I believe his call number is 180 Charlie who provided a service this past Sunday.
Mason could not have been more professional or provided better service he is a great representative of your company and I would not hesitate to utilize your services again based upon his performance, friendliness and professionalism.
Eric Steiner

~ Eric S.

William G 180 Bravo was very professional and did a great job bringing home Mom’s jeep. He went out of his way to answer any questions or concerns I might have! He had great customer service.

~ Samantha G.

Many thanks to Dan Hunt, he rescued me from being locked out whole night because I left my car key, apartment keys and my phone in the car. Thank you again, and you’re very professional.

~ Hao-Chu Y.

Mason Robinson (180 Charlie) was very professional when he arrived to come pick up my work truck when II was stranded. After I called this company he came quickly if I had to time was roughly 10 mins. This company was very fast and the staff is very friendly and reliable. Thank you

~ Ben A.

I got William B. #180-PT5 for my driver. He was on time, courteous and professional. He towed my vehicle with care and was super informative. You guys have a great driver on your hands! Thank you so much!

~ Ryan G.

Pete Cardoza towed my truck from my house to a shop. This was the classiest man ever and super personable and very accommodating. I felt very safe with him towing my truck. Having a vehicle towed is NOT a highlight of anyone’s day. So having Pete’s very friendly, upbeat, happy attitude put me in a much better mood. I will be calling to request him personally if I ever need a tow. No offense, but I hpe I DO NOT have to call for a tow anytime soon. If I do, however, I know who to call!

~ Bonnie M.

I’d like to give my sincere thanks to a driver named Sprinter Finch and his truck 180 Whiskey. My car broke down at Fort Carson while I was on duty. Even with the frustration of getting lost on post, Mr. Finch remained calm, cool, collected, and nice as could be on the phone until he finally found my location. His positive attitude gave me confidence that my car is in good hands! Thank you so much for your hard work ethic and innate positivity.

~ Alli T.

A great big thanks to Mason, 180 Charlie He was early to have my car towed. He was very professional and really showed his outstanding customer service. I would recommend you all to anyone who wants efficient and professional customer service. Thanks. Mike C.

~ Mike C.

After hitting one of Colorado Springs many car eating potholes last night (two flats), Dan Hunt (180 Zulu) came to tow my car to a tire shop. It was after 9PM and he was there in about 20 minutes (through AAA). Dan was extremely courteous and competent. He took great care of my car and was professional and kind. I was very impressed and thankful.

~ Ken R.

March 6, 2015
After a finding a flat tire less than a mile from home the night before, I drove our Ford into the drive-way. Today we called AAA Roadside Service to change the tire because my husband had had minor surgery that morning. It’s been many years since I changed a tire!

The first man came in a pick-up truck but couldn’t find the tools in the Ford after looking several places. Unfortunately, we haven’t used the tools and didn’t remember where they are stored. The man called in for a tow truck to take the Ford to a nearby Tire World.

Then Pete Cardozo, a Knight in Shining Armor, arrived! He told me not to worry he had tools to do the job. I called Ford to have a tool kit set aside to be picked up later.

After changing the tire, checking the flat for damage, and putting the flat in the back, Pete walked me to the Ford and showed me where the tools are stored. Very surprised I was excited to know I didn’t have to pay $172 for a tool kit!

Pete is a problem solver, skilled, and has knowledge enough to do a second look for the tools!

Thank you very much!

~ Irene L.

The service I received today was above and beyond awesome! Sean was so kind and helpful.
My recommendation is 5 stars.

~ Dianna J.

The driver who towed my vehicle,William Berglof was very polite and friendly. William was also very professional I felt confident in releasing the car to him.

~ Betty G.

Michael Jackson and other driver (didn’t catch his name) winched my car out of my driveway this morning. They were extremely professional and kind. Thanks! Made my experience with your company a positive one!

~ Peggy W.

William G was extremely friendly and courteous today when he assisted in the towing of my vehicle, I’d recommend your company to my friends and family based on his assistance. Thank you.

~ Kelly H.

A HUGE thank you to Scott Spurling and Billy. Fast, friendly, and professional service. Both of you were AWESOME! Would recommend Auto Towing, Inc to everyone 🙂

~ Cindy V.

Came out of a movie late last night to bitter cold and snowy weather to a flat tire on our SUV. AAA contacted Auto Towing and said they’d be out in about 90 minutes. After finding a warm place to wait, received a call in about 15 minutes from Dan Hunt (180 Zulu) who was already at the vehicle. He put the spare on and within a few minutes we were on our way again. Dan was very courteous and efficient. Very much appreciated his help and quick response. THANK YOU, Dan, for your excellent customer service and for coming to our rescue! Will say that in reading some of the testimonial that I understand why AAA contacts Auto Towing – great work and great team! Thanks for what you do!

~ Larry N.

Mason R (180- Charlie) did a great job recently towing our car to the dealership. He was professional, courteous, and very careful, even making sure he didn’t leave any marks on our driveway. His service was greatly appreciated!

~ Jon D.

Dan Hunt provided my mother absolutely superb, immediate, emergency services and towing, within the hour of need, today. His operations, truck, explanations, and handling of the vehicle was prompt, careful, modern and up to date, and absolutely professional. I recommend Dan and the company without reservation.

~ Mike C.

180Zulu/Dan Hunt-We were very pleased with the service that Dan and his partner gave us last night. They were professional, courteous and helpful in a very trying situation. Thank you.

~ Beverly G.

I came out on lunch and my ignition switch broke, so I called roadside assistance and they dispatched your company. William G 180 Bravo was the tow truck driver that was sent to rescue my truck. I work at a call center and he was courteous enough to call me several times and patient enough to wait while I finished my call. I really appreciate his courtesy and professionalism. He offered to drop me off at home on the way to drop off my truck at the shop, unfortunately had to finish my shift, but really appreciated the kind offer! If I ever need a tow again I will be sure to call you guys. Thanks again!!

~ Amy V.

I just wanted to express my thanks to Donnie. He towed me after I had a flat in Colorado Springs. He clearly was working hard to get as many calls done that day while still handling my car with care. Thank you Donnie!

~ Jeremy D.

To Whom it May Concern,

I just received the best customer service from your driver. Mr. Joshua Gonzalez Jr., Driver 505 Mike, From the moment we spoke on the phone, during the drive over to the repair shop, and the delivering of my vehicle, he gave exemplary service. Very much a people person and very professional. I felt as, if was being taken care of a friend that I have known for years.

I would recommend your company services again and specifically, Joshua, to my friends and family.


Richard Estioko

~ Richard E.

I was parked just off a very busy thoroughfare on a residential community street, when I called
for assistance. I had hit a curb and punctured my right rear tire. After waiting an hour and ten minutes
I got a call from Mason R (180 Charlie). He was only ten minutes from me, when he called. His
concern was my safety (sitting partially on the roadway), and how I was feeling. He did arrive within
10 minutes, and was very professional in his relating to me, and on getting his tools and equipment
he would need to change my rear tire, and get my spare tire mounted, and the damaged tire into
my car’s carrying compartment. I very much appreciated Mason’s professional demeanor and excellent work. Thanks, Lon A.

~ Lon A.

I would like to say that Driver Mason Robinson 180 Charlie is a dedicated professional when it comes to facing adverse conditions.

He, his supervisor and another driver were needed to get my car out of a ditch and there was no damage whatsoever. They faced some adverse conditions being out in the country with no lighting, snow falling and temperatures steadily dropping and they overcame all of it.

Their customer service is outstanding.

Thanks for your Help!!!


I can see from reading the testimonials that William G Bravo has a long and distinguished history of excellent and courteous service. Yesterday my neighbor’s (90 year old woman) car broke down in downtown Colorado Springs during a snowy and bitter cold day. She managed to walk back to the apartment, but couldn’t remember the precise location of the car. We gave as much information as possible to AAA, but were a little concerned that the towing company would have trouble locating the car. Ten minutes later William called to say he was on his way. When my neighbor and I arrived at the car, William was already waiting there with a smile. He was so nice to this lady and assured her that everything was under control. Highest recommendation!

~ David M.

Would like to say a big Kudo’s to Dan Hunt – 180 Zulu who came to the rescue last night for my wife
and I. Horrible weather, blizzard like conditions and extremely cold, they showed up to my downed vehicle in
a strip mall parking lot very quickly. Very friendly and courteous, assessed the situation quickly, used a special method of towing for when a vehicles wheels do not turn, and got it swiftly and efficiently to the repair center I requested. Couldn’t have imagined better service and efficiency in such conditions.Thank you Dan for your brilliant work.

~ Richard W.

Hello, My car was too unsafe to drive when I had to pull over and get help. I had a great experience with your service. My insurance company, USAA, called in your service to help me. Quick, friendly, and professional attention from Charlie. He first asked if I was ok and if I needed to be dropped out to a safer place. I already had a friend on the way to pick me up and my friend arrived before Charlie left. Thank you so much. It’s one thing to just do your job but he showed just good kindness.

~ Elvira

Your Highly skilled driver Mr. Reed here in Colorado Springs is the guy to call when you need your suv dropped off in your one car garage. I was so pleased with his ability and his quickness. This company has great drivers and their fleet of trucks can get your problems towed to the correct spots. Many Thanks Jeff P.

~ Jeff P.

I am very grateful to Auto Towing for providing communication and towing service to me via my State Farm Roadside policy service.
William G was the employee who provided excellent and promotable tow service. He was polite, professional, and proficient! Thanks so much!

~ M T

My rental car broke down in 25 N in a midle of a snow storm. In less than half hour Mason Robinson show up and in minutes got the car on the truck bed. Mason Robinson did a great job, he was friendly and professional and I enjoyed riding with him to the rental company. The prompt service of “auto towing” save my day!! Thank you

~ Gabriel P.

The unexpected happened!
180zulu/Dan Hunt, was able to drive our Jeep out of the heavy snow on an unsealed driveway, on a junction to an unsealed road at midnight last night.
Our driveway starts very steeply from the unsealed road, it takes some navigating on the best of days, due to a ditch by the mountain side of our driveway. I unsuccessfully did not navigate well yesterday, & ended up in the bank of snow, my husband tried to drive it out, but to no avail, putting snow chains on did not help. The weather forecast remained snowy for another week. I tried calling AAA but they were busy, my husband thought to just call again in the morning, when it was daylight, however, I decided to try the internet site for AAA, and place my issue, with the possibility that we would be first in the morning, this was about 2115hrs last night. I could not believe that at 2240 Dan called me for instructions to our home, he was coming out tonight! His tow truck was not able to make it up the unsealed road, instead of leaving us, he came to our Jeep, asked permission from my husband to try driving it out of this situation. It was an education that he gave us….on a four wheel car, put the chains on the back wheels, put the manual stick from 4hi, to 4low. We were extremely grateful with his professionalism, politeness as well as his work. Thank you.

~ Susan

My car needed towing off a challenging narrow dirt road at a steep incline in slick snow and ice. William G 180Bravo easily managed the tight turns and in a very limited space within mere inches got my car on the truck bed. William did a great job making this difficult tow, his accuracy was impressive. Was really concerned initially about getting unstuck from this spot but he did it! Very happy with service and with how the company communicates together and with customers.
Really appreciate your help!

~ T M

I just wanted to mention that I had excellent service from William G. Bravo from Auto Towing.
I had to have my truck hauled to my mechanic Hutch because it wouldn’t start. AAA said it would take up to 160 minutes. William was there within 30 minutes ! He was smiling and in great spirit which made spirit a bit more happier too. William was polite and extremely nice !
Thank you for sending him my way. He made a miserable day turn out a bit better !
Thank you,

~ Kitty

I called AAA to tow my old Altima to Aspen Auto Clinic. A previous younger tow truck driver was here last Friday and spent 20 mins evaluating but We didnt tow it & waited until today Monday. Today, Donnie Howell came and worked on the Altima. He is the best tow truck driver I’ve known. We have 7 inches of snow today. He took some extra time, evaluated the problem & really listened to the cranking engine. He hooked it up to the battery charger, battery a little low but not completely gone. He heard the engine gurgling sounds & worked with it & got it started!!!??!! Cold weather + the engine was flooded but started. I will take it out later to get it checked out. Donnie went the extra mile with me. I would recommend him to anyone!!! I called AAA and gave them a verbal thank you. He waited, took the time and restarted the Altima 3 times pausing in between to make sure it would turn over. Hes a wonderful representative and knows cars!!! Thank you Donnie!!!

~ Myrna

Service was excellent with a quick response, polite technician. Car was loaded on the truck and headed to the shop in no time at all. Thanks Dan Hunt (180 Zulu). -The Housmans

~ The Housman's

My wife’s car broke down today in Colorado springs and she called AAA who dispatched Brandon Lyden “205 papa”. what a super nice guy, he got there very quickly and was very competent and professional, had it all hooked up and ready to tow back to our mechanic in pueblo in just a few minutes. He was not only all the above he was just super friendly and helpful which is really helpful in a stressfull situation like that. We would absolutely cakk him again.

~ David B.

I was very pleased with the prompt, quality customer service I got from Rupert T. today. He was very courteous and I will be using this company for any future towing needs. Thank you!!

~ Teri B.

The driver was on time and very polite and beyond helpful. Willam G “180BRAVO” picked my car up and dropped it off with care. He was polite and friendly. Would use your company again.

~ Annette

William G was incredibly efficient, friendly, and helpful when I broke down in a terrible spot. I’ve never seen anyone load a car up so quickly. Thanks a million!

~ Matthew M.

hello, I wanted to thank the driver that towed our car all the way from Colorado springs to woodland park in the snow and wind. his name is Riki (180 November) he was very helpful and pleasant to talk to on the ride up the mountains. very polite and easy to talk to. very good experience. good guy. I wish him all the best. don’t meet too many young men like him nowadays. Thanks for being there.

~ Johnny F.

Thanks (exponentially) or x 1000 to William G. (180Bravo).

I was stranded on I-25 N on Sunday, February 15th and a very helpful and positive person came with a wrecker to ferry my stranded vehicle to the car dealer.

I cannot express to you how when a person is stranded what a benefit it is to meet a person with a positive attitude in what is usually a dismal situation at best. Not only was he(William G) positive. He thought of my safety and let me know when the traffic on the interstate abated so that I can exit the driver side without risking my safety.

He was simply the best thing to arrive in a dismal situation.

I cannot thank him, William, enough. He arrived timely and was excellent.

Also, thanking him I thank you for having good personnel that uphold values that are human and once were common in everyday life.

… I will relay to my friends your number. Do you service Denver?

PS if I am ever in Colorado Springs, I would gladly call to say Hello.

~ Christopher A.


~ Ruby A.

It doesn’t rain here very often but as luck would have it, my SUV picks one of those rare rainy, cold nights to break down. I called for a tow truck and Josh, driving 180-Tango, was there in about 10 quick minutes. He had it loaded and ready quickly. He was very friendly to my kids and me. And delivered my vehicle safely and to the exact location. Overall, one of, if not the best, tow truck experiences I’ve ever had. Thank you! You will be getting my business again and my recommendation to friends and family.

~ Matthew M.




~ Kathleen L.

I would like to say that the driver that came to help me, Howard was very professional, courteous and I didn’t have to
wait very long before he arrived. Howard helped me change a tire that I was not able to remove. Thank you Howard.
I will recommend this company to anyone I know, if they need auto assistance.

~ Raymond H.

Driver Howard is an amazing employee. He really knows how to keep the customer in mind with every conversation I had with him. He was highly informative by telling me of a job before me, asking necessary information of the state of my truck, and when he was done he called again to let me know he was on his way.

~ J. F.

I had to be towed recently from Colorado Springs to a rural town recently and was most pleased by the professional kind service that was provided. Sprinter was very respectful and most dedicated to making the experience a positive one. Most appreciative of the great personable service given.

~ P. Adams

I had a great experience with Auto Towing Inc. Donnie Howell was my tow truck driver. He provided quick, honest, and quality service. (I’ve never heard of this company or am being asked to write this testimonial by any of the employees). I truly felt that I had a great experience and that my car was transported quickly and safety to the dealership for repairs. Thank you for you service and although I’d like to do business with you again, I truly hope that I don’t have too. That is I hope my car doesn’t break down again. But if it does I know who I’m calling.

~ Andrew H.

I wanted to say thank you to Joshuah Gonzalez Jr for a job well done. Joshuah and the young man with him were very helpful, professional and nice.

~ Elia M.

I80 charlie (Mason Robinson) was a delight. Extremely polite and professional. He was able to get my car onto the tow truck in a very tight spot.

Never got frustrated and was very curtious. I highly recommended this company!

~ Lori J.

Darin and Pete from Colorado springs did an outstanding job. I was stuck in a parking garage and they pushed my car down 4 levels to get it out to the tow truck. They did this enthusiastically. This showed their dedication to their job and that they really care about the reputation of their company. Great service!

~ Kelly H.

I was very happy with the service I received this morning from Jason Campbell, call sign 420 Tango. He was very polite, prompt, and knowledgeable. Thank you very much.

~ Susan M.

Great Job! Henry (505foxtrot) took great care of my Mercedes, he listen to tips from me based on past tows to ensure no damage was done, and was very methodical in ensuring the car got onto his truck without any issues, and same when he dropped off the car. For sure I would use them again for future work!

~ Ashwin C.

I would like to say that Mr.Richard Salinas San Antonio, TX ID number 505zulu did a great job for me. First when my car broke down he pull and completely stop the traffic for me. Then he had to do a quick pick up. By the time I called USAA to get some help with a tow truck Mr. Richard was back within about 3 minutes. That is crazy. That was amazing. I would recomend Mr. Richard to all of my friend. I own a Limousine business here.

~ Michael M.

Don’t want to put my real name, but i will say this on jan 18 from around 1700 till like 2030, sprinter finch was my hero, he picked up my toyota, drop it off at the tow shop, took me and picked up another vic, then took me back to post, i left my room key on my car keys at the shop, he turned around came and got me, dropped the other car off, we went and got my key, he returned me to post in one piece. nice friendly guy, sociable, has a good story to tell. he made it all easy and bearable. it’s true as his dispatcher said- “you that guy’s hero tonight” lol.

~ Anonymous

Last Friday and man named Sprinter Finch in truck 180 Whiskey helped me recover my station wagon. He was incredibly professional and helpful in getting the 2ton car onto the truck without damaging anything on the vehicle even though it was resting on the ground. I can’t thank him enough for getting my project car back home with no damage.

~ Joe H.

My car wouldn’t start, it was cold at night, and my car was blocking a business. I called my roadside service and they sent Patrick Lee who arrived as quickly as he could. Patrick went to work trying to diagnose the problem, and he was thorough, professional, skilled, and generous in his kindness and reassuring aid. My car though is (this happened just hours ago) non fuctional. Patrick towed me to my repair opportunity, helped me fill out the key drop method, and made sure I was well and safe and on my way home reliably. Truly, as the storm rolls in, he has been the bright spot in this whole affair. Thank you for his quality and service.

~ Kimball W.

Pete Cardozo picked up my car with a flat tire yesterday and took it and me to Tire World. What a great guy!

~ Diane H.

Had the privilege of interacting with Mason today. Very personable, timely and competent. Displayed a great attitude and a winning smile. Based on my experience, I would certainly recommend your company/service to others.

~ Victoria S.

Hi Julian,
I understand you are a manager, and I am a customer in Colorado Springs. I wanted to offer my thanks and compliments to one of your Service Techs, DJ Reed. Last Friday night I found myself slipping down a hill into a burm and large boulder ending with my car teetering precariously with only one wheel touching the ground on top of said boulder.

DJ Reed came to the scene and painstakingly worked to get my car down off of the rock without shredding the bottom of my car. DJ took the time needed to get the job done working carefully and safely. He even noticed my daughters backpack in the back seat and drew my attention to it just before the car was going to be towed away.

Thanks to DJ for such great service at a stressful time!

Best regards,
Barbara Thatcher

~ Barbara T.

I loved the customer service I received from Sprinter Finch, the truck he drove was 180 Whiskey and he was very professional and I had a great time talking to him. He was very friendly and very respectful and answered all my questions that I had. I appreciate everything Sprinter and Auto Towing for towing my car. Thank you so much!!!

~ Emma L.

I recently had my car towed by driver 505 charlie Jerry. He did an awesome job. Great attitude, efficient, and timely. I give this guy a 5 out of 5. I would definitely call him again. Treat him well. Anyone who can do that good of a job with a smile in 30 degree rainy weather is a keeper.

~ Thomas M.

Thank you to DJ Reed who towed our disabled car to a shop after the clutch broke last night in negative degree weather and total darkness near Union and Briargate! He wouldn’t even let us stay to make sure he got the car loaded before waving us on to, as he said, “have a better evening.” What a great employee you have!
Sara in Colorado Springs

~ Sara B.

Mr: sprinter finch really went out of his way tonight to make sure my flat tire was repaired so that I was able to get home. He was fast, professional, and very kind. Thank you sprinter! (:

~ Barbara B.

These guys are pros. We just had a great experience with Sprinter Finch from Auto Towing inc. He was professional and very kind. Above and beyond. Quick and efficient. I was with my 75 year old dad and He even offered to help transfer luggage from one car to another. We won’t be calling anyone else and will be recommending you guys to everyone. He gave me his card. Make sure to ask for Sprinter Finch – truck 180 whiskey.
Appreciate it!!!!

~ Ryan H.

My car was damaged today while parked in front of my house. To say the least this was devastating for me since I am a Home Health Care nurse and we only have one car. The gentleman who came out to tow the car, Sprinter Finch, was very sympathetic and professional. He was very careful when getting my car on the tow truck and cleaned the street of debris from the collision. I highly recommend this company and this wonderful gentleman.

~ Cheryl C.

Howard of Colorado Springs went out of his way to get me towed in a fast, efficient and safe way on a snowy morning. He was extremely professional also.

~ Gery R.

I recently was stuck in a neighbors driveway and couldn’t get out since I was high centered in my truck. I called AAA to arrange for a tow and they told me it would be 4 hours before someone could get to me. I was furious, but about 30 mins later I got a call from DJ one of you Autotowing techs and he said he would be there in about 20-25mins. Good to his word he made it in less than 25 mins and got me out. He immediately assessed the situation and got be out of the bank. In my book he’s the man! He saved me over 3 hours of sitting around waiting or having my wife come out on that cold night where temperatures were below zero which is what I was arranging, just before he called me. Again DJ you rock! Thanks again for getting there so quickly and getting me out f the snow drift.

~ Kevin B.

I had a double blow out late last night in North East San Antonio, and Eddie was more than helpful. More than professional, just a good guy.

~ Greg M.

Howard (PT3) was very courteous, professional and prompt when my alternator failed and my SUV died on the way to the repair shop on a very cold Colorado morning. He ensured I was warm in the cab of his truck and promptly hooked up my vehicle and got me to the repair shop. I was completely satisfied with the service, attitude, and professionalism of my tow with Howard.

~ Jeffrey C.

Scott Spurling with 180 Yankee truck was very polite. He was done for the day but elected to come get us while we were broken down on the Interstate in the freezing cold. He did not complain and was very quick to get our vehicle to the nearest repair shop.

~ Damon P.

It was an awful ride home tonight in Colorado springs. It was snowing and the roads were treacherous. I hit some black ice along with the driver in front of me and totaled my front end. The police officers called your towing service for me, and I was very fortunate to have my call answered by Sprinter Finch. He was prompt, so professional, and courteous. He got my car safely on the truck, and he took his time getting me home safely. He made this terrible experience better with his friendliness and positive attitude. It is so refreshing to meet people who seem to love their job and do it well. If this is the caliber of employees that you have, I would gladly recommend them to anyone. Kudos!!!

~ Donna D.

Donnie Howell was called to pull a non running van from a storage unit at Public Storage on Sinton road. He arrived promptly, had all the tools he needed to remove the van from a very tight space and knew how to use them. Throughout the process, he was polite, and efficient. I would recommend Donnie to anyone who has need of a tow, regardless of the situation. This was on a Monday morning and Donnie showed up within thre first 15 mins of the 90 min window. I will certainly call you guys again the next time.

~ William C.

Incredible service from Scott Spurling. Responded to my flat tire. Filled it then followed me to repair shop.

~ Ed R.

My Jeep wouldn’t start and I called my USAA towing service to take it to the dealer. The driver – code name 505 Charlie – arrived on time and took it to the dealer, but the dealer couldn’t do any work on my car til after Christmas! I asked the driver if he would take the care to another service dealer and he took care of contacting USAA and getting the paperwork transfered in just a few minutes. If it weren’t for him, my Jeep would be stuck at the dealer til after Christmas! Very efficient, polite man, too few of those around anymore. Thank you 505 Charlie!

~ Judith B.

Service was great. 180 Whiskey got the job done fast and effectively. Thank you.

~ Jimmy M.

I had my car towed today, 12/3, by Jayson Campbell, 420 Tango ?… Jayson did an excellent job. On time. Courteous. Professional. And friendly. He was great. Not one problem. He parked my car off of the truck into a difficult space at the service center that was difficult to put it to and he did it perfectly. I was extremely satisfied with his experience and want to let you know.

This is a sincere message, Jayson did a great job.

~ Tom L.

Hi I just wanted to let you know that your employee, Scott Spurling, represented your company in a positive, professional manner this morning. He was prompt and courtious when towing my vehicle. Thank you!

~ Debbie V.

Dear Josh,

It would be totally remiss of me not to tell you how much your service meant. My car had been stolen and then found but a wreck and was impounded. We met at the police impound location in Colorado Springs as you stood for probably close to 20 minutes in line with me instead of just sitting down waiting. You researched the locations for scrap car locations and found the one that would reimburse the highest rate. Again, you came into the office and waited with me. You did not have to do any of that, but you did with kindness and respect. Without proper paper work the car had to go back to my apartment. YOU made this experience actually enjoyable instead of dread.

You are rare indeed and to be commended for your character and customer concern.

Thank you and God Bless you,

~ Donna J.

Most knowledgeable guys in the business. Scott Spurling was at my location in record time. Thanks a lot man.
180 Yankee

~ David L.

Great towing service! Jayson arrived quickly, and had my car on the truck & transported to the shop in no time. Professional work all around.

~ Gary M.


~ Neal P.

on black Friday my car stalled at rolling oaks mall. my road service called your co. and you sent joshua Gonzales, jr. he was very helpful, kind and prompt. I want to praise him for my rescue on a very busy day!

~ Terry N.

Scott was an excellent assistant for our car problem. He was pleasant and very prompt.
We appreciated his help very much. Thank you Scott.

~ Deanne P.

Completely Satisfied! Scott Spurling really helped us out when We needed a tow to the local auto shop.
Fast, Friendly, Excelent Service!

~ Clarice S.

Our Jeep died at the store last week and we called AAA for a tow to our home nearby. Jason Campbell from Auto Towing Inc. responded and towed our Jeep to our driveway. We would like to thank Jason for being very helpful and professional.

~ T. & E. Sachse

My car was left on the side of the road on I-25, so I went through my insurance and the contacted Auto Towing Inc. I expected to wait for about an hour on the side of the road, they sent Howard PT3 and he was a the site of the car within 10 minutes of the return call. Howard was awesome! he was polite, professional and explained in detail what he was doing. I’ve been towed a couple of times before and never have I been so impressed with a service. Auto Towing will be my first request if I ever need towing service again. Thank you.

~ Jack J.

We were broke down and we called AAA and Howard was the guy who helped us. He was wonderful, polite, caring and it is so nice to know that there are nice young men out there with values and a great work ethic.

He is a keeper, hang on to this nice man.


~ Mike B.

Scott Spurling (180 Yankee) was outstanding in service this morning when I needed the Toyota to be towed to our auto repair service.
I have never had that quick of a response in my 28 years of using the AAA Roadside Assistance. He was there in five minutes or less and that truly helped me to be on time for a meeting that I was in route to. He was courteous and efficient.

I would call this towing company again in a heart beat.

Can I do that as a AA member, call directly????

~ Sister Marie S.

Thanks to Mr. FINCH (180 Whiskey) for getting us off of I’25 safely and back to Pueblo. Good ending to a bad day. Awesome customer service! Made the wait worthwhile.

~ Cassie Y.

Just wanted to let you know that Jayson Campbell came to my rescue via AAA, and got me rolling in under 5 minutes. What a nice gentleman. thanks

~ Kathy B.

Our care died in Colorado Springs yesterday on an extremely busy intersection right off of I-25. Pete Cardozo showed up in no time at all after the police made a call. He’s an exceptionally courteous and caring individual. His truck was neat and clean and comfortable. He handled our broken down vehicle with the same care I think he would have given his own. Our dog was in the car and he even took time to talk to him a bit and make certain he was relaxed. At such a strenuous time, how comforting to know there was someone taking over who was so efficient and helpful in every way. We can’t praise Pete enough!!

Mert and Eileen Simmons

~ Mert & Eileen S.

I’m so glad I’ve been a AAA member for many years and made the call for roadside assistance on 22 Nov. AAA used your company to provide the service. I’d like to send a special thanks to Scott Spurling (180Yarkee) for providing a quick response to the call. His arrival came at just the right time. He helped me save additional wear and tear on many cars not to mention the amount of time of driving back and forth to retrieve my daughters car after a lockout. He was very responsive and a true professional. Thanks Scott, your card is in my wallet for any future incidents like this.

~ Rich O.


~ Lon S.

Jonathan, call sign 180 Bravo responded and actually arrived at a very remote destination at the same time I did, he was not only prompt, but he was very professional, took the extra time to load my truck correctly, requiring it to be loaded twice so it was loaded facing forward and took care to carefully secure it without any chance of damage. He was very friendly and provided me with his number so that if I had any questions I could call him. I was very impressed would be happy to request him personally in the need raised. Thank you.

~ Aaron M.

I wanted to commend Josh-180-tango. he got me safely off I-25 and to a tire repair store. Thanks Josh.

~ Ron F.

Scott was a savior today as he plucked my wife and I from the roadside. He was far beyond the best. He lead us to the truck and put us in a heated cab as he loaded our Subaru to the bed. He took us home and everything was quick and professional. Five Star would be our rating AT THE TOP Thanx again Scott …..Tim & Christa

~ Tim F.

I had a flat tire and Howard/PT 3 was so helpful. He was friendly and very professional. I can see why AAA uses this service. I was beyond appreciative of the quick response and the help during a very cold, snowy day. If I could request him any time I ever have a future problem, I would! Thank you so much to Auto Towing Inc and to Howard!

~ Tiffany M.

My ball joint broken on my car on 10/27. The driver scott s. was great he was quick to come out to the rescue. My car was transported to my house without any other damages.

~ Stephanie C.

Headed to the store, our car died in the intersection at Circle & Uintah. We called AAA and they dispatched a tow truck from your company It was extremely cold and unpleasant, but we had an excellent experience with your service tech, Scott S. (truck #180 Yankee). He was professional, helpful, pleasant, polite, and personable. He got our car loaded up and delivered to our home quickly! Made a stressful time much less so 🙂

My husband, Paul, and I will use your service again! Thank you very much.

~ Bev S.

A BIG Shout Out to Scott S. (180 Yankee) for his assist with removing some very stubborn lug nuts from a flat tire. Very professional, diligent and courteous. He also noticed the spare was a bit low and used his personal portable pump to ensure that the spare on the vehicle was the correct PSI before departing. Highly recommend 180 Yankee!

~ John G.

“First in service” is more than just a motto with Auto Towing. Thank you, so much, Scott S. (180Yankee) for coming to my aid! My tire blew on I-25 and Scott came to the rescue–he not only changed the tire very quickly, but ensured my safety on a very busy interstate.

~ Debora E.

Scott S. was fun, efficient and very capable when he changed my tire in frigid temperature..He arrived quicker than he said and put me in a good mod after the pain of a flat tire..Thanks Scott.

~ Tom P.

I want to start with the up most courteous of the driver Howard/Pt3 was absolutely so professional and skilled, I drove out in cold weather and it started snowing heavy I figured it will take awhile, I was wrong he hooked up my vehicle in no time onto the flat bed tow truck, dropped off vehicle at its location. Thanks! Howard for your time and efforts.

~ Pete A.

November 13, 2014
I was in an accident yesterday, *&^% driver slid thru a stop sign into me, my car was undrivable, called AAA and Rupert came, I was so upset at the whole situation but Rupert had a smile on his face that cheered me up. And thru treacherous weather he got us to the body shop safely. Thank you Rupert! His cheerful attitude after what had been a long day for both of us was terrific. I would highly recommend you guys any time.

~ Karen B.

So as I was passing through Colorado on my way to California my car decides it’s had enough and won’t start. Add to this it’s at night, it’s freezing cold out, and snowing. After calling my insurance company they arranged to have someone come out. Lucky for me Josh (180 tango) came to the rescue! He suggested that I take my car to an auto shop that was right next door to a few places where I could get a room for the night. His quick thinking and genuine concern turned my bad situation into something much easier to handle. Thank you again Josh for helping me out!

~ Natasha Y.

(Nov. 12, 2014 at 7:00 pm) It is 3 degrees outside/snowing, my car gets a flat tire, and my husband is out of the state so I call my roadside assistance company. Thank God I was helped by Donnie who knew exactly what he was doing. He went above and beyond to help me. He worked quickly, made sure my tire was perfect and he was super nice and polite. Anyone would be lucky to have him help in their time of need! I’m definitely keeping his business card in my wallet if I need him in the future.

~ Jennifer S.

Just had my vehicle towed home. Wanted to be sure PETE, got Kudo’s for his excellent service. His professiional and service oriented manners builds upon my trust in your staff, company and AAA selection of organizations to work with. Excellence in service was acheived. Thanks Pete.
Ken Stephens
Sr. Manager, Claims (retired)

~ Ken S.

I had an opportunity to use your service on 5/11/2014, thru AAA. Your driver, Jason C., was very efficient and courteous. He had my vehicle loaded and on it’s way in no time. Even with the bad weather.

He is an asset to your company. Thank you!

~ Larry S.

Many thanks to Scott S. for his quick and friendly towing service this week

~ B.P.

Scott S (180 Yankee) helped me get home when my car broke down on I-25 S, Nov. 2. He was polite, timely and professional. Then, he helped me out again when he towed the car to the mechanic on Nov. 10. The experience was much the same; in fact, he got there within half of AAA’s estimated arrival time! I really appreciated the help.

~ Brian H.

Thanks for the excellent towing service I received on the evening of Friday, 7 Nov. The response was very timely and the tow driver was friendly and professional. Best experience I ever had getting towing support. The drivers name was Howard. Thanks

~ Jerry H.

I wanted to commend Driver Howard/PT3 for his courtesy, know-how, and extra thoughtfulness in helping us get our vehicle to the maintenance shop. I don’t usually take the time to do these kinds of things, but he deserves the commendation. You must have quite a company if all your drivers are like Howard.

~ MaryLou

My mom, Bernadette, asked me to post her appreciation to technician Scott 180ZULU. Through AAA, Scott reached Mom in her inoperable car quickly. He got her towed safely home. It helped even more that he was able to correctly diagnose for mom what had broken and fix it. Single handed, Scott turned what would have been a bad afternoon for my mom into one where she felt fortunate. Thank you very much, Scott, for taking such great care of my mom and her car. Life is better because of people like you.

~ Bernadette B.

A big thanks to William S (180 PT5) Had a flat out in the middle of noware. Of course no spare. He was there in about 20 minutes, loaded up and back to my house made a bad experance actually pleasant . Thank you again

~ Tamra M.

I received service on Tuesday 11/04/2014 services were called in to my insurance USAA for towing. I had a flat
no spare ,no jack so you can imagine how I was a very unhappy camper . To make matters worse it was raining like a waterfall I was soaking wet shivering in my car. Your driver Robert finally showed up towed my car with a smile and told me everything was going to be alright. I call him my guardian angel , because he told me he was on call and still went to work with a smile. I am so glad you have employees like him . Not very many of them left .Would like to say thank you for saving me that night. I will refer your towing company to every one I know with a smile.

P.S. Linda from San Antonio, TX

~ Linda

The driver that helped me this morning was very efficient and helpful. Thank you Jayson C(420tango).

~ Kevi W.

I’d like to express appreciation for the great service that I received from your Colorado Springs Team this morning, 10/5/14 Specifically, Sean. He was dispatched to me from AAA to help with my car that had problems with its electrical system. His professionalism and friendliness helped sort my problem without needed a tow, which saved me hours in my day, was able set my mind at ease, and it is GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!

Thank you!

~ Janice M.

We utilized your services on October 26, 2014, courtesy of AAA Colorado. Your driver, Jayson C. (420 Tango), provided friendly, prompt, courteous service. The best part is that he started our car quickly and efficiently. We appreciate the job he did.

Thank you,
Robert and Valerie J.


Our car broke down near Manitou Springs. We were assisted by driver Kevan , who was very accommodating and reassuring in a variety of ways. He helped us get to our home in Highlands Ranch with all our luggage and our big dog after we experienced a stressful, disappointing start to a vacation weekend.

~ Lisa S.

Scott M (180 Zulu) did a terrific job getting my car to the service station. He was prompt, courteous, and pleasant to talk with. It’s tough when you have to get your car towed and he made it a good experience given the situation. Thanks!

~ T. Yamazaki

I had my car towed today via AAA near Colorado Springs. Your driver was great! Arrived early, very courteous and helpful. His name is Josh 18C-Tango
Good job!!! Much appreciation..

~ Diane C.

THIS is a testimony for the service I received on Tuesday the 28th.
I was in the Target store came out with my 80 year old mother and discovered that I had a flat tire.
I called AAA and was sent an angel I know this sounds over the top sweet BUT I do mean he was so helpful and went above the call of duty . Not only did he change my tire he followed me to the Sam’s store so I could get the flat tire fixed. He was concerned that I would not make it there safe as my spare was low.
My ANGEL’s name is Scott S I hope I got the last name correct as Scott was writing on the card balanced on his knee . Sorry if I got the last name wrong.
I just want to add that Scott is an asset to your company.
His attitude was up beat. and He Blessed me and my Mother .
Thank you Scott !!!!!!
I hope If I ever get in a pinch like that again I get you to help me and my sweet mom.

~ Sara R.

Got a tow from Toby in Pueblo last night. Great guy, great service – safe and professional – thank you.

~ Adam S.

Earlier today I came out from having lunch and my car wouldn’t start. It did nothing at all. I called AAA and they sent Jayson C. from your company. He towed my car to the shop. Jayson is a very nice and friendly young man. He was very polite and helpful. I appreciate his calm and professional attitude.

Thank you for your help today!

~ Gena B.

Very pleased with the service received. Tom was very nice.

~ Robert G.

Sean was very delightful and professional.

~ Duran J.

Henry provided excellent customer service, was friendly and able to answer questions. He was reliable, trustworthy and a wonderful young man.

~ Victor F.

Sean was very helpful and professional.

~ Paula W.

I just wanted to leave a comment about the service I received today! I was towed by Jayson, 420 Tango, he did an outstanding job. He was very friendly and polite. He was on time both meeting me at the location and got me to my destination in a timely manner as well. Thank you for the wonderful service! I hope everyone has wonderful service like I did!!

~ MollyEllen

Prompt, attentive, pleasant service by Scott when contacted through AAA. Thank you for the great customer service!

~ Noreen W.

Great service by Darrell/PT2 in Colorado Springs in response to my call to AAA.

~ Emily K.

On October 15, 2014 Scott came out to upright my nephew’s Jeep. Scott arrived within a very short time after our call, and he was so professional. I can say I’ve met a bunch of tow drivers over the years. I retired from the Highway Patrol, and I met tow drivers daily. Scott did some great work that evening, minimizing the damage while pulling the Jeep onto its wheels. He was able to give wonderful advice to my nephew about how fortunate he was to have not been hurt due to the way the crash happened.

~ Mick L.

Jonathan – call sign: 180-Bravo – came on Saturday night to unlock my car and I am ‘totally satisfied” – even more so, with his professionalism, promptness, and quality of work. He is a very nice and friendly young man. I will be more than happy to recommend your business to other ‘stranded’ people – especially my single women friends. I feel like I was totally taken care of in a very stressful situation – this is my first time EVER locking my keys in my car and Jonathan made the experience easier. Thank you. P.S. I will be informing my insurance company – Geico – of the great service I received! I wish I had more of your business cards to hand out!!

~ Joni

My wife and I needed a tow and called our Insurance CO towing package. They sent out Auto Towing and they were there less than 20 min. Before they arrived they gave us a courtesy call wiith their phone number. The drivers(Jayson C) were kowlegable and professional. They Towed my vehicle to Niissan and waited until the the drop was complete. Great Service

~ Les B

My husband and I needed a tow on Friday afternoon, October 3. AAA Roadside contacted your company to provide service for us out of your Pueblo office. We would like to commend Auto Towing, Inc., and specifically your employee, Rupert , for excellent service. Rupert was cheerful, congenial and professional in his attitude. He called to confirm our location before coming out, which was a very good idea because we were able to clear up a misunderstanding before it cost additional time and money. When he arrived, he greeted us courteously, quickly took in the situation and set to work. His apparent competence helped to alleviate our concerns. He was understanding and willing to help, keeping in mind our personal needs as well as the business of transporting our vehicle. Rupert’s personable demeanor made the extended drive agreeable when it could have been awkward or uncomfortable. In short, Rupert turned a potentially disastrous day into a rather pleasant experience. We hope all your drivers are as notable as he is.

Thanks for good service.

David and Carlen Tooley


Joshuah G was a great Driver for me in my time of need on 14OCT2014. Keep up the great work!

~ Jonathan

We recently needed your services. Our driver was Jayson. What a nice guy. Jayson possess a great attitude, was very friendly, and was a hard worker. Jayson made our day with the way he treated us. Thanks Jayson.

~ Robert J.

Feedback on Rupert, who helped me in Pueblo West 10/16/2014, when my Dodge Ram 2500 broke down. I called AAA. They contacted Auto Towing. He showed up in a very timely manner, was friendly and courteous; very professional and knowledgeable. He showed up with a flatbed (I have a 4WD). He Listened to my problem with the truck, and suggested we try to jump start first. His diagnosis of dead battery proved ultimately correct. He followed me back to my Dodge dealer on route 50, where I had the old batteries replaced. Truck is good as new!

If only all business and service transactions were so smooth and effortless… I appreciate his wonderful assistance yesterday.


~ Rick

I had a flat tire and called AAA for help. They got me in contact with auto towing. Scott was in here in less then 30 minutes.Got tire off and it had huge gash. He put on spare and told me about only drive 50 and under mph and stay off highways. He showed where to find the info to get another tire and said to call ahead as they may have to order. So happy he said that as they really did not have my tire in stock and had to order. He was very helpful, very kind and concerned for me and my car. He gave excellent service !He is a great asset to your company.


~ Carol N.

Scott (180 zulu) was amazing!!!! He kept me updated on the arrival time and was so courteous and professional during the job. Great service! Auto towing is lucky to have him!

~ Breanna A.

On a visit to Colorado Springs, where I was completely UN-familiar, I experienced two leaking tires; the left front and the right rear. Even though I had a spare this wasn’t going to do the job. I called AAA and they dispatched a service truck. The Auto Towing truck arrived ahead of the estimated 30 minute wait, Scott, the driver, assessed the situation and quickly got me to a tire repair shop, Tire World, that was only about 2 miles from the hotel where I was staying. The response time and the helpful attitude of the driver was very reassuring; I felt like they cared about the service they provide.

~ Phil M.

The sidewall of my tire split open as I was driving down a main road, was able to pull off on a side road. Called AAA and I had Josh (180-Tango) showed up in less than 30mins. Josh was very professional and friendly!! There was an additional issue with the flat tire that the lug nut stud was stripped. Josh wanted to ensure he did not damage my car in any way, so I decided to have him haul the vehicle to a tire store. Again, Josh was so very careful with my car and explained as he was doing things to ensure me my vehicle was properly put on the truck. I even received a follow up call after the car was dropped off, to let me know he has parked it under a light and that everything was taken care. I truly appreciate Josh’s professionalism and care he took to help!!

~ Michelle I.

Great job Josh, Very careful in his work. Thanks

~ Mickey G.

I needed a towing service on Columbus Day and thought I would have to wait for at least an hour when I called, they were at my residence in 20 minutes, got my vehicle started and followed me all the way to the car dealers to make sure I didn’t break down again on the way. Excellent service!!! Scott was very professional and I will definitely recommend this towing service to all my friends!!! I will also keep the card in my glove box should I ever require a tow again. Fantastic job 180 Yankee!!! Your customer service is outstanding!!!

~ Donna P.

We had the service from you today, the Driver was exceptional, he knows his business, he answered any questions ASAP, he delivered our Jaguar S-Type with no delay and in excellent conditions.
I really recommend this driver, his name is Richard, and off course I will recommend your services to my friends and coworkers, thanks again.


~ Mauricio A.

Scott did a great job – showed up quickly and changed my flat tire in no time. Thanks!!

~ Judy C.

we had a very difficult situation-2 foreigners on Route 165 with a broken VW. Cisco came so quickly, loaded up the car and took care of us all th way to Boulder. Getting to know him was almost worth getting towed! Thanks so much.

~ Nadine S.

My wife and I Just had Mr. Campbell (420T) come and tow our car after it broke down. He was quick, efficient, and courteous. Thank you for such great service.

~ Ken B.

Scott picked up my Audi in his rig called 180 Yankee. It was obviously a bad morning since I needed a tow but he was so friendly and professional. He was prompt, took care while loading the vehicle and got it there quickly and safely. I am extremely pleased with him and his service! Thank you Scott for taking such care!

~ Amelia E.

My car broke down at a very busy intersection during rush hour, so I called State Farm and they thankfully sent Auto Towing. Scott (180 Yankee) showed up and pulled me out of a major traffic jam. He was very fast and did a great job. Thanks Scott!

~ Wyatt N.

Something ricocheted under my car that caused not a only a flat tire, but engine issues and non functioning speedometer. Called my insurance company and was referred to your company. Operator (sorry, don’t recall name, I believe it was Rachel?) was so courteous and helped in assuring I would be taken care of, that calmed me nicely. She confirmed someone would come in about 45 minutes. About 20 minutes later, there you were pulling up next to me. RICHARD was fantastic and quite courteous and friendly. He conversed with me the whole time, to keep me entertained. Don’t ever loose this guy … he represents you very well!!!

~ Alex C.

The day my husband was coming back from deployment, I found a terrible screeching noise coming from my car whenever I tried to turn. Talk about a nightmare scenario! But Joe with Auto Towing arrived to tow my car within about 30 minutes of calling. He actually discovered the problem pretty quickly, and was very careful loading my car onto the flatbed. He was friendly and knowledgeable during the drive to the dealership, and made sure I was taken care of. Great service!

~ Erin M.

Hi there Called AAA this am and said we needed our truck hauled to Bad Rock Auto. So Scott called this am said he would be here in an hour and he was right on time. Very friendly person, knew his stuff got the truck loaded while explaining what he was doing, plus petting the dog. Great guy great service, hope AAA sends your people out all the time.

~ Linda G.

Just moved to CO and battery dead. I called AAA 1st time and they called auto towing. Scott called to let me know when he would be here. Came right on time – very knowledgeable and professional! Charge battery & told me based on the charge I needed anew battery. THANK YOU Scott and AAA! Milly R. from NC

~ Milly R.

Eddie (420Quebec) did an amazing job towing my vehicle. Not only was he there in ten minutes, but he showed me what was actually the reason it wouldn’t start. It was hugged up against two poles and facing forward in the parking spot at my apartment complex. He pulled the vehicle backwards while I turned the wheel, and amazingly we got it out smoothly, even with another vehicle parked inappropriately and right in the way. He proceeded to move his truck and then use a speed bump to stop the vehicle and caress it perfectly onto the back of his truck, all while multiple people were observing. Oh, and it was a 1973 Thunderbird. Absolutely satisfied. A near impossible job was a cake walk for the confident and well put together Eddie.

Thanks Eddie, couldn’t of expected a smoother outcome.

~ Kyle C.

We had our car break down and had to call AAA today. Your employee Jayson came to pick it up and take it to my mechanic. He was very prompt, was here when he said he would be. He was very friendly and did a great job. His ID is 420Tango. I just wanted you to know how much his professionalism meant to me at such a frustrating time!

~ Virginia P.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Howard answered my AAA call and changed my tire. He was here promptly and did a great job! Thanks.

~ Jim W.

Want to express my appreciation for your courteous driver Toby he went above and beyond to help me get my car problems resolved. I also have AAA Insurance coverage and have used it many times in the past, however, never have I had as good an experience in dealing with car problems as I have with Toby as a Driver. Without complain he helped me get back to normal despite my car problems.
Your company will do well to keep him Driving for your customers as we all need a positive influence under difficult times.

~ Albert S.

I was in quite a bad situation and Scott (180 Yankee) not only arrived in no time, but fixed my problem in less time than that! If we had more employees in our country like Scott, we would have no earthly competition. If I owned my own company, I’d steal him!

~ Barbara F.

Had Scott pick up my car today. Polite, fast and well to say the least knowledgeable. Knew exactly what to do, where I needed my to be taken and got me there without a hassle. Thanks a lot.

~ Jacob R.

Scott showed up right on time in his 180 Yankee to tow my car to the mechanic. He was friendly, courteous and efficient. Highly recommend this service.

~ Karen H.

Scott – 180Yankee was grreat early this morning. My son’s cor broke down in the middle of the night and Scott showed up at 3:30 am very positive and helpful. I appreciated his quick and professional service and the car arrived at the mechanic with no issues. Thanks for your help.

~ Layton S.

Called AAA this morning at approximately 615 and right around 630 Scott in 180 Yankee showed up. Did a great job, was nice and quickly changed the tire and got me on my way.

Just wanted to give him a shout out, he was OUTSTANDING.

~ Rich G.

My tow truck driver was Scott – 180 Yankee – He arrived early, was very courteous, got my car to the shop & called me to let me know it was delivered. I recommend this towing company & driver!

~ Jennifer P.

Would just like to say that Scott @ 180 Yankees went out of his way to help me out with a flat tire. He was polite and knew what he was doing so he was also very quick. Thanks again!

~ Anne P.

Had a Driver ROBERT pick me up today. Great Service and prompt. Very kind. Thank you!!.

San Antonio Texas

~ VeronicaM

I would just wanting to let you know what a GREAT job Scott @ 180 Yankee did for us on Saturday when my car broke down on I-25 in Colo. Springs and today Tuesday he towed my car back to me in Arvada Co
Both times he was very courteous and very prompt

~ Jerry G.

Just had Josh pick up my vehicle. He was polite, on time, and efficient. Looked like he’d been doing this for years. Thank you!

Truck 180 Tango

~ Michael

we needed a tow a couple of weeks ago from Walmart to auto import and jayson was assigned to tow us.
he was friendly, fast and courteous. I would definitely request jayson and use your company again. I would also give a good recommendation by would of mouth to other stalled people.
thanks, monika

~ Monika

Great service. Scott was prompt and courteous.

~ William K.

we recently had our 06 Chevy towed by your company and Scott was wonderful and kind and helpful he showed up on time he was really a sincere person I appreciate the help that he offered our family in time of need I appreciated that Scott came to the door and introduced himself and asked if everything was okay and if there was anything else that he ordered your company could do I appreciate people in our lives that are helpful and kind and to know that there’s an auto towing company out there to help our friends and our family in time of need you can be guaranteed that will be calling your company especially asking for Scott thank you again for being there on time and being very helpful in treating our vehicle with respect have a great day

~ Peggy F.

Scott (180 Yankee) was so quick that he beat my insurance company contacting me back!! He was ridiculously professional and polite!

~ Rebeccah

Jayson (420 Tango) was ahead of the ETA very personable and professional. Made things much easier in the situation I was having. Would recommend to friends and family. First time experience and will be my go to for any other problems for now on

~ Zack M.

Had some trouble with my truck in Co Springs and needed to be towed up the mountain to Woodland Park. The driver/operator Rupert was great. He made a bad situation a lot better for us. Not only was he friendly and professional, he gave us the lowdown on some southern Colorado fishing spots, and the Pueblo Chile Festival.

Thanks again for your help Rupert!!!

~ Dustin W.

Rupert came to my home to unlock a truck that had the keys in it and what a great guy. He was personable, professional and excellent at what he does. I have never heard of this service but if I ever need assistance you are in my phone. AAA sent the service to me.
Thank you very much

~ Andara R.

Scott (180Yankee) was quick (ahead of the ETA) very personable and professional. Got the car on the truck ASAP and made a tough situation easier. 


~ Don G.

Hi! I just want to say that Scott S. 180 Yankee did an awesome job. He was efficient, empathetic, courteous, and professional. Thanks so much!

~ Scott S.

Based on my experience last Saturday, Auto Towing Inc is tops when it comes to prompt service, expertise, and courtesy. Scott of Auto Towing Inc in Colorado Springs provided all that and more by even sharing several great tips about changing tires that were new to me, and I am a “golden ager” who has personally changed more than a few tires along the way. Thanks for your expert assistance, Scott. I will recommend you and Auto Towing Inc to all of my friends.

~ James T.

We had a great experience working with Scott with Auto Towing. He showed up within 20 minutes and we quickly got on the road. He also helped me save money by going through AAA, since I was a member, instead of my insurance. 


~ Elisha S.

I just wanted to take a moment and comment how professional, courteous, and efficient Jayson was in towing our car to the shop. In a situation where it’s turning into a bad day – he provided just the right mix of empathy and professionalism.

~ Keith H.

Bobby was a Godsend! My son’s car stalled at his college campus. We called roadside assistance n Bobby was there before ETA! Awesome service, great company! Will definitely recommend!

~ Roxanne R.

420 Oscar Chad arrived promptly and installed a new battery in my Jeep. He was kind and courteous. Thank you for the great service that you provide.

~ Tim C.

I was put in contact with auto towing via my insurance company’s roadside assistance program. My insurance company said it would be 60-90 minutes. However, the driver, Scott, called me within 15 minutes and arrived at my stranded vehicle in another 10 minutes. He was very courteous and professional, took my car keys and my car, and delivered them to the dealer. I didn’t have to accompany him and was able to get on with my evening. He even sent me a text message to confirm delivery of my vehicle to the dealer.

~ Dave Y.

Hello. Jayson helped me yesterday. What
a fine employee you have!! Sincerely, Linda Armey

~ Linda A.

Scott was great. On time. Professional and efficient. I’d recommend him highly

~ Mike J.

Scott 180 Yankee was one of the best tow men I’ve had he explained everything he was doing as he was doing it before I knew my car was up and ready to go he was very nice respectful and polite if I have to choose I will ask for him every time

~ Brettnica S

Just a quick note of appreciation for Chris. He is an excellent tow technician and very personable. He went above and beyond to help and it is much appreciated. Will definitely patron your services again as long as Chris is able to service my request

~ Scott B.

This is the 2nd review I am writing on one of your drivers because I had a couple of occasions to need their services! The first driver to respond was Jack  #420 Sierra. He was very helpful and knowledgeable. His professionalism and friendliness was very helpful to me in a stressful situation. Thank you.

~ Renee J.

I wanted to send feedback on one of your drivers and wasn’t sure where to submit a review. 

Eddie from the Colorado Springs CO facility responded to help me when my vehicle needed a tow via AAA. His number was 420 Quebec. He was very helpful, friendly and professional. I appreciated his service very much!

~ Renee J.

Scott is great by me and a true pro

~ Zachary L.

Driver Howard (PT3) was quick and professional. I would certainly recommend Auto Towing over the other companies I have had to use in past years.

~ Kip D.

The other day, I was down from Denver visiting clients when my car overheated. After some good samaritans helped me for five hours try to get my car operational, it was obvious I needed a tow. Matt from Auto Towing showed up a short time later, got my car loaded and we dropped it off at the service dealership. Matt took one look at me and knew I desperately needed some food and water after spending five hours in the sun. Instead of just leaving me with my car, he took me to get food and let me hang out with him and Auto Towings office until my husband picked me up. I was so touched by his compassion and incredible service.

The next morning, Matt called – he had figured a way to get my car to Denver which was absolutely an amazing gesture. I was speechless as he took his own time to drive my car all the way up to my mechanic.

Auto Towing, and Matt in particular, is one in a million. A combination of expertise at what they do and the kindness and compassion often not shown in business today. I highly recommend them!!!

~ Julia B.

Thank You Jason for your professionalism and hard work It was raining and you took care of the tow.. Great service!!!


scott towed my truck to the shop for me, he was very professional and hooked up the truck like he had been doing it for ever. a great guy

~ Jim G.

During a heavy downpour, my wife’s car died. USAA insurance called Autotowing for us. The truck arrived about the same time I did from my work. There was an error in the towing mileage reported by USAA which would have resulted in an extra mileage fee, but the driver, Jason and the dispatcher worked with me and the mileage turned out to be 100% alowed with no extra fee. Jason did an exellent job of delivering our car to our home. He was professional, courteous and safe. Thank you Jason and AutoTowing.

~ Larry H.

Ref: Scott, 180 Yankee. 19 Aug, 1:30 PM service call. Lexus would not start.

Terrific personality, knowledgeable, efficient. Jump started my car. Gave me a good idea of the diagnosis, as later confirmed by the Lexus dealer – bad battery. Encouraged me to take the car in immediately for service and keep the engine running. Once the car was at the dealer, engine shut down, the car would not start. Scott, good call, thanks.


~ Jerry F

Scott (180 Yankee) arrived promptly and rapidly addressed our problem. He answered all of our questions courteously and directly. No fooling around but at the same time patient with my wife and myself in addressing our issues. He was in all respects professional at the highest level. I quite literally could find no flaws in his performance. (I would give him specially high marks in human relations.). CARL

~ Carl R.

I needed to have a car towed to a local repair shop over the weekend. I called AAA and they notified Auto towing, Inc. The driver Scott called me to let me know that he was enroute and gave me a ETA of 20 minutes. He called me again when he was about a mile from the location. He was timely, courteous and extremely professional. It was about 1 hour from the time I called AAA until the vehicle was safely in the parking lot of the repair facility. I could not ask for better service. So kudos to Scott. 

~ Jim L.

Darrell helped me with a tow today. He was very professional and kind .Thank him for me. Management needs to know about your good staff. Thank you!

~ Mary B.

Thanks to Jeremiah for the great service on a AAA tire repair and thanks to Scott and Donovan for the great service on the tow. Highly recommended.

~ Cynthia

Scott (180Yankee) was super cool, friendly, patient, and incredibly helpful! For anyone thinking about using a different towing company, get those crazy ideas out of your head because autotowinginc is the only one to use. Thanks Auto Towing!!

-Brian B, Colorado Springs

~ Brian B.

Thanks again to Jayson, he got there fast and was very friendly, I couldn’t have asked for anything more. Keep up the great work!

~ James B.

Wanted to give some words of appreciation to Jayson “420 Tango!” I needed a tow and aside from being quick and efficient, he went above and beyond making sure a jump start wouldn’t solve the problem, he even gave me a little insight into what the issue might be (much appreciated by a car “dummy” like myself). Jayson does his job well and I greatly appreciated his help. He said he was new to the area (Colorado Springs), here’s to hoping he stays a while!!!

~ Bill C

I was broke down at the wal-mart family market on Austin Bluffs, I called AAA for a tow. They told me it could be a 60 minute wait, but to my surprise, you driver was there within 30 minutes. Jayson was very pleasant,and professional.
I would recommend your company to everyone I know.

Thank you again, Mary

~ Mary W.

We have USAA and your company was called as part of our roadside assist a few weeks ago. When I went out to my car after work the remote to my car wouldn’t work. I opened it up with my key and the alarm went off. When I started my car it was dead. I called my husband and he tried several things and finally went down the street to buy a new battery. When the battery didn’t work Donnie came and within minutes he figured out the problem. He told my husband to use the key remote to unlock the door 3 times and 3 times to lock it. It was amazing as the car started right up. If he didn’t know this trick, we would have had the car towed to the house and then eventually the shop where we would have had an enormous bill. Donnie was polite, knew what he was talking about and didn’t make us feel like idiots! A big thanks to him.!!

~ Bernie

Just a “shout out” to your driver Darrell. His business card says “PT2”. He arrived quickly after I needed a tow (through AAA) and he got my Jeep to the dealership before they closed which was great. He was a nice guy and I wanted to reach out to say he did a great job.

Thank you,
Jon K
Colorado Springs

~ John K

Just wanted to say Jayson from the Colorado Springs Branch did a great job and was very professional and personable

~ Mike H.

This is a shout-out to David (Auto Towing, Inc, San Antonio, Tx)
for outstanding service to us last Saturday evening.

In addition to his work ethic, he’s a very nice young man.

~ Thomas F.

Had service with a smile delivered by Rupert out of Pueblo. Great sense of humor even at 9pm 🙂

~ Lauren S.

Scott (180 Yankee) was a phenomenal help! Arriving in less than an hours time and professional from start to finish. Would recommend Scott and any of his crew to anyone in the area or beyond! Great attitude and service, couldn’t be more grateful.

~ Maggie L
On 26 Jul 2014 we had a car failure south of Pueblo 25 mi. Called AAA and in 1.25 hrs. Rupert and Jack were there to help us. They were the most positive and helpful people in a distressing situation. Thanks to them…and the AAA team. Outstanding!
~ Bruce H

I locked my keys in my car and went through one other towing company for a manual unlock before this one. The first company told me there would most certainly be damage done to my car, so I tried this company.

Jeff arrived pretty quickly and told me he wasn’t sure if he could get it unlocked, but he could try. The unlock button was the first attempt, followed by the trunk button. Both of those didn’t work from the inside.

But then he asked where the keys were, and there were within reach! So he was able to just hook my keys and pull them out of the car! 

No damage was done, and all is good. Jeff is the man!!!

~ Jared S.

Scott (180 Yankee) is very professional and knowledgeable. Prompt and courteous service, I really appreciate it! I’d give 5 stars

~ Christy M

Dan is the man. Was prompt and efficient. Very kind and a great driver.

~ Tyler D

Jayson in the 420 Tango truck was courteous and professional.

~ Sam M
Dan “180 Charlie” was very courteous and professional. Thank You
~ Mike L

I locked my keys AND my dog in my car in my garage. Scott (180 Yankee), was at my house within the hour, and had my car unlocked in less than a minute. Extremely prompt, courteous, and efficient! Thanks, Scott!

~ Jennifer D

Scott  (driving:180 Yankee) came to my rescue when I was stuck in the middle of hwy 24 during rush hour. He was super professional and quite capable. JOB WELL DONE !!!!!

~ David C

Thank you, Jason, for your friendly and fast work to get my truck started on July 8th, 2014.

~ Vicki

Scott Spurling is a professional, he was prompt, courteous, friendly, and has a great sense of humor. He solved our car towing problem in half the time needed. 5 stars

~ Lisa M.

After I broke down 180 Charlie/Dan promptly showed up and quickly got me to my destination. Polite, professional, and helpful. Thank you Dan and Auto Towing!


Just used this service today. Fast, efficient, knowledgeble, and able
to explain stuff and just chat.
Great Service Jack! in colorado springs.

~ Shelley

Sean Rosen hauled/towed my son’s truck down Gold Camp road, an SUV only road in Cheyanne Mountain region. He than helped us figure out the best option for evaluating the severly damaged vehicle. We found out the vehicle was not worth reparing and saved us time and money along the way. I just want to thank him on behalf of my son. He did everything he could to help us out in a tough situation. If you are in a collision, I highly recommend Auto towing Inc.

~ James S.

Thank you Rupert Tafoya! I was driving home from work in Pueblo, CO and blew a tire. It was rush hour on a very busy street. He was very fast at getting my car hooked up (maybe 5 minutes) and getting me home. When I got home, he quickly changed the tire on my car! He went above and beyond what was expected! If my husband and I ever need a tow again, we will use Auto Towing and ask for him. Again, thank you.

~ June & Dave

I would like to Thank Scott S 180 Yankee, for the nice and helpful service he offered when towing my vehicle. He was so helpful with my car situation and am glad to have had him as the tow driver for vehicle and my self. 
Thank you again Scott!!

~ Candy C

Howard/PT3 is professional and provided excellent customer service. He took care of everything I needed. Great Job!

~ Ed R

Scott Spurling was prompt, courteous, and very professional. He did a very smooth job of maneuvering my car out of my garage and onto his truck, then deftly sliding the car into a parking spot at my dealer’s lot. He even suggested what the car’s problem could be and eased my mind about it. I highly recommend him. Thanks!

~ Todd

Dan Hunt (180-Charlie) showed up on time and efficient. He was courteous and very helpful and he made the experience of my car being towed about as fun as that experience can be. Thanks Dan!!

~ Robert M.

Howard/PT 3 did a great job. He was really helpful and didn’t try to rush anything.

~ Mike

Had a tow from oe of your guys last week. Really good guy! He got there About ten minutes faster than promised and had the car loaded in no time at all. Got to the house and dropped it right where I wanted it in one pass. Really professional, and personable, too. Thanks to Josh Vigeant (180-Tango) for a job well done.

~ Dick

I received excellent and outstanding service from 180 charlie/ Dan Hunt . Thanks again!

~ Al

Just wanted to say that my tow truck driver did a good job for me when I needed my vehicle towed. His name was Dan Hunt in Colorado Springs,

~ Paul

Just wanted to pass on kudos for the very quick, efficient, and pleasant service I experienced when Dan Hunt picked up my truck yesterday afternoon and delivered it to the shop. Things went very smoothly and though I wasn’t accompanying the vehicle, I was confident that everything would go well as it did. Thank you for providing such superior service.

~ Rebecca

Our car was recently towed by a Mr. Dan Hunt (180 Charlie – truck) and we wanted to comment on how pleasant and professional Mr. Hunt was during our interaction. Thank you for having such a courteous and responsible driver!

~ MS. M.

A Special Thank You to 180 Charlie and driver Dan Hunt. While test driving a newly rebuilt Zero time motor on a complete overhaul, the van did fine until I tried switching on the cruise control. Kaput! Major vaccuum leak and two onboard diag codes freshly registered on the OBD@ system. Dan arrived exactly on schedule. Car could spurt and puke its way up the bed of the truck….but Dan took the time and care to get her just right on the flatbed. Dan was efficient despite the fact he obviously been already working hard and heavy on his previous call. Delivered safe and sound , thanks to Auto Towing Inc. and Dan Hunt… new tow company.
Thanks for the superb service!

~ J.R.

Sunday, June 29, 2014 I had my KIA Sportage towed by ‘Jeremiah” to the KIA Dealer in Briargate.
My Insurance contact told me the Driver would be arriving in 45 minutes.
However, Jeremiah himself called to tell me he would be arriving in 25 minutes.
He arrived about 5 minutes before then.
My car was loaded onto the trailer and I had to drive with Jeremiah to the KIA dealer site where someone was there to drive me home.
I found Jeremiah to be prompt, courteous, and respectful.
I was very upset about my vehicle and he got me to smile. I thank him.
Diane Repich


When I discovered that my battery was dead I contacted USAA. and they sent Dan Hunt. He was very professional and helpful when towing my car. The experience was as easy as could be thanks to Dan.

~ Mary P.

Darrell provided me with a tow of my Cayenne today. He did a great job. He was very personable and professional. I appreciate his efforts today.

~ David S

I was nervous when this big tow truck pulled up and one male got out (It was very fast too).. My vehicle was broken in a garage at the bottom of a steep hill… Then I was impressed, Scott Spurling had my car up and out of the garage before the neighbors could complain that he was in their way!!! Thank you Scott, 180Yankee you are awesome.

~ Becky

Excellent job, arrived very fast, you are truly a life saver. Dan hunt what a great guy, from truck 180 Charlie,saved me a lot of money, very courteous, give him a raise. Very professional outstanding customer service, thank-you again and have a great summer.

~ Ray

Called our insurance company for a tow when our truck broke down. Auto Towing was there in under 30 minutes. Driver Scott was professional and courteous. Scott made sure our truck was safely dropped off at the specified location and he called to confirm the drop off. I would use Auto Towing’s services again!

~ Shana

Howard (PT3) was dispatched to tow my car. He called ahead of time to let me know he was on the way. When he showed up, he was very polite and professional. The whole experience took less time than expected. I wouldn’t hesitate to have him tow my car again.

~ Tim C

Sunday morning (22 June 14) we had about as pleasant an experience as having a car towed can be. Howard/Pt3 showed up with the flatbed roughly 20 minutes after we contacted AAA and had my wife’s car hoisted and on its way in another 10. I was most impressed that back at our place (taking it to the shop could wait for another day) Howard was able to maneuver the truck to place the car about 2′ from the garage door so we could tuck it back in with a single shove. Nicely done, all with courtesy and professionalism. I hope we never need your services again, but if we do, we’ll request AutoTowing.

~ Tim P

Great service and fast too. Dan Hunt was pleasant and very courteous, it’s his second time towing my vehicle. Great job!

~ Tina

I want to say thank you to Dan Hunt who came out to tow my car. It was my first time ever having to get a tow and he made it a great experience. He was very courteous and was quick to complete the job. I was very impressed with the towing service. Thank you Dan and Auto Towing. You guys are awesome.

~ Rey

Great job done by, Dan Hunt for towing our vehicle to a shop! He did a great job & arrived in a timely manner. I will definitely request him if we need another tow! Thank you, Dan for making this experience a great one!

~ Robert

Dan, the tow truck driver, arrived quicker than expected and was very friendly. Thank you!!

~ Robin

I just want to say how prompt, personable, & efficient the tow truck driver was. His name is Scott & he was driving 180 Yankee. He’s a very courteous young man & took charge which I really appreciated since I know very little about automobiles.

~ Vicki

Dan Hunt in truck 180 Charlie did an awesome job towing my Harley. Knew how to get my bike from point a to point b safely. Thanks

~ T

I found myself in need of a tow after work when my car died on I-25 in Colorado Springs. Well I live in Pueblo so I was in a pickle. I called for road side assistance through State Farm and they sent out Auto Towing, Inc. to give me a tow. In just a few minutes I got a call from the tow truck driver saying that he would be there in about five minutes. My tow truck driver was Dan Hunt and I thought wow that was quick. I thought I was going to be sitting there for a while.
Dan was professional and courteous and very knowledgeable. In no time he had my car loaded and we were on our way to Pueblo. He was even helping me diagnose the problem with my car.
My over all experience with Auto Towing was great and would not hesitate to use their service again in the future. Next time I will ask the road side assistance staff to send Auto Towing, Inc. 
Thank you Dan, thank you Auto Towing, Inc..

Curtis, Pueblo CO.

~ Curtis, Pueblo CO.

Many thanks to Darrell for getting my car restarted in less than 5 minutes.

~ Larry

Scott was there within 10 minutes of our call. He was professional, friendly, and turned a very bad situation into a positive experience. Great guy! Great service!

~ Nina

Scott was on time, and very professional, good job!

~ Beverley

Kudos to Bobby Engel, tow truck driver, who did a great job answering in quick time the call from USAA for help and then carrying my car on the tow truck to my repair shop after it broke down on I-35 at the exit ramp to S. Frio and S. Alamo Streets on the South Side of San Antonio. 

Thank you, Bobby…thank you, Auto Towing!

~ Doc Adams, San Antonio

“I found myself with a car that refused to start so I called Auto Towing and the driver arrived in half the time then I expected. Driver quickly assessed my vehicles disability & concluded that indeed my car was in need of a repair shop. Driver was very professional in his efficient and safe hook up and loading. He was also very courteous and helpful.”

~ James, Colorado Springs

“Wonderful job!”

~ Chris, San Antonio, Texas

“Toby noticed that I had broken down and stopped to help me. He was very helpful, wonderful and kind.”

~ Nancy, Pueblo, Co

“Sean was very professional, very polite and dropped my vehicle right where I wanted it. He was very helpful with everything.”

~ Joe, Colorado Springs

“Great customer service. Driver was helpful, courteous and professional!”

~ Delrose, Colorado Springs

“Accommodating, polite and efficient, the driver got me on my way quickly to see patients. Great job, done in a timely manner.”

~ Mary Jane, San Antonio, Texas

“Driver was the nicest person and so professional. He should be awarded for incredible service, I really appreciated him coming to help.”

~ Beverly, CO

“Daniel was extremely professional, courteous, and was excellent! Turned a bad experience into a good one!”

~ Melissa, Air Force Academy, CO

“Great service from a nice guy. He was fast and good at his job.”

~ Utah

“Over joyed with driver’s service! Well done!”

~ Mary, Jefferson ST

“The driver sent went above and beyond! He had a great attitude and was very good about making sure that everything was done properly.”

~ Matt, Colorado Springs

“Driver was very polite and professional. It was a pleasant experience, I feel he went the extra mile.”

~ Colorado

“I was very satisfied with your driver. He was polite, courteous and efficient! This is the third time I had your company come out and tow me and I have no complaints, you guys are always on time and do a great job!”

~ Clair, Colorado

“Bobby is an excellent driver. He went above and beyond and even took us to our hotel. Much appreciated!”

~ Jeff, Canon City, CO

“The driver sent arrived early and was very professional. He was fast, kind and provided very good customer service.”

~ Tiffany, Fountain Blvd

“Pete did a great job. Made sure that I was safe and warm. Great service! He was a very nice guy!”

~ Rege, San Antonio, Texas

“They did an awesome job! Helpful and understanding.”

~ Colorado

“Joe was very helpful, professional and knowledgeable. He answered every question that I had about my broken down car. He made me feel comfortable and at ease. Thank you for your advice!!!”

~ Valerie, Colorado Springs

“Tow truck driver was very professional and I was very happy with the service. I will be calling again for any service.”

~ Paul, Canon City, CO

“Fast, amazing service!”

~ Robert, Salt Lake City, UT

“Incredible job. I appreciate what he did for me. Very prompt!”

~ Dan, Colorado

“Great service, awesome driver!”

~ Robert, Interquest Pkwy

“Tom was very quick and helpful. I appreciate your service.”

~ Joseph, Fort Carson, Co

“Professional and courteous!”

~ Colorado

“My GMC Jimmy was unable to start, the keys were stuck in the ignition and all the power was off , I called Auto Towing, the driver was fast and arrived within 15-20 minutes. He promptly went to work diagnosing and fixing the problem so the Jimmy started and drove it to my auto mechanic. I was impressed by the knowledge and workmanship and overall helpfulness. Great job!!”

~ David, Colorado Springs

“Very wonderful and outstanding service!”

~ Mary, Monument, Colorado

“I appreciate your help and patience on the day of my accident.”

~ Dorothy, Colorado Springs

“Very delighted that Darrell was so accommodating. He was professional, arrived in a clean truck and provided good customer service.”

~ Zoey, Colorado Springs, CO

“Driver did a great job! I was impressed that I was told 30 minutes and he arrived within 15 minutes.”

~ AL, Colorado Springs

“Scott was early and a great guy.”

~ Renee, Colorado

“DJ was awesome and very caring!”

~ Tabitha, North Colorado Springs

“I truly appreciated Auto Towing’s service.The driver sent arrived early, was well mannered, fast and courteous.”

~ Gibson, Colorado Springs

“Very prompt driver and very professional. He did a great job.”

~ Yarger, Colorado Springs

“The tow truck driver was wonderful, he was professional, providing great service. I was so impressed! I am thankful for his assistance.”

~ Amaren, Colorado Springs

“Service technician was so professional and very nice, he did an outstanding job.”

~ Torrance, N.Carefree, CO

“Driver was professional and quick. Very satisfied with the experience!!”

~ Shaun, I-25, Colorado Springs

“Thank you for the excellent job done by your driver today. He safely pulled my Honda from where it slid downhill, parallel to the mountain slope contours. He is an inspirational tow specialist. Very calming and charming gentleman.”

~ Dr T.B, Green Mountain Falls, Co

“I greatly appreciate Auto Towing’s service. The driver arrived in about 20 minutes and towed my broken down truck to the nearest repair shop. Fast and clean job!!”

~ Charles, Colorado Springs

“Your driver was professional and knowledgeable. He saved my day!”

~ Teresa, Rockrimmon

“Knowledgeable, professional driver.”

~ Tikila, San Antonio

“Driver arrived within 15 minutes, great guy. It’s awesome to have people like him when you need help. Outstanding job! You made my day much better. Thank you.”

~ Robert, Salt Lake City, UT

“Good Job! Excellent service!”

~ Nick, Circle and Galley Colorado Springs,CO

“Driver was professional, he took his time cleaned the battery cables and also gave advice for the future.”

~ Marc, Rangewood, CO

“Auto Towing’s service was efficient, prompt, focused and precise. The drivers work was extraordinary in measuring the distance to align the vehicle perfectly. It made me feel at ease and confident. Very professional.”

~ Randy, Peyton, CO

“Very professional and on time!”

~ Jon, Colorado Springs

“Your driver was courteous, quick and professional. Very thorough service!”

~ Doug, Black Forest, Colorado

“Outstanding customer service! The driver was patient and calm, walking me through the process. Good Job!!”

~ Marcianna, N.Carefree, CO

“Tow truck operator was awesome and did a great job!”

~ Jeff, Colorado Springs

“Thank you so much Pete, you made my day better and I will totally recommend your service to anyone needing a tow.”

~ James, El Paso, CO

“Driver was very cautious and prompt, did a great job and I am very pleased with the service.”

~ Joseph, Union Blvd, CO

“Auto Towings driver was extremely careful and gave outstanding customer service, I am very happy with the whole process and the price is very reasonable.”

~ John, Pueblo, CO

“Tow truck operator did a great job, he knew exactly what he was doing and fast.”

~ Mike, Colorado Springs

“Picked up my vehicle and got done very fast. Very good service and a nice guy.”

~ Robert, Colorado Springs

“My Chevy Impala broke down, I called and in about 20 minutes DJ showed up. Fast and outstanding service. Very satisfied!!”

~ Pam, Colorado Springs

“On time, very great!”

~ Arliss, Colorado

“Tow truck driver was professional and provided great customer service.”

~ Andrew, Fountain, CO

“Really nice job, really fast! Appreciate it!”

~ Bill, CO

“Fantastic job! I was so upset that I broke down, Sean was at the gas station and helped me to call AAA. He then gave me a ride home and dropped my vehicle off. I was very impressed with the service.”

~ Colorado Springs

“Your driver was super fantastic, a great guy!”

~ A. R., Colorado Springs

” Tow truck driver was professional and arrived fast, he was such a wonderful guy and did a great job.”

~ Fresquez, Colorado Springs

“Great driver, very professional. Good customer service Auto Towing!”

~ Marika, Colorado

“Kevin was so amazing, he jumped my car and saved me a $500 tow from Colorado Springs to my home in Boulder. I was crying, so upset and Kevin remained cool calm and listened to my needs. I usually don’t take the time to call, but was so impressed. He is that special & so smart, he went above and beyond, he explained how he watches for calls that can be jump started in lieu of a tow. I am from Wisconsin and don’t ever remember getting this service & this should be protocol for all AAA….I love you guys & have been member since 1991.”

~ Rebecca, Boulder,Co

“Driver was very courteous and friendly and had all the right equipment. Service was fast and time efficient.”

~ Richard, Colorado Springs

“I was very pleased with your service, the driver especially!”

~ Carol, Colorado Springs, CO

“Good morning, I just wanted to tell you how wonderful it was to have Nick as our tow truck driver. He drove the 205 Romeo truck. He was very kind, professional and bless his heart, hooked up our car in the nasty wind and cold. Please let him know all this, and keep up the fantastic service. Many thanks. Sincerely, The H. Family”

~ H. Family, Colorado

“Tow truck driver was very professional and I was very happy with the service. I will be calling again for any service.”

~ Paul, Canon City, CO

“Totally satisfied! The driver was polite and helpful. After my car was towed, the driver helped my disabled wife get out of the car! Overall, the service is awesome!”

~ Janeatte, Canon City, CO

“Our family and friends have been using Auto Towing for several years. They are fast, arrive in clean trucks, and are professional and helpful. The rates are always lower than other tow companies.”

~ Eric, Colorado Springs

“Very sweet and well mannered driver. Fast and courteous as well!”

~ Apple, I-25, Colorado

“Scott did a great job, very personable.”

~ Patricia, Colorado

“The driver sent went above and beyond! He had a great attitude and was very good about making sure that everything was done properly.”

~ Matt, Colorado Springs

“Pete cleaned the battery terminal, I am very pleased that he went the extra mile, it saved me hundreds of dollars. He even offered to follow me home to make sure that I made it safely.”

~ Larry, Manitou, CO

“Auto Towing and their driver provided me with the fastest response time that I have ever received. Not only did the driver arrive early, but his vehicle was clean and he was very professional. The driver’s attention to safety was what impressed me the most. He immediately had us get into his vehicle, seeing as how we broke down on the highway. Initially, I did not understand the urgency of this, but after he safely had us in his truck he explained that it was a safety precaution. The drive to Denver was very pleasant, he kept us at ease and made sure that we were comfortable. To sum it up, I was flat out impressed with every single little detail of the service that I received.”

~ Hunter, Denver, Colorado

“Driver was very nice and very helpful.”

~ Majume, South Academy BLVD

“I had a flat tire and called Auto Towing, and the driver arrived within 20 minutes to rescue me. He was so friendly, positive, polite and professional. I am totally impressed.”

~ Pennie, Colorado Springs

“Quick and reliable service, driver was very helpful, kind and all at a low price. I highly recommend them.”

~ Gabriella, Pueblo West, CO

“Incredible job. I appreciate what he did for me. Very prompt!”

~ Dan, Colorado

“Sean was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. He was able to fix my vehicle and arrived quickly. Thank you!”

~ Miriam, Divide, Co

“Auto Towings driver was extremely careful and gave outstanding customer service, I am very happy with the whole process and the price is very reasonable.”

~ John, Pueblo, CO

“Tow truck operator was clean, professional and arrived early. I am truly impressed.”

~ Rick, Colorado Springs

“The driver arrived earlier than expected. Very pleased with service!”

~ Bob, Monument, Colorado

“Driver was very cautious and prompt, did a great job and I am very pleased with the service.”

~ Joseph, Union Blvd, CO

“Driver did a very good job!”

~ Judy, Colorado

“Great service from a nice guy. He was fast and good at his job.”

~ Utah

“Over joyed with driver’s service! Well done!”

~ Mary, Jefferson ST

“He did a great job. The vehicle was in a tight spot and he was able to assist. I appreciate the service.”

~ Shannon, N. Corona Colorado Springs

“Tow truck driver was very prompt, quick and extremely nice.”

~ Kristina, Colorado Springs

“Help arrived within 15 minutes. The driver was funny, professional and helpful.”

~ Mitchell, Colorado Springs, CO

“Very wonderful and outstanding drivers!”

~ Mary, Monument

“Very professional and very kind driver. Kept my vehicle very safe.”

~ Donna, Colorado Springs, CO

“Driver was nice and neat. Good customer service!”

~ John, Colorado Springs

“Pete did a great job. Made sure that I was safe and warm. Great service! He was a very nice guy!”

~ Rege, San Antonio, Texas

“Scott was a really, really cool guy! He was very nice and professional. He called ahead of time to let me know he was on the way.”

~ Kevin, San Antonio

“Very prompt driver and very professional. He did a great job.”

~ Yarger, Colorado Springs

“Your driver did a great job. He was kind and courteous. He even stopped traffic so that I could get out of my car.”

~ Brenda, Woodland Park, CO

“DJ did a great job! He was very knowledgeable!”

~ Mary, Colorado Springs

“On time, very great!”


~ Arliss, Colorado

“I am very pleased with the job done by a young, friendly fellow.”

~ Orelia, Colorado Springs,Co

“It only took the driver 20 minutes to get my vehicle started, I am very pleased. Thank you for the great job!”

~ Janice, Hwy 24

“Excellent service! The best ever!”

~ Hiltrud, Flying W Ranch

“Daniel was extremely professional, courteous, and was excellent! Turned a bad experience into a good one!”

~ Melissa, Air Force Academy, CO

“Thank you for the excellent job done by your driver today. He safely pulled my Honda from where it slid downhill, parallel to the mountain slope contours. He is an inspirational tow specialist. Very calming and charming gentleman.”

~ Dr T.B, Green Mountain Falls, Co

“Bobby was pleasant and on time. He took great care of my car.”

~ Allisa, Colorado Springs to Pueblo

“Scott is a good guy and did a very good job. He let me know that the keys were in the drop box, along with license plate numbers. It was very nice to have someone treat us so nicely. Pleased with our service.”

~ A.C, Colorado

“Driver was very kind and offered to wait while my ride arrived. Professional driver and great customer service.”

~ Adria, I-25, Colorado Springs

“My Chevy Impala broke down, I called and in about 20 minutes DJ showed up. Fast and outstanding service. Very satisfied!!”

~ Pam, Colorado Springs

“Sean did a great job.”

~ Bruce, Colorado Springs

“Very nice job!”

~ Tamera, Colorado Springs,Co

“Driver did a great job! I was impressed that I was told 30 minutes and he arrived within 15 minutes. “

~ Al, Colorado Springs

“Great job! Prompt and very professional. It made a bad situation better.”

~ John, Colorado Springs

“Tow truck operator arrived early and did a great job.”

~ Cural, Colorado Springs

“When I called my roadside company for help I was told that help would arrive in an hour, the driver arrived within 10 minutes. He was great!”

~ Colorado

“He was amazing, did a good job and was very courteous!”

~ Juan, Colorado

“The driver was very professional, polite, on time and made it a wonderful experience!”

~ Carol, Mountain Shadows, Co

“Auto Towing’s service was efficient, prompt, focused and precise. The drivers work was extraordinary in measuring the distance to align the vehicle perfectly. It made me feel at ease and confident. Very professional. “

~ Randy, Peyton, CO

” First time my car quit on me, I was so upset and crying. Luckily Julian was there to calm me down. You are such a nice guy, thank you.”

~ Laurie, Colorado Springs

“Excellent tow truck driver.”

~ Josh, Colorado Springs,Co

“Driver was very professional and had good customer service skills, did a good job with a difficult tire change and went out of way his to get it done. “

~ Joseph, Colorado Springs

“I was very satisfied with your driver. He was polite, courteous and efficient! This is the third time I had your company come out and tow me and I have no complaints, you guys are always on time and do a great job!”

~ Clair, Colorado

“I needed to get my car towed to Colorado Springs. I called Auto Towing and spoke with Julian, who was very nice and helpful. He was able to schedule a tow for the same day and charged only $100. Auto Towing was very honest and professional.”

~ Emma, Pueblo, CO

“Scott did a great job and was very helpful. Awesome driver!”

~ Colorado

“Sean was very professional, very polite and dropped my vehicle right where I wanted it. He was very helpful with everything.”

~ Joe, Colorado Springs

“Driver was very courteous, appreciated how he showed me the battery and how to maintain it!”

~ Jean, Colorado Springs

“I am very satisfied and happy with the service, driver was very punctual.”

~ Peter, Colorado Springs

“Driver was wonderful,nice and very helpful.”

~ Julie, HWY 115

“Great customer service. Driver was helpful, courteous and professional!”

~ Delrose, Colorado Springs

“Service tech was fabulous and did a great job.”

~ Karan, Colorado Springs, CO

“Tow operator did a great job and he is the nicest guy!”

~ Matt, Colorado Springs

“Tow truck driver arrived within 15 minutes, it’s awesome to have such fast service. “

~ Robert, Colorado Springs

“Picked up my vehicle and got done very fast. Very good service and a nice guy.”

~ Robert, Colorado Springs

“I want to praise the driver that pulled my car out of a ditch. He was very patient and took time to analyze the best way to pull the car out without damage. He was very polite and helpful. Thank you!”

~ Candace, Colorado

“Tow truck operator was so polite and efficient. I cannot say enough good things about him. “

~ Margaret, Colorado Springs

“Very professional and on time!”

~ Jon, Colorado Springs

“I really enjoyed talking with the service technician. The cab of the tow truck was clean and orderly. I have had Auto Towing tow my cars five or six times and they always do a great job. They are the best towing company that has ever towed my vehicle. I am totally satisfied with the service.”

~ Matthew, Colorado Springs

“Great service, awesome driver!”

~ Robert, Interquest Pkwy

“Fast, amazing service!”

~ Robert, Salt Lake City, UT

“Great Service!”

~ Jeff, Happiness DR

“Tow truck driver, Donnie was professional and good in customer service. I was amazed at how clean his tow truck was. Donnie definitely made my tow experience so much better!”

~ Jessy, Canon City, CO

“Donnie went above and beyond!”

~ Brett, Colorado

“My GMC Jimmy was unable to start, the keys were stuck in the ignition and all the power was off , I called Auto Towing, the driver was fast and arrived within 15-20 minutes. He promptly went to work diagnosing and fixing the problem so the Jimmy started and drove it to my auto mechanic. I was impressed by the knowledge and workmanship and overall helpfulness. Great job!!”

~ David, Colorado Springs

“I am extremely happy and satisfied with Auto Towing’s company. It’s very professional and did an outstanding job.”

~ Cheryl, I-25, Colorado Springs

“Took only 20 minutes for the driver to get my vehicle started. Very pleased!”

~ Janice, West Highway 24

“Knowledgeable, professional driver.”

~ Tikila, San Antonio

“Tow truck operator did a great job, he knew exactly what he was doing and fast.”

~ Mike, Colorado Springs

“Helped calm me down and had great customer service skills. Very nice!”

~ Katie, I-25, Colorado Springs

“Joe did a very good job! I am very happy with his service!”

~ William, Colorado Springs

“He did a really great job yesterday, I was very pleased with his service and manner.”

~ Eric, Colorado Springs

“Tow truck driver was awesome and offered great work. I am very pleased with the service.”

~ Bruce, Colorado Springs

“Driver was professional and quick. Very satisfied with the experience!!”

~ Shaun, I-25, Colorado Springs

“Driver was professional, responded quickly and did a terrific job!!”

~ Kate, I-25, Colorado Springs

“Great driver, very professional. Good customer service Auto Towing!”

~ Marika, Colorado

“My compliments to your employee. He provided me with timely service affter a blowout on CO HWY 115 tonight. His wrecker was at the scene within 20 minutes of my initial call. He had me on my way with my spare tire installed within 20 minutes. Thank you for your service!”

~ Brian, HWY 115

“Most polite, helpful, best experience I have ever had with a tow truck driver.”

~ Colorado

“Tow truck driver arrived in a timely manner even though I was not in a hurry. He was very competent, friendly and did an excellent service.”

~ Marcia, Colorado Springs

“Scott was very, very polite and took very good care of me.”

~ B.T, Monument

“Thank you again for the tow and the friendliness and laughter to go with it. Best wishes to you.”

~ Ben and Randa, Colorado

“Driver went above and beyond! Very awesome job!”

~ Carol, Colorado Springs, CO

“Your driver was just awesome. He did a great job!”

~ William, Red Wing Terrace

“Two awesome guys, very exceptional assistance, professional and offered great work. Very pleased with service.”

~ Bruce, Colorado

“Bobby is an excellent driver. He went above and beyond and even took us to our hotel. Much appreciated!”

~ Jeff, Canon City, CO

“Sean was so pleasant!”

~ Dorothy, Elizabeth, CO

“Driver did awesome. I am very happy with the service, he helped a ton!”

~ Melissa, Utah

“Just want to say thank you to Auto Towing, I am so pleased with your service. Highly recommend your service!”

~ Sierra, Colorado Springs

“Tow truck driver was great, he offered to jump start my vehicle, which worked, and followed me to the dealership. The driver just went above and beyond. I am totally satisfied with the service.”

~ Monica, Cotopaxi, CO

“Very professional and did a fine job! I had a bad experience with another towing company before, and from now on this will be the company I call.”

~ Shawn, Colorado Springs

“Tom was very quick and helpful. I appreciate your service.”

~ Joseph, Fort Carson, Co

“Good driver and very professional. Scott is the best driver I’ve ever had.”

~ Timothy, Colorado

“I had a very fine experience with your people! I was very impressed with the work and manner of your driver.”

~ Amy, Colorado Springs

“The technician was awesome. He arrived fast and got me towed very quickly.”

~ Debra, Pueblo, CO

“Pete is a great guy. He was very knowledgeable and helpful.”

~ Colorado Springs

“If I owned a tow truck company I would want Scott working for me. He was awesome and very nice!”

~ Joe, Salt Lake City

“Auto Towing is one of the best Towing companies in Colorado. Unlike other towing companies, they know how to take care of their customers. They are professional and eager to help.In addition to providing the best service they have been in towing business for many years, and they know exactly what to do! Excellent job!!!!!”

~ Tim, Colorado Springs

“Tow truck driver was professional and arrived fast, he was such a wonderful guy and did a great job.”

~ Fresquez, Colorado Springs

“I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated Scott helping me with my car this AM. He was very professional calling me before to let me know when he would arrive and was very helpful with my car.I just think that you should know how great he was.He went above and beyond and deserves some recognition! Thanks.”

~ Michael, CO

“The driver was very professional and did a great job.”

~ Robin, C.S Health Partners

“Great job, driver was a very nice guy!”

~ James, Colorado Springs, CO

“I appreciate all that the driver did. He was a great help!”

~ Maria, Colorado Springs

“Did a great job! He was very helpful and got here very quickly!”

~ Kattie, CO

“Scott was very courteous and thoughtful, letting us know that he was on his way and his progress. Very quick!”

~ Sharon, CO

“DJ helped calm me, while walking me through the tow. He has great people skills.”

~ Molly, Lake George, CO

“Very wonderful and outstanding service!”

~ Mary, Monument, Colorado

“Very, very happy with the service that was provided. I was so pleased with how helpful and gentleman like the driver was. More than happy!”

~ Samantha, Pueblo, CO

“Tow truck driver was great and gave excellent service. Previously I had an awful experience with a different tow company. Driver was very respectful and got the job done in good time.”

~ Reni, Colorado Springs

“Very satisfied!”

~ Joan, Pueblo

“I truly appreciated Auto Towing’s service.The driver sent arrived early, was well mannered, fast and courteous.”

~ Gibson, Colorado Springs

“Driver was on time and quick to resolve issues. Much appreciated.” 

~ Tom, Fountain

“Thank you for your help. Your driver was a shining example of the kind of service person one hopes to meet in the circumstances I had met. Your kindness and help are much appreciated.”

~ Colorado

“Toby noticed that I had broken down and stopped to help me. He was very helpful, wonderful and kind.”

~ Nancy, Pueblo, Co

“Prompt and very helpful driver! Great, professional service.”

~ Beverly, Rangewood and Woodmen - Colorado Springs

“They did an awesome job! Helpful and understanding.”

~ Colorado

“Your driver was professional and knowledgeable. He saved my day!”

~ Teresa, Rockrimmon

“Prompt, courteous and a great guy. He even called and updated me.”

~ I.A, Colorado Springs, CO

“The driver was really early and so polite. It made for a pleasant experience.”

~ Julie, Security, CO

“Your driver was courteous, quick and professional. Very thorough service!”

~ Doug, Black Forest, Colorado

“Thank you so much Pete, you made my day better and I will totally recommend your service to anyone needing a tow.”

~ James, El Paso, CO

“My truck broke down at Academy Blvd and Platte Ave, Julian arrived within 15-20 minutes, which is exceptional. Not only that, but he diagnosed exactly what was wrong with my truck. A big thank you to Julian.”

~ Mike, Colorado Springs

“Service technician was excellent, he went above and beyond! It’s nice to know that there are people like that out there.”

~ Glen, Colorado Springs

“I cannot believe how helpful and fast everything was. I honestly felt like I was being helped by family. I cannot thank you enough! Thank you! Thank you!”

~ Victor, Colorado Springs

“Driver was very polite and professional. It was a pleasant experience, I feel he went the extra mile.”

~ Colorado

“On Tuesday evening, my wife and I called our roadside assistance company because our car, which had been working perfectly, would not start after dinner in Pueblo. Despite the 90 minute wait time I was told, driver Toby called me within 10 minutes and was on scene in about 20. H e made several attempts to jump start the car, but was unable to do so. He indicated that due to a flashing light on the dash, he thought it was likely a security lockout; something as simple as a different key might start the car. He did have to tow the car home, but once home our second key did work. Through what started as a stressful experience in very cold weather, Toby was professional, pleasant and fast. I also believe his insight saved me more than a few dollars trying to have my car diagnosed. I have made many service calls over the years, but this was the best experience with service I have had as a result. I am grateful, and Toby deserves a pat on the back. Many Thanks.”

~ Andrew, Pueblo, CO

“I needed a tow because my truck broke down. I called Auto Towing, the driver showed up really fast, he was so professional and polite. With Auto Towing’s service, they eased my mind. I will always call Auto Towing in the future if I ever need help.”

~ Michael, Colorado Springs

“He really was a great, very nice guy.”

~ Kerry, Utah

“I was so pleased with the response time and how fast the service technician was able to get me going again.”

~ Jeanine, Colorado Springs

“Service technician provided excellent service and did a good job!”

~ June, Monument, Co

“The driver was polite and calmed me down. He was prompt and very gentle with my vehicle.”

~ Colorado

“The driver did a great job, I appreciate the service.”

~ Leah, Colorado Springs

“I was stressed out and the driver sent to assist me was able to make me relax. Thank you for sending an amazing and competent driver, it helped ease a stressful situation.”

~ Everett, I-25 and Woodmen Rd

“Very professional and did a great job.”

~ Diane, North Colorado Springs

“Kevan was very courteous and genuine. He helped me out when I was in a bad situation.”

~ Monument, Colorado

“Your driver is super! He was great! He was fast and knows what to do. Very courteous and friendly. I am pleased!”

~ Verna, Colorado

“Very good!”

~ Tim, Colorado Springs

“I was recently on vacation in Colorado Springs in which we required Triple AAA due to car problems. We were assisted by Auto Towing, the driver was considerate and thorough, and made sure that we were taken care of promptly. His cheerful attitude, professionalism and outstanding service was appreciated. It sets a standard of service and reflects positively on your company. We couldn’t ask for better service. Thank you for making an otherwise bad experience a positive one.”

~ Sandra, Colorado Springs

“I appreciate your help and patience on the day of my accident.”

~ Dorothy, Colorado Springs

“The service technician was very nice, cordial, helpful and did a good job getting the vehicle out of the road. The service tech went out of the way and did a good job finding the road where vehicle was. I was totally satisfied with the service!”

~ Betty, Florissant, CO

“DJ was wonderful this morning! He was really good and I really appreciate it!”

~ Patricia, Colorado Springs

“The driver was extremely nice. He took care of the situation and took care of me as well.”

~ Ann, Colorado Springs

“Your driver was very polite and provided swift service. Very knowledgeable answered and explained any problems!”

~ Cathy, Colorado Springs

“I was a victim of the Waldo Canyon fire and I feel that driver treated me so good and was so nice.”

~ Cynthia, Criterium DR, Colorado Springs

“Professional and courteous!”

~ Colorado

“Scott was early and a great guy.”

~ Renee, Colorado

“Tom did a great job, was very professional and worked really hard. I wanted you to be sure to know how much this was appreciated.”

~ Colorado

“Wonderful job.”

~ CR, Monument

“Sean did a great job. He helped me avoid going to the mechanic and was very knowledgeable. I am thankful for his time and help.”

~ Tim, CO

“Really nice job, really fast! Appreciate it!”

~ Bill, CO

“Your driver called me right away and arrived in a timely fashion. He was very informative and understanding of the situation. He was easy to work with, pleasant and did a great job.”

~ Emily, Uintah St

“I have been a AAA member since 1972, and have never have received such good service. Auto Towing did a great job!!!!”

~ Roberto, Colorado Springs

“I found myself with a car that refused to start so I called Auto Towing and the driver arrived in half the time then I expected. Driver quickly assessed my vehicles disability & concluded that indeed my car was in need of a repair shop. Driver was very professional in his efficient and safe hook up and loading. He was also very courteous and helpful.”

~ James, Colorado Springs

“Quick fast and polite!”

~ Colorado

“I was driving North on I-25 when i experienced a catastrophic failure of my serpentine belt, it caused the battery to rapidly drain. Tow driver arrived and assessed my situation, explained how he would hook up my RV and tow it to our location. The tow was uneventful and he was so professional and reassuring. I would recommend Auto Towing to anyone in need of towing services.”

~ John, I-25, Colorado Springs

“Accommodating, polite and efficient, the driver got me on my way quickly to see patients. Great job, done in a timely manner.”

~ Mary Jane, San Antonio, Texas

“I was very happy with the service and it was the most pleasurable experience I have ever had with a tower. Great job!!”

~ Roland, Colorado Springs

“Very polite, did a great job and helped us as much as possible. Very knowledgeable.”

~ Colorado

“Driver arrived within 15 minutes, great guy. It’s awesome to have people like him when you need help. Outstanding job! You made my day much better. Thank you.”

~ Robert, Salt Lake City, UT

“Great job!”


~ Kathryn, Monument, Co

“The tow truck driver was wonderful, he was professional, providing great service. I was so impressed! I am thankful for his assistance.”

~ Amaren, Colorado Springs

“Driver did a wonderful job and it was a wonderful experience.”

~ Ms. Hein, Colorado Springs

“He was very polite. Good customer service.”

~ Rose, Colorado

“Sean was very nice, a good guy all around. Fast and courteous.”

~ Kelly, Colorado Springs

“I am totally satisfied with the service technician, he was very polite and the service was done in a very reasonable amount of time.”

~ Jill, Pueblo, CO

“Getting my car towed by Auto Towing was literally the best! The driver, Sean, was friendly, helpful and very good at what he does, if you need a tow truck this is the company to call. “

~ Julie, Nevada, CO

“Tow truck operator arrived in less than 25 minutes, and gave good advice regarding keeping the battery charged. He was amazing! Totally satisfied with the service. “

~ Felicia, Pueblo, CO
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