Auto Towing Inc. is very proud of our dispatching staff. Our dispatch operations are run out of Colorado Springs, CO. and are one of the best and most technologically advanced centers in the country.

Our staff is not only trained to handle any situation that might arise, but they are very familiar with the area and the drivers they dispatch daily. Dispatchers spend an incredible amount of time training in not only customer service, but in each and every driver’s abilities on their team.


Our staff has the opportunity to go on “Ride Alongs” with each driver to observe the abilities and professionalism of each team member. This is how the people at Auto Towing Inc. look at what we do: a team.

It takes everyone performing their particular professional task, at a very high level to achieve our goals. Dispatchers are very familiar with all vehicles, but if one should arise that they are not familiar with, there is an option. They, as well as the driver have the ability to refer to our computer program to retrieve the exact towing procedure.

If you wish to communicate with one of our dispatchers, simply click on “chat.” You may also order a tow service, mobile repair or priority service online or by calling 855-635-4288.

Our new “Priority Service” is an option offered by Auto Towing Inc.  This test program is only offered in the Colorado Springs area.  We hope to expand this service to all areas served.  If you have been in an accident or need immediate service, you have the option to order priority service which guarantees service within 20 minutes.  A member of our dispatching team will notify you immediately if for any reason priority service is not available at that time.  Our guarantee of priority service is unavailable during inclement weather.

What can you expect from our dispatchers:

• Are trained to work with you in any emergency situation

•Who really care about you and your family

• Who will advise you how to remain safe

• Who know if you are in an accident they are sending the best accident team in the business

• Will help the driver control an accident including having the driver take pictures and download them immediately to our computers.

• Can immediately download you accident picture to your insurance company upon request

• Who have the ability to prioritize each call to make sure those in real need get immediate service

• Who are trained professionals and more like a concierge

• Who will even find you a hotel or rental car if needed

Auto Towing Inc. dispatchers are simply the best and thrive on the great feeling they receive from providing service to others.  Our dispatching team is very proud of the fact that they do so at a price that is lower than most in the industry — part of a team that will be “There When You Need Us“.