Auto Towing Inc. Opens 3rd Location in Salt Lake City, UT

February 1, 2013

Today Auto Towing Inc. is proud to announce the opening of our 3rd U.S. location in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Auto Towing Salt Lake LLC location will be managed by our first managing partner Robert (Bobby) H. Engel. Bobby has worked for Auto Towing Inc. for 7 years and has quickly risen to the top.

Bobby has certificates from Auto Towing for Customer Service, Basic Towing, Lock Outs, Proper Procedures for Jump Starting Automobiles, Highway Safety, Customer Safety, Proper Loading and Unloading Procedures, Rollover Training Course, Recovery Training Course, Proper Care of Equipment and many other related service certificates. Bobby also holds a certificate from The North American Towing Academy. Bobby holds an Instructor Certificate for all of the above listed courses.

Auto Towing Inc. serves AAA, Agero, Geico, Allstate, Road America, Auto Help Line, FleetNet, Auto Return, Coach Net, Netcost, Quest, GSA Fleet, National Automobile Club, Nation Safe Drivers, United States Automobile Club, most law enforcement agencies and retail customers. Auto Towing has served over one million customers, held a 99.99% satisfaction ratio and is always looking for ways to improve our service. Auto Towing Salt Lake LLC plans to grow to 10 trucks by the end of 2013 and will double that number by the end of 2014.

To our new customers in Utah, we look forward to serving you. Our motto is the “Best Customer Service Period” and we look forward to delivering that kind of satisfaction every day.


Auto Towing Inc.

Michael M. Stine


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