Auto Towing Inc. has one of the best-maintained fleets in the country. All of our trucks are cleaned and inspected daily. This gives our drivers the opportunity to look for any loose bolts or any issues that could become a future problem. All of our trucks are smoke-free vehicles.  Towing would not be such an exact process if we did not have such a great team of drivers and maintenance personnel. Your safety and the safety of the others we share the road with are very important to all of us at Auto Towing Inc.

What kind of maintenance can you expect?

Truck Maintenance
The weather does not matter to our personnel. We are there for you 24/7/365. Our people understand that breakdowns and accidents are never planned and that is why we are always prepared to be
“There When You Need Us!”

  • Maintenance personnel and drivers really care about the quality of the trucks they operate.
  • Our trucks are lubed every two weeks giving our drivers and maintenance personnel a chance to really look over and inspect the entire truck.
  • Trucks have the oil changed every six thousand miles. It is recommended every nine thousand.
  • Trucks have all filters changed every 6 months including the transmissions.
  • Trucks have a wheels-off inspection every 30 days.
  • Brakes are changed at 50% of wear.
  • Tires are change at 3/32.
  • Lights are checked daily.
  • All hoses are inspected daily including hydraulics.
  • Trucks that leak any fluids are downed until repaired.
  • Interiors are inspected daily.
  • All chains, straps and equipment are checked daily.
  • All snowplows (in winter months) are inspected daily along with the 4×4 flatbed tow trucks that carry them.
  • 55-ton wreckers are inspected and cleaned after every use.
  • 50-ton flatbed RV units are inspected and cleaned after every use.
  • Our new experimental propane flatbed trucks are not only inspected daily, but as we plan to change our entire fleet to green vehicles; strenuous records are kept to meet this goal.